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The New Kids

The Cullens start high school for the first time since Bella has been changed and Renesmee has been born. Will Nessie learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together? The sequel to this story - Nothing But Time- should be up ASAP! Keep a look out for it!


27. Chapter 27

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Before I could sit down at the table, my phone vibrated in my pocket. Aunt Alice. Whatever it was, it could wait. I didn't want to hurt Grandpa Charlie and Sue by missing half the meal because I was sulking and talking on the phone. I hit the end button to disconnect the call. Less than a second later I heard my mothers phone vibrate, and then my fathers. Was something wrong at home? My father excused himself and went out into the front yard to answer. I'm not sure why he went outside, with a few exceptions, most of those gathered here could hear his side of the conversation perfectly.

"Yes, Alice?" he paused. "No, she's right here and just fine.......well, that's interesting.....Mmhum, I hadn't realized....thanks for checking in."

I heard the phone flip shut, and realized that the room was totally silent again. Though I doubted any of the others could decipher a bit of meaning from the conversation, I knew exactly what was going on, and I suspected that Mom did too. Aunt Alice could no longer see my future. Something this afternoon had shaken my resolve, and the concrete future I'd had with Owen disintegrated. Jake was once again in the picture.

I looked over at him and saw that he had understood the meaning behind the vague conversation. His dark eyes were wide, and full of an intense hope that I hadn't see in their depths for a very long time. That expression made me feel worse than I had all day. How could I give him hope, and then possibly crush him again? It was beyond cruel. Just when he had started toying with the idea of moving on, here I was pulling him back in.

I just needed to get through this meal and out of this town. Maybe that was it, the reason for all my indecision...Forks. This place held nothing of my new self or my new life. My life with Owen. Everything here was ancient history. The allure of Jacob was stronger in this place. Would it fade again as we drove outside the city limits?

Dinner seemed to last forever. I was dying to be done with this and out of town, it was possibly the most awkward event I'd ever attended. When the pack had finally had their fill, I sat talking to Kim and Claire. Their sympathetic looks did nothing to make me feel better, but mercifully, neither of them asked me anything about my boyfriend back home. After a few minutes of empty chatter I felt two large, warm hands on my shoulders.

"Do you wanna go for a walk with me, Ness?" Jacob asked.

"Sure," I answered glumly. "Let me tell Mom and Dad."

I walked over to where they sat with Seth, Sue and Grandpa Charlie to tell them where I was going. "Be back by four at the latest," my mother said. "You'll be late if we don't leave by then."

"'Kay" I told her before turning to leave. My father wore an interesting smirk on his face that I couldn't quite place. Sometimes I wished I could read his mind.

The day was chilly and damp, basically an average day for Forks. Jake and I made our way into the woods across from Grandpa Charlie's house. Being in this forest was comfortable, I knew it as well as I knew the back of my own hand. We walked at a human pace in silence for a few minutes, winding deeper and deeper through the trees. We rounded a corner and Jake came to a stop, turning to look intently into my face. His sudden closeness caused me to lean back into the nearest tree.

"I'm sorry about what Leah said before, I wish she hadn't hurt you that way." He frowned.

"You're sorry that I'm hurt? When all I do is hurt you? Leah had every right to say what she did. It's true, and I deserved to hear it."

"I didn't say it wasn't true, or that you shouldn't have heard it. Just that I'm sorry it upset you."

"Thanks for the clarification," I snorted, and tried to continue walking, but he blocked my path. I guess I had expected him to deny that I was killing him. Knowing it was true was like being stabbed.

"I heard what Edward was saying to Alice on the phone. You're changing your mind, aren't you?"

"Jake..." I started to say, but he interrupted me.

"I know, I know, 'Don't get my hopes up'." He grinned. "But I already have. You're wavering. You're looking at your options and I still have a chance, how could my hopes not be up?"

He took a step closer to me, and leaned down until his face was just a few inches from mine. I had nowhere to go, my back was pressed tight against the tree behind me. But even if I could've escaped from his piercing glare, I don't know that I would have. My stomach was swimming with butterflies.

"I'm in love with you, Renesmee. I can spend the rest of existence trying to distract myself with other girls, but you are the one I love. And I can love you forever. I've tried to be patient and wait for you to come around, like I know you will eventually, but I don't want to waste a single day that we could have together, so I'm asking you now. Choose me."

There was a second of silence, and before I could make my thoughts coherent, his face was pressed to mine. We'd kissed more times than I could count in my life...but those were kisses of a friend, a brother. This was different. He was trying to tell me what words couldn't, that I belonged with him. I didn't even try to stop him, I braced myself against the tree and pulled him closer.

It was a different feeling kissing him, not having to be careful, not worrying about hurting him with my teeth or my strength. I threw myself into the kiss with an enthusiasm that I didn't know existed. If I had always known it could be like this, would I have ever thought of choosing something different?

