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The New Kids

The Cullens start high school for the first time since Bella has been changed and Renesmee has been born. Will Nessie learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together? The sequel to this story - Nothing But Time- should be up ASAP! Keep a look out for it!


4. Chapter 4

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I flew down the Hall toward Jacob, I was sure that I was moving faster than I should be, but I didn't care. How could those girls be so careless and cruel? In less than a second I was standing with my arms wrapped around Jake.

My father walked by and said under his breath at vampire speed, "You have got to be more careful, Nessie. No one saw you...this time. Take care of Jacob. We'll see you at lunch."

The lunch bell rang and the students around us started moving toward the cafeteria. We stood rooted to the spot, waiting until the hall had cleared before either of us spoke.

"Jake, I'm so sorry," I sobbed, "Lets go, lets just get out of here. Those girls are awful, and you shouldn't listen to a word they say. You don't believe them do you? You can't! We don't have to come back. This was a really bad idea."

He hugged me tightly and laughed. He laughed? I pulled away and stared at him.

"Ness, I'm fine. I wasn't listening to those girls at all. I heard them, but who cares what they think?"

"Then why did you look like you were freaking out and about to phase?"

"You all were listening so closely to the babbling bimbos over there that you didn't hear the conversation going on a little further down the hall," he said, with a scowl returning to his face. "A group of guys saying things about you that I'd rather not repeat."

"About me?"

"You shouldn't sound so pleased about that, Renesmee."

Hum, did I sound pleased? I hadn't meant to, but I guess I kind of was. Though the way he said my full name made me think that I really shouldn't be.

"Well, are you ready to go to lunch then?" I asked.

"Lunch? I thought you were ready to blow this joint. Didn't you say something about this being a bad idea and never coming back?"

"Oh, well...I was just trying to.."

He cut me off with his barking laugh, "I know that you were trying to make me feel better, thanks for that. But I also know you're having fun, and even if I was miserable I wouldn't want to leave. I can take any gossip they throw at me, I just worry about you."

"Thanks, Jake. I'm glad you're here...even if it doesn't always seem that way."

He smiled, grabbed my hand and started pulling toward the cafeteria.

Lunch was by far the most fun I'd had all day, mostly because of my parents. Mom was really acting like a high schooler, constantly asking Dad what people were thinking.

"Oh! That blond girl is staring at Jasper! What's she thinking now?!" She asked bouncing in her chair.

"She thinks he looks like some actor in a play she saw a few weeks ago." Dad said innocently.

Alice laughed, "Edward, we're not dumb."

"Fine," He rolled his eyes, "she's trying to decide who is the hottest and who is the most available."

Alice scooted closer to Jasper and kissed him passionately for a few seconds.

"Well, Jake..You're the lucky winner. Expect a phone number stuck in your locker by the end of the day."

I almost died laughing at the expression of horror on Jakes face. Then I heard my name being said a few tables away.

A tall chubby boy with reddish blond hair was glancing between me and another boy who looked like your stereotypical popular jock.

"Nessie...or something weird like that. At least that's what Kyle told me, he's in her science class. She is something to look at isn't she? No wonder all the girls already hate her."

"Josh, dude, shut up...she's looking at you." The chubby boy said.

"I don't care, its not like she can hear me from all the way over there. Its too bad the other two have boyfriends, dating sisters at the same time is always so fun, especially when they are all so hot! The Nessie one looks feisty enough, though."

Another boy chimed in, "They sure don't look like freshmen, and the guys don't look like sophomores either. They look old enough to be seniors at least...except maybe the little dark haired girl. She looks around 15, I guess."

Thankfully, the bell rang before the rest of my family could notice that I wasn't paying any attention to them. Jacob heard, of course. Anyone who said my name would catch his attention. He gave me the "I told you so" look and started walking toward the gym.

"I hope you all brought your gym clothes!" The boisterous coach yelled from the bottom of the bleachers.

The sounds of irritated students echoed off the walls. "It's only the first day!", "There is no way he is going to make us dress out.", "If enough of us didn't bring our clothes, maybe he'll just let us sit here."

I breathed a sign of relief that Alice had the foresight (ha!) to know that we'd need our clothes. Those who had forgotten theirs, or thought that they wouldn't need them, had to dig through a box of school issued workout wear to put on for the hour. While I was changing in the locker room, I listened to the gossip of a small group of popular girls a few lockers down.

