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The New Kids

The Cullens start high school for the first time since Bella has been changed and Renesmee has been born. Will Nessie learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together? The sequel to this story - Nothing But Time- should be up ASAP! Keep a look out for it!


8. Chapter 8

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"Ugh, that was a horrible class!" Wren said to me as we walked out of math on Wednesday. I really liked her. She was incredibly laid back, a temperament that she must have acquired from the beaches of Southern California, where she had moved from over the summer. She looked like she had just wandered in off the beach, tan and natural with flowing tank tops and shorts, even though it was in the low 60's outside.

"Yeah," I agreed wholeheartedly, I hated math. "Where are you going?" I asked as she started heading for the doors to the parking lot.

"I've been leaving during lunch, not a fan of sitting alone."

She'd mentioned that other than Alice, Mom and I, no one had spoken to her after she introduced herself on the first day. "You'll get in big trouble for that, come sit with me," I insisted. She smiled and turned to follow me to the cafeteria.

Jake joined us in the hall, "Hey Ness, I'm sitting with you at lunch today. The lovebirds are driving me nuts." He pointed toward my parents, aunt and uncle.

I laughed and said, "Its the anniversary of the day Alice and Jasper first met, he's been sending waves of love out toward her all morning. You can sit with us as long as you behave."

He rolled his eyes and then noticed Wren walking on the other side of me. "Hey, who's your friend?"

"Jake, this is Wren. We have math together. Wren, this is my live in best friend, Jake."

We made our way into the lunch line and met up with Owen. "Hey!" he said brightly when he saw me. "I hope you don't mind, I asked a friend to sit with us today." He motioned toward a plain boy with short brown hair and kind eyes, "This is Allen, he transferred from Northside, he's a Junior. We live across the street from each other."

"Hey, Allen. It's nice to meet you. I don't mind at all, I've actually brought some friends of my own."

Wren stepped forward to say hello to the two boys, while Jake introduced himself to Allen and started asking Owen questions about his car. While we chatted in line, a burly boy with flaming red hair came up and spoke to Jake.

"Hey, man! I brought that catalog you were asking about yesterday."

"Awesome!" Jake replied enthusiastically, "Everyone this is Luke, he's into cars too. We have science together 6th hour."

"This is my twin, Rory," Luke said, pulling a small, shy looking girl out from behind him. If it was possible, her hair was even more red than his.

Introductions started all over again. "Huh, isn't it weird that we're all new here? I haven't made a single friend who isn't new!" I said after learning that Luke and Rory had just moved from a few towns over. "I guess people at this school aren't terribly inclusive." Oh well, I thought, the new kids had a clique of their own now.

Before I knew it, it was 7th period on Friday. Getting to know my new friends made the time fly, and I was actually sad that the weekend was here. I was only half listening to the teacher as she gave us our assignment for the weekend, but I knew I'd missed something when the whole class groaned loudly.

After she had finished talking Owen turned around in his seat and said, "Can you believe that? 10 essay questions for homework! This is going to take all weekend."

I looked the questions over in my book, this was definitely going to be time consuming. "It's too bad we can't do it with partners, it would go a lot faster with one person looking up passages and the other doing research."

"Brilliant!" He exclaimed as he raised his hand. "Mrs. Cross? Is it okay if we do this with a partner?"

She looked at us for a moment, "Sure, that would be fine. I don't want identical essays though. Do your research and reading together, but don't copy work."

Relieved sighs filled the room. "How about it, partner?" Owen asked me.

This had turned out better than I'd hoped! Now I had an excuse to see him over the weekend. I grinned happily, "Yeah, that'd be great! And I'd love to see some of your Dad's work." I threw in the comment about his dad in hopes that he'd ask me to his house instead of wanting to come to mine. I doubted he was ready to meet the Cullens yet...

"Oh, well... I'd totally do it at my house, but my mom is having a bunch of work people over on Saturday and my dad is getting a shipment of granite into his studio on Sunday...trust me, you don't want to be there for that. Can't we do it at your place?"

