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The Cullens decide to travel the world. Their adventures along the way. Chapter 4! Please read people! Fashion Week!!!!! I will not post the next chapter until I get at least 15-20 reviews! C'mon people...it's not that hard! I own none of Twilight! I give all credit to the ever talented Stephenie Meyer!

I hope you like it! Review!

4. Fashion Week

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It was February 12th, the night before Fashion Week. I was getting really sick of hearing about this. I was almost curious to see if it would be as fabulous as Alice claimed it would be. Almost. I doubted it would impress me. Fashion usually bored me. I spent the last week or so traveling around different parts of Italy. As I had promised, I had visited Jane yesterday in Volterra before heading to Milan. Everyone was still a little weirded out by our new founded friendship. Alice was foaming at the mouth in excitement. She had picked out my outfit for our first fashion show tomorrow night. She had picked out a strapless black dress that came just above the knee. It was silky and tight fitting in all the right places. She gave me a thick dark blue leather belt to put on over it to add color. My stiletto heels were a matching dark blue. She gave me a silver clutch to go with my outfit. She also planned on giving me a makeover and doing my hair. I groaned softly to myself, tomorrow was going to be a long day. That night I asked Emmett if he wanted to play cards with me. Emmett loved all games, he agreed without any hesitation. We played ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ for hours. Being with Emmett was so easy. He was the best brother anyone could ask for. We set up the game in the middle of the small dinner table in Edward and my hotel room. Edward and Jasper had gone hunting and would be gone till tomorrow night.

“Bella? Can I ask you a question?” Emmett asked. We had been playing for about two hours; he was kicking my butt!

“Yeah, you can ask me anything Emmett. You know that!” I pretended to scold him. I was curious; Emmett was usually so straightforward. Asking was a weird thing for him to do.

“Have you ever regretted being changed? I mean…do you miss being human ever?” I smiled. Emmett hadn’t wanted to hurt my feelings. I felt a surge of love towards my adopted brother.

“No Emmett. I don’t ever regret being changed. I inherited the best family anyone could ask for; that includes the best big brother ever!” I got up and walked over to him; I then captured him in a big bear hug. Now that I was a vampire, I found I could give hugs almost as good as Emmett.

“Really? Best big brother ever? Thanks Bells.” His ear-to-ear grin made me smile. He was so easy to please. I didn’t answer I just nodded. We continued to play well in to the early hours of the morning, making idle chat.

At about 6 AM, Alice came to kidnap me. Rosalie was in Alice and Jasper’s room already. Alice dragged me through the doorway and sat me down in a chair in front of the sliding glass doors that gave a view of Italy. I should have known she wouldn’t let me see myself till she was finished. At least she had thought to let me look at the view. Alice was already dressed; she was wearing a vintage forest green satin dress that came just below the knee. It was low cut and loose fitting. It looked like a dress models wore in the 30’s and knowing Alice, it probably was. Her shoes were a rich brown color that contrasted with the forest green in a way that reminded me of a Forks.

For the next hour and a half she put on massive amounts of makeup. We never wore any foundation, and cover up was never necessary. I did, on occasion, use bronzer, but only when I wanted to look a bit tanner and a bit less dead. Alice had piled on eyeliners and eye shadows and lip liners and lipsticks and glosses. She finished with putting false eyelashes on my already impossibly long lashes. Then she started on my hair. This took up a lot more time; Alice and Rosalie spent half the time curling and straightening different strands of my long and rich brown hair. Then they began pinning things everywhere! About half way through all of this I just tuned it all out. It was the closest to sleeping I had ever gotten. I didn’t snap out of my trance till Alice squealed loudly.

“Oh Rosalie! She looks fabulous!” Rosalie grinned and nodded. Before I knew what was happening I was being pulled out of my chair and in to a vertical position, then Alice thrust a white garment bag at me.

“Go change, Bella. Try not to ruin your hair.” She rolled her eyes at me. I exaggerated a sigh and went to change. She shrugged and lunged at Rosalie. Three hours and about six court shows in Italian later, Rosalie looked one hundred times more beautiful than any movie star I had ever seen. Her perfect blonde hair hung in loose ringlets around her perfect face. Her golden eyes were accentuated by bronze eye shadow and brown eyeliner. Her lips were lined perfectly in red lip stain. Her red dress hung perfectly over her model like frame. The strapless dress was a deep red; it was made of pure silk. The dress was solid; surprisingly simple for Rosalie. She had several strands of black pearls with a silver rose attached for jewelry and a small black clutch. She chose black ankle boots with silver accents for her shoes. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was around noon and Alice claimed the best shows started at two and we wanted to be there early. Fortunately or unfortunately it was cloudy today and we wouldn’t have to wait till tonight.

When I finally got to look in the mirror; I hardly recognized myself. My eyes were lined with dark blue eyeliner. The perfect lines making my already large eyes look even larger. The sparkly bronze eye shadow caught the light and made my eyes entrancing. I couldn’t help but grin at my beauty. I had been so used to being ordinary that getting dazzled looks from strangers still shocked me severely. We made our way to the lobby of our hotel. Milan was beautiful, not quite as beautiful as Volterra; it didn’t have that authentic small town feel. Alice had called us a limousine, which was waiting for us out front. She instructed the driver to take us to our destination in fluent Italian; Alice, of course, didn’t take cabs. We pulled up to a big-tented area. There was a big-carpeted walkway where glamorous people were walking in to the tents. Paparazzi surrounded the area; cameras flashed brightly in everyone’s faces. The driver got out and opened our doors for us.