"I can't believe Josh is in this class! How lucky are we? Only, I wish he didn't have to see me in these school workout clothes, I'd look better in a potato sack!"

"Ugh, I know. Who has ever had to dress out on the first day of gym?!"

Another conventionally pretty girl joined their group, wearing the same ratty school issued clothes. Annie. I remember her name from my Spanish class.

"O-M-G, girls! Did you see who was in this class!? Thank heavens gym is all classes and not just freshmen! Josh and the two new boys...wow."

The two new boys? My dad and uncle weren't in this class. One of the boys she was referring to must have been Jacob, but there was another new boy? Hmm.

After I had on my cute black yoga pants, tight red support tank top, and tennis shoes I headed out onto the track like we were instructed to do. All the boys were already stretching and warming up, but I was the first girl out. Before I could make my way over to Jacob, the boy called Josh and two of his flacks walked up to me.

"Hey" He said, giving me an appreciative look.

"Um, Hi." I replied, glancing over at Jacob. He was watching out of the corner of his eye, but not interfering, just like I had asked on the day we decided to go to high school. I knew that he would be unbearably protective, so I made him promise to let me be as independent as possible. If I needed his help, I would ask for it.

"I'm Josh, this Drew," he gestured to a short, stocky boy with blond hair, "and this is Aaron." he nodded toward the boy on his other side, who was tall, lanky and had the air of a class clown. I probably would have liked him, if I didn't suspect that this was the same Aaron who had laughed at Jake in their history class.

It was obvious that Josh thought that he was the be all, end all of the boys at Southside High School. He was attractive, but in the same conventional way as the girls in the locker room. He was tall, maybe around 6'2, with broad shoulders and developed muscles. His hair was sandy brown and slightly shaggy.

"I'm Nessie," I said after the half a second it took me to take in his appearance.

"You have a brother who's a sophomore, right? I have math with him. He's the only sophomore in there, it's usually a Junior level class."

So he was a junior. "Yeah, it must have been Edward, he's good with math."

"How many siblings do you have here and how are you all so close in age?" Aaron, who seemed genuinely interested, asked with a glance at Jacob.

"It's kind of complicated," I started, "Edward is my older brother, he's 15. I'm only 14. Alice, the short, dark haired girl is my cousin and she's 14 also. We were adopted by our uncle several years ago. Bella and Jasper Hale are 15 and 16, they are our foster siblings, and so is Jacob," I pointed him out, "he's a sophomore and just turned 16."

"Oh, so you're not all really related." Drew said.

Josh answered before I could, "Of course they aren't you idiot. Didn't you see at lunch? Her brother and cousin are with the other ones!"

Wow, he was rude.

"So you aren't with him are you?" Josh gestured at Jacob.

Rude and pushy. "No, I'm not. Jacob is my best friend." I told him quietly.

"Good, then he won't mind if you run with us today."

Rude, pushy and presumptuous. "I actually think I'll stick with him for now, we run together at home, thanks for the offer though." I turned to walk to where Jacob stood, still stretching.

By now, all the other girls were out on the track, trying their best to get the attention of the boys by stretching seductively. I heard Annie say, "He just asked her to run with him...and she said no?! She must be crazy and obviously stuck up."

Before I could get to Jacob, Josh was back in front of me again. "Come on. I just want to work out with you, build up a good sweat." He sneered, obviously pleased at his double innuendo.

"She said she'd rather not." Jacob was suddenly looming above Josh. His face in a mask of pure hatred. "Come on Ness, lets go get started."

Josh must not have been used to being confronted or stood up to, because next he did the dumbest thing he could have done.

"SO, Jacob is it? Are you her keeper? Because I don't think I was talking to you."

The whole class was watching us now. Great.

"No, I am not her keeper. But I did hear her say no. Hasn't anyone ever told you? No means NO." He growled in a voice so menacing that even I was scared.

"I didn't hear her say 'no', specifically," he shot back. Did this guy have a death wish? Jake wasn't going to keep his cool much longer.

A voice I'd never heard before said calmly, "Guys, come on...the coach will be out any second. Do you both want to be suspended on the first day? Just let it go."

"Yeah, Jake...come on. Lets go run." Then I turned to the boy I'd never seen before. "Thank you." I whispered as Jake and I walked away.