How in the world was I going to get out of this one? I desperately wanted to see him this weekend, but the thought of him meeting the whole family freaked me out beyond words. Before I could suggest the public library he added, "I still haven't met anyone in your family besides Jake. The rest of them look nice enough, but do they not like me or something? I've been wondering why they don't sit with us at lunch."

"No, no! That's not it at all," I tried to quickly reassure him, "they're just so wrapped up in each other most of the time that they ignore everyone without really meaning to. They've actually been bugging me to meet you....and everyone else," I added quickly. It was the truth, sort of. They were usually too busy staring lovingly at each other to notice much else. They had also been bugging me, on a nightly basis, to meet Owen. I threw in the 'and everyone else' to keep him from guessing that he was a major topic of discussion at my house. I had asked them repeatedly to not sit with us at lunch. Normal kids didn't eat lunch and hang out with their parents.

If I wanted to hangout with Owen this weekend, there was no way around it. We were going to have to study at my house. "Why don't you come over tomorrow around noon? That way if we don't finish we still have Sunday to work on it." I said, writing down the address to the house on a scrap of paper.

"Great! See you tomorrow, Nessie!" He beamed and got up to leave as the bell rang.

As I walked across the parking lot to the car, Alice ran at me and practically mowed me over.

"Oh Ness! I'm so excited! I love it when new people come to the house! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She jumped up and down and looked like she'd just won the lottery. I pushed her off of me and got into the backseat of the Volvo without a word. I needed to think about what I was going to say to them all when we got home, what could I say that would keep them all in line? I wondered if Dad would take Uncle Emmett on an extended hunting trip over the weekend...

"Nope." he said as he slid into the drivers seat.

"Oh come on! Please Daddy?!"

"You think I'm going to pass up the chance to meet the boy my little girl likes? No way. I get to play the scary big brother...that's almost as good as a dad!"

"Aww, Dad. You've got to be kidding!"

"Only a little." he said with a laugh.

"MOM!" I wailed as she hopped in the passenger seat.

"Don't freak out. Alice, Rose and I will keep them all in line."

That made me feel better, but only slightly. My brain started working overtime on the drive home, and by the time we got there, I knew what I was going to do. Beg. I knew it would work with Jake, but he wasn't the one I was worried about. He also wasn't the only one I had wrapped around my finger. I was still the baby, and if I came across as sad and pathetic as possible, they might take pity on me.

When I walked in the door I said, "Family meeting in the dining room please." and headed for the room that held Grandma Esme's huge mahogany dining table. As was custom, I sat at the head of the table, since I had called the meeting. Alice and my Dad came in with knowing, bemused looks on their faces. Everyone else looked confused.

When they were seated, I started in my most pleading tone of voice, "I called you all here to beg, plead and cry if I have to. Owen is coming here to do homework with me tomorrow and I am asking all of you from the bottom of my heart, please don't make this difficult or embarrassing."

Uncle Emmett burst out into a rather evil laugh, but Aunt Rose smacked him in the back of the head and said, "Of course, Nessie. We would never," she glared at Emmett, "make this hard for you. You should feel comfortable bringing anyone you like into our home."

Dad snorted, "Ha! That's some change of heart you've had in the past 10 years, Rose."

"It's different with Nessie," she shot back, "she's half human, she should have all the human friends she wants, there's no risk of her killing them! Unlike when you brought a certain human home..."

Dad pounded the table and stood up like he was going to fly across the room at Aunt Rose.

"ENOUGH!" I yelled before it could get too out of hand. Dad snapped his mouth shut and sat back down. "Just, please, I want you all to promise me that you'll be nice and that you won't hover."

"Of course, dear. If that's what you'd like."

"Thank you Grandma...I mean, Esme...I guess I should get used to calling you that."

She smiled and patted my hand lovingly.

"Alright then everybody, noon tomorrow. Act human."

I slept restlessly all night, waking up every time I tossed and turned, finally just giving up around 6am. As I walked down the stairs, I noticed my mother curled up in my fathers lap, reading a book on the sofa.

