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The New Kids

The Cullens start high school for the first time since Bella has been changed and Renesmee has been born. Will Nessie learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together? The sequel to this story - Nothing But Time- should be up ASAP! Keep a look out for it!


3. Chapter 3

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"Hum" Dad grumbled with an unhappy look on his face. We hadn't even made it though the parking lot yet and he was already brooding about something!

"I feel it." Uncle Jasper said with a sour tone in his voice.

"And I can see it!" Alice exclaimed, sounding quite giddy.

Dad immediately started to laugh. An Alice vision, of course.

"What's this all about Edward?" Mom asked.

"Oh, well...apparently we all look like quite serious couples...except Jacob and Nessie," he shot a slight pitying look in Jacobs direction that made me want to scream, "and a few of the boys standing over near that green truck were being a bit too admiring for my taste."

"I can feel the lust being directed toward her," Jasper nodded at me, "UGH, I don't know how well I'll be able to handle this. It was always fine with Rose and Alice, even though it irritated me. They are big girls, able to take care of themselves. The same with you, Bella. But I don't know if I can hold it together when the feelings are directed at my 7 year old niece!"

I could see my mother starting to rage at the words Jasper was speaking, for a split second I thought she was about to turn and charge at those boys. Alice stopped and put her arm on Mom's shoulder. Jacob was seething next to me. Thankfully, Jasper sent a wave of calm toward him.

"Bella, trust me when I say that it will all be fine. She's going to drive the boys here crazy, I can see that clearly...so you might all want to get used to hearing the thoughts and feeling the feelings. I don't think we'll have a problem with any of them though!" Aunt Alice's airy laugh filled the air.

I was oddly flattered that I was catching the attention of the guys we passed, but confused by the conversation between my family. Oh well, Aunt Alice wasn't likely to tell me anything unless I really needed to know.

By now we were waiting in line to receive our schedules for the semester. I was so excited I was bouncing in place. As I looked over my schedule, I was pleased to see that I'd gotten into all of the classes I'd wanted. My excitement vanished completely when I compared my classes to those the rest of my family were in. Aunt Alice, Mom and I were posing as Freshmen. Dad, Jasper and Jacob as Sophomores. I knew that I wouldn't have any classes with the guys, and I'd only expected to have 1 or 2 with Aunt Alice or Mom, the school was big enough that we might not have any together! How wrong I was.

"You did this on PURPOSE!" I shrieked at my mother. Her sly smile told me that I was right. "I can't believe this! So much for independence...I think I just want to go home."

"Oh quit being so dramatic, Nessie!" Jacob said. "I didn't try and pull anything and we still ended up in Gym together!"

"That's ONE class, Jacob! Alice and M..Bella are in every class of mine but two...and you're in one that they aren't!" I wailed. I really felt like I was going to cry. I had only one class all day with none of my family. ONE.

Just then the first bell rang and students began to scatter to their first class of the year.

"Come on, Nessie!" Alice trilled, "The three us us have Beginners Spanish together first period!"

"Great," I said without enthusiasm.

Spanish was a good class to have first period. We were all fluent, so it would be easy to just zone out that early in the morning. Of course the first day we had to get though all the introductions.

"My name is Mrs. Kerns and I'll be your Spanish teacher for the semester!" The plump, friendly looking woman said, "I'd like everyone to go around and introduce yourself. Give your name, age, a hobby or interest, and if you know any Spanish at all please let us know."

We were seated at the far end of the room, by the windows, so we would be the last to go. Everyone sat quietly and listened as the class went round robin. There was no one of particular interest in the class, but I could tell all the other students thought otherwise. There was an almost audible intake of breath when Alice, who was seated in front of me, stood up.

"My name is Alice Cullen, I'm 14, fashion is my passion, and I am fluent in Spanish."

I almost laughed out loud. The whole class, teacher included, were totally silent and in complete awe. The silence was so long that Alice turned and nudged me, thinking they were waiting for me to begin. I wanted to tell her that it was just her 'dazzling' them, as Mom so often put it.

