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The New Kids

The Cullens start high school for the first time since Bella has been changed and Renesmee has been born. Will Nessie learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together? The sequel to this story - Nothing But Time- should be up ASAP! Keep a look out for it!


5. Chapter 5

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By the time gym was over, I couldn't wait for the day to end. The two classes that I was looking forward to most were my last two of the day, but I would have gladly skipped them.

"There must be something between her and that Jacob kid, he butted into that situation pretty fast..."

"Saying no to Josh Harper? Maybe that family isn't as smart as people are saying..."

"I bet Josh could have taken him..."

"Why in the world did that guy stop them? I wanted to see a fight! He's new too, I think his name is Owen...he's almost as cute as the Cullen boys!"

I grabbed my bag and rushed out of the locker room. I couldn't stand to hear anymore. Jacob was leaning against the wall, waiting for me, when I walked out.

"Well, that was interesting!" he laughed.

"I don't think it's funny at all, Jake. You almost fought. It's our first day and you are already fighting guys on my behalf." I was fuming.

"You needed my help and you know it. That guy wouldn't leave you alone! I'll stand by and let you talk, and whatever else you want to do, to anyone as long as you are safe. The second I feel like you aren't...I'm there," he said so gently that it made me feel bad for being angry.

I sighed, "I know that Jake, but I wasn't in any danger. A human boy was being obnoxious in front of the whole class. I hardly think he was going to drag me off into the woods...as if he'd be able to anyway."

Now he looked embarrassed, "I just didn't like the way he was looking at you. But I made you a promise and I'll keep it. From now on, only if there is real danger. I promise."

Alice skipped up and gave Jacob a big hug, "Oh Jake! You're such a good guy! Thanks for watching out for our Nessie! I saw this morning that you would!"

Alice saw...Jacob? No that couldn't be right. She couldn't have seen what happened in gym. She noticed my confused expression and explained, "Josh was standing by that truck this morning, he decided then that he was going to ask you out. When Jacob found out from Edward that he was thinking about you, he must have decided right then to stop him. I didn't see what happened, I only saw the whole school talking about it."

"UGH! I can't wait for 7th period. No one but me...maybe I can attempt a slightly normal existence for one hour a day. " I moaned.

"Well, it's 6th period now silly and we have choir! Lets go!" Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me along.

Choir was my only elective, and I was so glad I'd chosen it. Nearly everything musical came naturally to me, so I knew I'd have fun. Alice and I were both placed in the first soprano section after the whole class had to sing individually for the teacher. We were the first to sing, and I heard several panicked voices say that there was no way they were singing by themselves after us. The section placement only took up the first part of class, so we were left to sit and chat for 25 minutes. Mr. Barnes, our teacher, retreated to his desk to make a phone call. Of course, Alice and I couldn't help but overhear..

"Carl, you've got to hear these girls....Cousins....I've never heard anything like it, perfect pitch and tone.....both freshmen!.....Um hum.....yes.....I might stick them with the seniors for competition season, we'd kill Northside!"

Alice and I dissolved into giggles. Mr. Barnes was cool, and I wouldn't mind a few after school practices if it meant we would "kill" our rival school at competition in the spring.

I was having so much fun sitting on the risers talking with Alice that the period flew by. 7th period was here. Finally. My last class of the day was English/Lit, and I was so excited. The only thing that I loved more than music was reading. It was easy to tune out the gossip about my family as I walked up the stairs alone to class. I wondered what we'd read first, Romeo and Juliet, perhaps? Or maybe Grapes of Wrath..or Our Town...or 1984?

I entered the classroom and made my way to the seat by the window, first checking to make sure that if the sun ever came out it wouldn't hit me where I sat. I didn't full on glitter like the rest of my family, but I had enough of a sparkle to draw attention. I didn't notice until I sat down that the boy in the seat in front of me was the same one who stopped Jake and Josh in gym.

"Oh hi!" I said happily, trying to get his attention, "I didn't get a chance to talk to you again after gym. Thank you so much for what you did. That could have ended very badly!"

"No problem," he laughed. He had a nice laugh. Not bell like, like my father and uncles, but raspy and natural. I looked at him more closely than I'd been able to in gym. He was really tall, only a few inches shorter than Jake, probably around 6'4 I guessed. His hair was shiny, dark brown and curly...almost as curly as mine. I couldn't tell if his eyes were green or hazel, every time they moved they were a different color. He definitely didn't look like a freshman. All the other boys in our class had barely reached puberty, they were short, scrawny and had bad skin. In other words, they looked like 14 year old boys. He didn't look like a boy at all.

He interrupted my staring, "I'm Owen, by the way...Nessie, right? One of the guys in gym told me." His voice was nearly as raspy as his laugh, why didn't I notice that in gym? He continued, "So what did that Josh guy do to get your boyfriend so riled up?"