"Good morning, sweetie. It sounded like you didn't sleep well." she said, setting her reading material down and getting up to give me a hug. I didn't want to explain, so I just touched her cheek and showed her the dreams I'd been having.

She laughed gently, "Don't worry about a thing. Rose has Emmett well under control, and you know Jasper would never do anything to upset you. I'll make sure he keeps the mood light and calm. As for your father, just leave that to me." She gave me a sly wink and my dad snorted indignantly.

"Where is everyone else?" I asked.

"Out hunting, and Jacob is still asleep," Dad answered.

While Jake was still asleep and couldn't hear me, I needed some information from my father. "Dad, how is Jake holding up? He seems to kinda like Owen, but I'm not really sure about his motives."

He smiled kindly at me, "Nessie, he's fine. You and your mother worry entirely too much about that mutt. He does like Owen, even though he doesn't really want to. His motivation in the beginning was less than honorable in that regard, but Owen seems to be growing on him."

"Thanks, Dad."

I skipped into the kitchen to cook some eggs, when Alice burst through the back door. I swear, she always seemed to be moving like a tornado lately.

"Nessie! Are you thirsty? I'll go out hunting with you if you'd like," she said distastefully as she watched me crack 3 eggs into a mixing bowl.

"Nah, this will do, thanks though." I replied without looking up from my eggs. When I peered up from my bowl, she was giving me a look that I knew well. "Aunt Alice, I do not have time to go shop this morning!" I told her sternly.

"That's not what I want! I just bought a carload of stuff last night..." she said as she raised one eyebrow at me.

I sighed and poured my eggs into the skillet, "Fine, dress me up however you like...within reason. I don't need a formal dress to do a homework assignment."

She clapped her hands, gave me a quick hug and darted up the stairs, on her way to lay out at least 10 options for me, I was sure.

After I finished breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, argued with Jake over the remote control (he won), played a game of chess with Uncle Jasper, and wandered the house aimlessly for a half hour, I had nothing else to do but go get ready. I took a long shower and blew my curls dry so that they were extra bouncy. Then, I wrapped myself in my terry cloth robe and headed into my room. Aunt Alice was sitting on the bed surrounded by clothes, a perplexed look on her angelic face.

"Have trouble picking out the right thing?" I asked her.

She nodded and let out a long frustrated breath, "You'll just have to try it all on! I can't tell until I see it all on you."

"No way!" I told her as I came to inspect what I had to choose from. I pointed to a whole section on the bed that was covered in satin and lace cocktail dresses, "I hardly think those are appropriate for a study session. These either," I picked up a pile of clothes loaded with sequins, rhinestones and crazy patterns, "honestly, Alice. I'm not going to a night club!"

"I know that! I just want you to have choices!"

"Well, here then," I said, picking up a pretty dress that was casual enough and perfect for the unusually warm weather outside, "I love this."

Aunt Alice bounced up and down on the bed, causing clothes to fly all over the room. "I knew you'd like that! It was one of my favorites!"

I pulled the soft material over my head and turned to look in the mirror. Alice knew what she was doing, the dress was beautiful. It had thin straps, a v-neck, and it pulled in just slightly around my waist and then floated down to a few inches above my knees. It was light blue in color, like a lot of the clothes she bought me.

"Here," she said as she handed me a pair of earthy brown ballet flats, "these dress it down even more. Pull your hair half back, so it's out of your face and you'll be good to go! No need to try anything else on. That dress is perfect."

I did what she said, gathered my school books and went downstairs to wait. Everyone else was sitting in living room, waiting, just like I was. I'm sure we looked like a picture out of a magazine ad sitting stock still in our designer clothes on our high end furniture in the middle of our mansion. But at that moment, I wished for nothing more than a simple suburban house, with normal worn in furniture, and a family outfitted in Old Navy and Gap. A place so unassuming that no one would ever notice that we were a little different. I heard a car brake and turn up the long driveway. Owen was here.