I stood and turned to the class. "Hello," I said brightly, "I'm Renesmee Cullen, but I prefer to go by Nessie," I saw my mother grimace slightly as I told everyone to call me by the nickname she had never quite warmed up to, "I'm 14 years old, I love reading, playing piano, and running, and I am also fluent in Spanish." I looked around...no one had moved an inch. Alice giggled, probably at my reference to 'running' as an interest. It was true, though our idea of running was probably quite different from the jog down the road that the rest of the class was likely to be thinking of.

Responding to the silence, my mom stood and gave her introduction. "Um..My name is Bella Cu..Hale, Bella Hale, I'm 15 years old, I love to read and play with my dogs," Alice nearly lost it, "and I am also fluent in Spanish." She sat back down gracefully. You could practically hear the crickets chirping the background....

After a few more awkward moments of silence, Mrs. Kerns finally regained her composure. "Wait..you are all fluent in Spanish? What are you doing in my class?"

"Well," Alice explained, "4 years of language is required to graduate, so we didn't really have much choice."

The teacher recovered more quickly this time, "Well, Miss Cullen, there are 4 other languages offered at this school. Perhaps you all need to change your schedules."

I was surprised when my mom spoke up next.

"We're fluent in all of them." She said quietly.

Mrs. Kerns was quickly getting agitated with us. I almost wished my Dad was near to hear her thoughts. "All of them... French, Italian, German and Latin?!"

"Our family has a knack with languages and we've traveled a lot." I added brightly with a hint of the persuasive tone I'd heard my Dad use a million times.

"Oh, well...Okay...Just don't be disruptive to the rest of the students learning. Maybe I can use you all as tutors." I thought she was about to get on with the agenda for the rest of the semester when she tacked onto the end, "You are all related?"

Alice explained, "Yes, Nessie and I are cousins. Our uncle adopted us, and Bella is our foster sister." More stunned silence.

"Oh MY, am I ever glad to be out of that class!" Alice laughed as we walked down the hall after the hour had ended.

"If you two didn't somehow get us all in there together we would have been much less conspicuous." I added.

Next up for me was Earth Science. Joy, periodic tables. Only Alice was in that class with me, Mom had somehow finagled her way into Biology with Dad, even though they weren't in the same grade...something nostalgic apparently.

Science passed without incident, just more staring and gaping. More at Alice, than at me I assumed. Civics passed much the same way, only with people ogling my mother instead of Alice. After that Math came, a sweet looking girl with jet black hair and bright blue eyes introduced herself, making for a nice change. It must have been hard for her to approach the three of us together. That was the only thing that made that class eventful.

In the hall we stopped at our lockers to put our bags away for lunch. We had been the topic of several conversations in between classes, we'd even picked up some gossip about the guys. Apparently, a girl named Meg was just positive that the one named Edward had been staring at her in the hall earlier, even though he was with his girlfriend. Her friends sounded downright giddy at the prospect. Then we heard something that made us pause...and then fume.

"I heard from Janey that they are trouble makers, that's why they moved here. They've been kicked out of every school they've been in. I think it's mostly that big Indian boy, the others seem so smart...he's just a big oaf. Laura said that he was practically having a seizure when Aaron laughed at him for missing an easy question in History. He doesn't fit in with the others at all...they are all so beautiful. He's not bad to look at if you like that hulking sort of thing, but I definitely prefer the other two."

I turned to see who was talking. It was none other than Meg, the same girl who had a thing for my father. She continued, "Macy told me that Josh told her that the curly headed girl was with him...like really with him. He saw them walking in the hall together and the incredible hulk was glaring at anyone who so much as glanced at her. I don't believe it though. That girl could have any guy in this school, I'm sure she just has to be nice to him since they're like, brother and sister or whatever." She said this as if she wished we really were together, to eliminate competition I guessed.

I would have been angry, very angry, if I had just heard this in passing. But what made me want to growl, hiss and bite at this stupid girl named Meg was the fact that not even 10 feet away from where her gossip had taken place, Jake stood slumped over against his locker with his trembling hands covering his eyes.