I couldn't see the future like Aunt Alice, but even without that talent, I could see mine changing. All the images of anyone other than Jake were slipping away, and a feeling of total contentment washed over me. I thought I'd been happy before, I thought I'd known what I wanted, but I realized now that I'd been clueless. There was nothing outside of this moment.

I let my thoughts slip away again, so that I could focus wholly on him; His lips, his skin, his touch. It was electric. When he pulled his lips away from mine after a long time, but still much too soon, victory was evident on his face. He was more beautiful than I'd ever seen him.

"Don't say I told you so!" I laughed with my face pressed into his neck.

He laughed too, and it was music to my ears. "Well, I did...but I won't say it."

"So what now?" I asked, running my fingers through his hair.

"It's happily ever after, didn't you know?"

"I realize that it is for you and I...but I still have loose ends to tie up, and I think you do too."

"Owen and Rory," he said with realization. Hearing Owens name made my stomach twist into knots. I didn't want to hurt him, but what choice did I have now? My mind was 100% made up. I was tied as tightly to Jacob as he was to me. Amazing how one kiss could change everything.

"This could get messy," I said. "Owen was ready to be changed for me...how can I tell him that I don't want him after that?"

Jake began to tremble slightly, his hands shaking at his sides. "He was going to become...a...a vampire for you?! Your family was going to allow that?!"

"What choice did they have, Jake? They were only doing what they thought was best for me, what they thought I wanted."

"How close was he to being turned? How close was I to losing you forever?"

"I'm not sure." I sighed. "He wanted to do it immediately, but I kept trying to get him to wait. There was no rush."

Jake calmed down and smiled at that. "You were having second thoughts before you even knew it."

Interesting, perhaps I was. "Maybe," I agreed with a smile. "Anyway, that's all behind us...now I just have to figure out a way to tell him."

"I'll come with you, if you need me to," Jake offered.

"No, I made this mess. I need to fix it."

"If that's what you want." He ran his fingers through my curls and kissed my lips lightly, I wanted more, but he held me back. "It's nearly four, we need to get to Charlie's before your parents have to come looking for us."

I sighed and pouted a bit, but let him lead the way back through the forest. I thought nervously about what my father would say when he heard the difference in my thoughts. My fears were unfounded, however. As soon as we burst through the line in the trees, I saw my mom and dad standing in the yard, and they were positively beaming.

"I knew it, Jake. I told you not to worry," my mother said.

"Alice called. Your future is totally gone, Ness!" Dad said excitedly.

I laughed out loud. He'd never liked that Aunt Alice couldn't see me...but he was sure happy about it now. I hadn't realized they'd been rooting for Jake quite so intensely.

The pack stood behind my parents, all of them staring at us and grinning from ear to ear. Even Leah. I grinned back.

"Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to come to my senses."

"Oh sweetie, it's okay!" Emily gushed. "We're just so happy for you!"

"Thanks," I told her. "Where's Grandpa Charlie?" I muttered under my breath. This little scene would surely be confusing to him.

"Helping Sue with the dishes," Dad said. "He's oblivious. Why don't you go tell him goodbye so we can get on the road?"

"Okay." I skipped into the house, light with my feeling of wholeness. I still listened to the conversation outside while I made my way through the house.

"Edward, man...what were you thinking? You were going to change that boy for her?" I heard Jake ask in a slightly bitter tone.

"As long as it's what she wanted, yes, I would have. But I knew it wouldn't come to that, she was far too conflicted. I knew she'd come to the right conclusion eventually."

So my father had guessed all along. For a moment I was upset that he hadn't shared his little insights with me before I'd dragged an innocent boy into our crazy world. But then I realized that he had told me...I just wouldn't listen.

I said my goodbyes to Grandpa Charlie and Sue. Then to the rest of the visitors from La Push, nearly crying when Billy called me 'daughter'. I felt like I would explode from all the love around me. Jake promised to be home that night, though I tried to get him to stay and spend the time here that he'd intended to. He wouldn't hear of it, not wanting to be a away from me for a moment more than necessary. I was glad, I wanted him home with me badly.

The car ride away from Forks was somber, a totally different atmosphere than the party we'd just left. I didn't know how to go about breaking Owen's heart. He was sitting at home, waiting for me to come meet his grandmother...and instead he was going to get dumped. I was a horrible person.

"No you're not, Nessie," Dad said. "Just be honest. He's known for awhile that he's up against something supernatural. If he loves you, he'll let you go. It's truly what's best for you."

I smiled sadly and nodded. It really was the only way. When we pulled up into Owen's driveway my heart was pounding, and I felt like I was going to be sick. A million deep breaths would not calm me now.

"Would you like us to stay?" My mother asked.

"No, I'll call you if I need anything. And I'll probably just run home...I'll need the time to clear my head."

