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The New Kids

The Cullens start high school for the first time since Bella has been changed and Renesmee has been born. Will Nessie learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together? The sequel to this story - Nothing But Time- should be up ASAP! Keep a look out for it!


2. Chapter 2

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“Bella! You can not go to our first day of school looking like that!” I heard Aunt Alice screech from down the hall.

I sat up quickly in bed. Morning was finally here! I'd been looking forward to this day for years. I jumped up and sprinted into my bathroom. I did not want to miss the epic showdown that was sure to take place between my mom and Aunt Alice. Luckily, getting ready for school wasn't hard. After my super fast shower, I shook down my long bronze ringlets, swiped some red lip gloss on my lips, and put on the clothes Aunt Alice had laid out for me the night before.

I didn't know why my mom had such a problem with the clothes Aunt Alice bought for us, she definitely took our personal taste into consideration. My outfit for the day consisted of dark wash jeans that fit like a glove and made my legs look 10 feet long, a light-weight aqua blue cashmere sweater that hugged in all the right places, adorable flats that were stylish but still comfy, and a designer headband to sweep the curls off my face. I topped it off with the jewelry I normally wore, a dainty silver chain necklace with a cursive R dangling from it and an antique pewter bracelet that had belonged to Elizabeth Masen, my Dad's human mother.

I looked myself over in the mirror and was generally satisfied with what I saw. Everyone always told me that I had the best of both my parents in me. My dad's expressions and features, with my mothers human eye and skin color, outrageous blushing ability included.

“Alice, GET OUT! I can dress myself..and undress myself for that matter. Don't ambush me like that! I will wear what I want!”

Oh goody! The feud was still on! I skipped down the hall and stopped outside my parents bedroom door. “Aunt Alice? Is Mom giving you a hard time again? Let me in and maybe I can help.”

Aunt Alice opened the door looking like a model who had just sauntered off the catwalk. Her multi-teared mini skirt was silk and a shade of green that looked perfect over the black tights that came down to her calves. With it she wore a tight, casual long sleeved top and sweet little ballet flats. It was a little different than what she normally wore...younger looking. I suppose she wanted to look the part.

“Thank goodness! You can talk some sense into her, I know you can!”

“Mom...Come out of the bathroom, if you don't hurry we'll be late!” I knew that would get her moving, she hated to be late.

Out she came wearing what Aunt Alice would normally wear to clean house in, worse actually. “Oh Mom, even I have to draw the line somewhere...that's horrid!”

“FINE! If you are so worried about how I look, pick something out of my closet and have it in my hand in 30 seconds. And don't call me Mom! We talked about this, you have to be very careful to refer to us by our first names only. We're going to stick out like sore thumbs without you going around calling us 'Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle'!”

Some mood she was in, just nervous I guessed. I flew to her closet and pulled out a blue shirt that my dad loved on her, chocolate brown cords, and stylish multi-colored sneakers. I threw it all at her right before she got to 30 and turned to Aunt Alice, “That is as good as its going to get today, just roll with it, alright?”

She pursed her lips, nodded and walked downstairs.

“Mom, I mean..Bella?...I'm headed downstairs, I'll see you in a minute.”

“Fine” She grunted as I walked out. The whole family was congregated at the bottom of the stairs waiting expectantly for me and Mom. My Dad looked as excited as I did and gave me a big bear hug when I reached the group. Uncle Jasper looked peeved, he wasn't a fan of high school at all. Jacob looked downright terrified. Finally my mom came down and we were ready to leave. Before I walked out the door, I received kisses and wishes of good luck from those staying behind.

My dad insisted that we ride together as a family, just he, Mom and I. The others took Uncle Jaspers shiny new Land Rover, while I slid into the backseat of Dads Volvo.

“Bella, love, whats the matter? Are you actually nervous?” my dad said in a slightly mocking tone.

“No, Edward,” she replied with a roll of her eyes, “I'm not nervous exactly...just apprehensive I guess. I want everything to go smoothly, but I don't see how we'll ever blend in.”

“I don't expect us to blend in, love. We never do. But after a few days of staring, the humans will just write us off as freaks and move on. I've done this dozens of times, so I know. It also helps that we're starting at the beginning of the year, there are bound to be at least a few other new students.”

Dads words must have calmed my mothers fears, she visibly relaxed and turned back towards me, “Renesmee, I'm so sorry that I've been distracted all morning. I wanted to be able to help you get ready and spend some time with you. I'm sorry I've made your first day more stressful.”

“Don't worry about it, Mom. I'm not stressed, I'm excited!”

“There are a few things we want to discuss with you before we arrive, Nessie,” My father started, “We know that you are ready for your independence and to meet new people outside of our little circle, but just remember that you'll have five very sharp pairs of eyes watching out for you.”

This sounds like a threat! Was my father threatening me?! My teenager defiance set in and I began to think of all the ways to avoid the 'watching eyes' of my family. Dad laughed from the front seat. Damn his mind reading! He tried to block us out as much as possible for privacy purposes, but wasn't always able. Now that he knew of my mutiny I doubted he would ever try to block me again, I was sure that he would be listening extra closely. He laughed even harder and nodded. I glowered at him from the back seat.

We reached our destination in a little under 10 minutes. I looked out on the school that I'd passed by a couple of times over the summer. It was totally different now that it was crawling with students. It was a large institutional looking building, probably built some time in the 1980's. Lots of concrete, two stories tall, with rows of tall skinny windows. Sometime during the “go green” revolution a few years back some renovations must have been done. The roof now held a large green house, and the few areas of grass were overflowing with plants, ponds and benches where students now gathered.

As we parked next to Uncle Jasper and stepped out of the car into the cloudy morning, I noticed that our cars did not stand out as much as we had feared they would. There were several other new cars in the lot, though none were luxury brands like ours. Few heads turned as we turned toward the main building. Aunt Alice pulled something out of their car before we walked off and threw one toward me and then toward my mom. “Oh, cute Alice! Thanks!” I said when I looked at the tote bag with my first initial embroidered on it. My mom actually looked pleased with hers, too.

SO much more stylish than backpacks!” Aunt Alice exclaimed.

“Look human, everyone. Kids are starting to look.” My father warned.

Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper were walking along arm in arm, talking and laughing quietly to themselves. The perfect picture of high school romance. Jacob and I were chatting to each other while standing a few feet apart, I wanted to make it clear to anyone who looked that we were not together. My mom and dad on the other hand looked much to intensely at one another, and had their hands around the others waist.

“Take your own advice, Edward.” I whispered in his direction. He just laughed, moved a few inches from my mom and took her hand.

“Much better.”