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The Cullens decide to travel the world. Their adventures along the way. Chapter 4! Please read people! Fashion Week!!!!! I will not post the next chapter until I get at least 15-20 reviews! C'mon people...it's not that hard! I own none of Twilight! I give all credit to the ever talented Stephenie Meyer!

I hope you like it! Review!

2. New Grounds

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As soon as we got on the plane Emmett started fidgeting. Emmett, unlike every other vampire I had ever encountered, had trouble sitting still. He could become a statue when he wanted too, but unlike the others, he didn’t find it unnatural to squirm. Rosalie had to remind him to sit still a few times. It didn’t help that he was excited. He was probably the most excited next to Alice. She was too busy trying to see what the designers would put on the catwalk this year. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at her. Carlisle and Esme were looking at each other. Their eyes were filled with undiluted love. I looked fondly upon my family, thinking about how much I loved them all. It would kill me to lose any of them. I banished the thought immediately and focused on Edward.

I still couldn’t believe he was mine. Forever. I could still get lost in his dazzling eyes. When I became a vampire I didn’t think he would be able to dazzle me anymore, it had just the opposite effect. My new vampire eyes saw all his perfection even more clearly. The only difference was now I could dazzle him back. I still loved him with all of my being. I knew this would never change. I pushed my shield aside for a moment; I love you. We just looked at each other for the remainder of the flight. Surrounded by the people I loved more than anything, I got lost in my own happiness.

We met our connection with minutes to spare. We all realized how close this trip was to beginning. We had decided to go to Italy first, to see the Volturi. Carlisle felt he owed it to Aro to accept his apology in person. Jasper and Alice were in front of Edward and I, Emmett and Rose were next to us, and Carlisle and Esme were behind us. The flight took off and no one spoke for a while.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” A flight attendant asked politely. I smiled kindly at her before replying, “No, thank you.”

“What do you want to do first?” Emmett burst suddenly. He was so eager, always the first to break the silence.

Carlisle laughed, “We’re going to go see the Volturi first. That is non-negotiable. Then we can do anything we want in Italy.”

“It’s February 3rd, that gives us a good 7 days before Fashion Week. We need to be in Milan by the 13th.” Alice instructed. Apparently “Fashion Week” for the girls wasn’t optional. Jasper, who hadn’t said a word since we reached our connection spoke, “Alice, what are us boys going to do while you ladies are out attending fashion shows with celebrities?”

“You boys can do whatever you like. Esme, are you coming with us?” Alice smiled brightly. Esme looked at her and shook her head smiling sweetly.

“I don’t think I will attend.” I couldn’t believe that Alice was really making me go to these fashion shows. I gave Alice a glare that would put the Volturi to shame.

“You’re not going to force her to go? Can’t I stay with Esme?” I struggled to keep my voice even. Alice just shook her head. I sighed and stared at the ceiling of the plane. The rest of the flight passed un-eventfully.

We landed and went to the front desk. We rented two cars, one for the girls and one for the boys. Us girls got a red BMW, it was almost identical to Rosalie’s. The boys got a black SUV. We drove separately. This time I got to appreciate the drive to Volterra. It really was beautiful. Alice sang bad rock ‘n’ roll the whole time, and danced in her seat. Rosalie drove carefully and Esme read a book. We drove by hills; fields, and rivers, tiny villages were nestled in to the heart of authentic Italy. I relaxed for the remainder of the drive, staring out in to the beautiful open space. I couldn’t believe the Cullens hadn’t done this sooner! I could soon see the gates of Volterra; I shuddered when I thought of the last time I had been through them. This was the only visit any of us were worried about. We weren’t exactly on good terms with the Volturi. Carlisle said it would be very impolite not to say hello. We obliged and kept our mouths shut. It was amusing to think that it had been so long since I had been here last. In vampire years, 20 years seemed like nothing. It still felt like a long time to me. Rosalie drove slowly through the gates. We parked in a dark alley, with Jasper driving behind us. We began to walk through the seemingly harmless city. It was too quiet here though. I overheard Carlisle mutter one word in a menacing tone, “Volterra.” I shuddered slowly and walked on.