BOYFRIEND?! Great, I knew this would happen.

"He's not my boyfriend." I spat out, more rudely than I'd meant to.

"Oh..uh...sorry. I just assumed. I think most of the school assumed...except Josh, obviously."

I rolled my eyes, "It's okay. I'm sure it looked like he was. He's my best friend and he lives with my family, so we're close." Prompted by his confused look I explained our family situation...the public version anyway.

"Ohhh, like brother and sister? Okay." He sounded relieved.

"Haha...sort of. Not exactly, but sort of." If only he knew about the weird wolfy connection that tied Jacob tighter to me than any sibling bond. The teacher called the class to order and started handing around the reading list for the year. The interest I'd had in the books we'd be reading had evaporated. Now all I could think of was the boy in front of me.

A million question flashed through my head as the teacher babbled on about A Separate Peace, our first book of the year. How old was he? Where had a moved from? Was he smart? Funny? Athletic? Did he have a thing for half human half vampire girls? What the teacher said next snapped me out of my reverie.

"I'm sure you all have been doing this all day, and I know most of you know each other, but you are all new to me. I'd like to go around the room and have each of you introduce yourself. Tell me your name, age, favorite book, any other hobby you may have, and where you went to middle school."

I had done this 5 times today already, but I could have kissed her for making us do it again. I would be able to find out everything I wanted to know about Owen...minus his preference in girls..

The first person stood up to go. UGH. I'd been so absorbed in my own little world that I hadn't noticed who else was in the class. Seated all together a few rows away was Meg, the girl who had talked so horribly about Jacob, and two other girls who had been gossiping endlessly about my family all day. Just great.

Meg started in a prim and snooty tone, "My name is Megan Pruitt, but I go by Meg. I'm 14, my favorite book is He's Just not that Into You, I love to shop and play volleyball, and I went to Jefferson Middle School."

Typical, I thought. I listened with fake interest to the others in the class give their introductions. I watched Owen out of the corner of my eye, he looked as uninterested as I did. Finally, it was his turn.

"Um, I'm Owen Ross, I'm 16 almost 17, my favorite book is Candide by Voltaire, and I enjoy biking and hiking. I haven't been in school for the past two years, my parents pulled me out of my middle school in Colorado to travel around Europe. They home schooled me on the road, but the school wouldn't let me start at my Junior year, where I should be."

Wow. Well read, outdoorsy, a world traveler, was I dreaming? I stood up to take my turn and noticed that every girl in class must be thinking the same thing. All the boys were staring intently at me.

"I'm Renesmee Cullen, but I prefer Nessie. I'm 14, my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice if I can only pick just one, I love playing the piano, reading and running. I went to middle school in Phoenix, Arizona."

Silence. Why did that always happen? I sat back down with 26 pairs of eyes locked on me. More silence. After what felt like an hour I started to hear subdued whispers coming from (where else?) Meg and her little clique.

"Do you see her headband? I looks like Burberry, but I bet its a knockoff."

One of her friends, Cara, whispered back,"I dunno, Meg. Her shoes are definitely Ferragamo. I saw them at Nordstrom when I went to the city with my mom a few weeks ago. I tried some just like that on for fun, and they were over $400! Her dad, or whatever he is, is a doctor."

I tried to keep from laughing. Meg and her posse seemed like the kind of girls who loved their material possessions greatly. Not that I didn't love the things Aunt Alice bought, but they didn't define me the way these girls let their $70 Gap jeans define them.

The bell rang loudly, stopping my eavesdropping. I gathered my things and started for the door. Owen stood and began to walk with me. I blushed furiously. Attention didn't make me blush, as it had for my mother (or so I was told), but attention from this boy seemed to affect me.

"So, Renesmee, huh? Interesting name. I'm sure there is a story behind it."

"Not a story, really. It's both of my grandmothers names, put together. Renee and Esme."

"Hum," he said, "creative. I'm named after a town in Germany where my parents met." He rolled his eyes.

How romantic, I thought. "You're German then?" That would explain all the time in Europe.

"No, my parents are kind of hippies...they were backpacking through Europe after they graduated college. They're both pretty flighty, we'd still be traipsing through Europe if I hadn't demanded we come back to the states so that I could finish school."

He was obviously frustrated by his parents. I could relate. We were walking out of the front doors of the school now and I saw that all my family was already gathered by the cars, waiting for me. "I guess I'd better go," I sighed.

"Um, I'll see you tomorrow Nessie. Keep that brother of yours on a leash in gym class! I don't want to break up anymore fights!" Owen laughed and walked away.

The look on Jacobs face was priceless, and everyone around him was bent over laughing. Hum, maybe a leash wasn't such a bad idea.