"Of course, baby," she said, leaning back to pat my arm.

I was only halfway out of the car before Owen bounded out the front door and down to meet me, but the look on my face pulled him up short.

"It'll be okay, just get it over with. We love you," I heard my dad murmur as I closed the door behind me. They drove away and I was alone, looking at a person I loved, but whose heart I was about to break. I took a deep breath, and I was right, it didn't help.

"Ness, is something wrong? Is everyone okay?" Concern was etched deep into his face.

"Yeah, everyone is fine. It just that, well...something's happened."

He rushed to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close. "What is it? Whatever is wrong, I'm sure we can fix it."

I stood there, frozen in his arms, willing myself to continue. "Something has happened with me...and Jake." I looked at the ground, memorizing the lines in the brick underneath my feet. I wasn't brave enough to look in his eyes and see the hurt.

His arms dropped to his sides and he took a deep breath. "What?" He sounded confused. When I didn't answer after a few moments he said it again in a sharper, angry tone. "WHAT?"

"I'm sorry," I said quietly. "I wasn't expecting it to happen, but it just did. I'm in love him. I might have known it all along. It wasn't right for me to pull you into my world, expose you to danger and secrets. You're wonderful, the best first boyfriend a girl could ask for, but I was wrong to fight against something so strong."

"So that's it?! We're done...just like that? You're just going to walk away from me, after I'd planned to give up everything for you? When you left 2 days ago, I was the love of your life, and you come back ready to end it? What the hell could have happened in two days?!"

The pain, confusion and anger were clear in his voice. He had every right to feel all three. "The imprint, it just...it's a strong thing, Owen. I don't know if I can explain it..."

"You've explained it all to me before," he cut in. "but you said it had no effect on you, that you had a choice."

"I did..I do...but when he kissed me..."

"HE KISSED YOU!" Owen roared. I'd never heard him so livid. I was almost afraid of him.

"Calm down, Owen. Please. We can't have this conversation if you keep freaking out, and we've got to have it."

"He kissed you, someone elses girlfriend! You didn't belong to him, you weren't his to kiss! That's the most scumbag move I've ever heard of in my life. He knew, he knew exactly what he was doing."

"WHOA, hold on a minute,” I said, my temper flaring. “I don't belong to you, him or anyone else. I make my own decisions. And I've decided. I'm sorry it didn't turn out the way we planned, truly sorry. But what do you want me to do? Do you want to be with me, knowing that I want someone else? Would have wanted me to take your life, your humanity, only to find out down the road that I'm in love with him? Isn't it better to know now when you still have the chance to move on?"

"No, it isn't better. I want to be a vampire, Nessie. I want it. To be immortal, strong and beautiful...I have a choice too, and I made it. He said he wouldn't give up fighting for you and I won't either...I'll find a way to change, to become perfect for you. Then the fight will be more evenly matched."

He couldn't be serious. My knees became weak just thinking about it. "Owen you can't do that. No one in my family will change you now anyway. You need to forget you ever knew me, we'll leave town if it will make it easier."

"There are others out there who will change me if I ask. You've shown me others. I'm sure I could find them." There was a fierce gleam in his eyes that I'd never seen there before.

"You are absolutely insane do you know that? You'll be killed! Not all those vampires I've shown you are as adverse to killing humans as we are..."

"I don't care. I'd rather die then lose you anyway. I'll go and find them, and then find you...I'll win you back. When I'm one of you, you'll want me again."

Now was the time to become harsh, because he was truly turning psychotic on me. "NO, Owen. I will not want you again. It. Is. Over. I didn't want to hurt you, but if you won't accept this I'm going to have to. I cannot love you the way I love Jake. It's just right with him, there isn't a doubt in my mind. I'm going to marry him someday. He's the one I was supposed to be with all along."

He suddenly looked like a small child, holding back tears in his furious eyes. Tears stung the back of my own, but I held them at bay for now. He didn't need to see me cry.

"You don't have to leave town." He said bitterly. "I'm leaving."

"No. We'll go, we'd have to in a few years anyway, and I don't want you out looking for things you shouldn't be."

“That really isn't any concern of yours anymore is it? Even if you leave I couldn't stay here...so I'll just go, and you can get on with your life. My parents won't mind sending me back to Europe to study."

"If that's what you think is best," I said. “But I'm serious, Owen. Don't go searching for any vampires, bad things will happen.” He didn't answer me, and my tears wouldn't hold back any longer, they dropped silently down my cheeks and stained the top of my shirt.

"It is for the best.” he told me. “I'll miss you, Nessie, and I really do love you enough to stay with you forever." His tears fell freely now as well, though he tried to wipe them away quickly.

"I know,” I said. I took one last look at his face, and the green eyes I loved so much, before I walked smoothly into the woods.