“Grazie.” Alice said with an accurate Italian accent. I giggled a little bit at her faux accent. She stepped out and gestured for Rosalie and I to exit the car. As soon as I stepped out I got that uncomfortable feeling that I was being stared at. I looked up and found every set of eyes glued on Alice, Rosalie, and I. Rosalie smiled; she loved the attention more than she let anyone know. I, on the other hand, felt self-conscious.

“Bella, you look gorgeous. Stop fidgeting.” Alice commanded under her breath. I nodded and proceeded to follow Alice and Rosalie down the carpet walkway. I stopped when they did to pose for pictures. I used my most seductive smile. Even I had to admit, it would have been fun had I not been so nervous. We continued on in to the tented area. I was acutely aware of all the actors and models around me. They weren’t nearly as attractive as any of my vampire family. They were still intimidating due to the vanity and confidence that was rolling off of them in waves. Alice beckoned for Rosalie and I to follow her. She led us in to another tent that had hundreds of chairs surrounding a large catwalk. The lights were dim with spotlights that moved throughout the room. Alice led us to a row of seats, all of which had signs on them saying ‘reserved’ followed by different last names. There were three front row seats with the name ‘Cullen’ typed on them in an elegant script. I rolled my eyes. I wondered how much Alice had paid for these seats, or what she had done to get them. We took our seats, as did many others. Alice handed each of us a program listing the different designers and their collections. I pretended to read it and tuned everyone out again; I was really glad I had learned how to do this. I just had to close my eyes and clear my mind. I had no idea how much time had passed when Alice snapped her fingers in front of my face.

“Bella! Snap out of it, the shows about to start!” She scolded me. For the next 50 minutes I watched as models with unrealistic figures walked up and down the catwalk. The clothes were interesting; Alice had told me that the clothes on the runway were more outlandish versions of what would be sold in stores. Some of the clothes were so incredibly unique; I had never seen anything like it. It was almost like art. I could actually appreciate the creativity the designers put in to their collections. That was something I had never been able to do. The last model exited the runway and the designer himself walked out. I heard Alice and Rosalie gasp.They shrieked the name of some designer I had never heard of. I rolled my eyes. They were embarrassing sometimes. He gave a small speech about his collection and said his thanks and left the runway. Alice and Rosalie were in total shock. They each had a stupid grin on their faces; they looked like Emmett.

“Really guys? It’s over. Now what do we do?” I asked Alice. She attempted to smooth her face, but she was still grinning.

“Now we go to the after party, we have another show at six.” I nodded. She led the way to yet another tent. This one had two bars on opposite sides of the room and tables of snacks. The room was filled with models and designers. Rosalie spotted someone she wanted to meet and glided off to introduce herself. Alice, however, dragged me to meet the designer whose collection had just been on the runway.

“Alesandro Giraldi I presume? Alice Cullen, I’m a big fan.” Alice introduced herself. She elbowed me lightly.

“Oh, um. I’m Bella Cullen.” I added awkwardly.

“I’m flattered; it is nice to meet such beautiful young ladies. I hope you enjoyed my show.” He said in a heavy Italian accent.

“We adored your collection. It was so incredible.” Alice gushed. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. The man had dark hair and olive toned skin. He would be considered attractive my most. Alice always managed to get special treatment when she gave people her ‘look’. I had dubbed it her ‘look’ a while back; it was when she gave her most dazzling smile. Her outstanding beauty helped too.

“There is an after party at a club tonight, you should come. Of course you should bring your sister too.” He offered. Alice smiled sweetly.

“Of course; would it be alright if my other sister joined us.” She gestured to Rosalie who was talking to someone else. His eyes widened at her beauty. I stifled a laugh.

“Of course. The more the merrier.” He said happily. “Excuse me, I must mingle with some of the other guests.” He smiled one last time and walked away.

“Alice. Couldn’t you have at least introduced me to a designer I knew? Dolce and Gabbana, Betsy Johnson, Michael Kors…I’m not completely clueless when it comes to fashion.” I was whining. Alice laughed at me.

“You will, Bella. I promise. Though I’m happy that you are showing interest in fashion.” I sighed. Rosalie walked over to us beaming her perfect teeth in a smile.

“You’ll never guess who I just met and where we are invited to go!” Alice suddenly had a vision and gasped.

“Ashton Kutcher. He’s almost 50, but he’s still huge! He invited us to some after party that all the celebs are going too!” Rosalie struggled to keep her voice down. Alice’s face lit up. I could tell we would not be attending Alesandro Giraldi’s party for long, if at all.

“Well it’s almost five, we better get back to the next show.” Alice said. She led us to…gasp, yes another tent. This show was just as intriguing as the first one had been. I was pretty in to it. When it was over, Alice led us outside to get our limo. We drove straight to Ashton Kutcher’s party. It was dark outside now and the lights outside of the party flashed brightly. We exited the limo and just like before, every head outside turned. I smiled; I had a feeling I would be blushing if I could still. We walked right past the usher without him giving us so much as a sideways glance. I internally giggled at this. We were in a huge dance club full of well-dressed celebrities; I simply could not believe the things my vampire family got me in to. Alice led Rosalie and I on to the dance floor. Dancing came fairly easy to me now; Edward was to thank for that. I swayed my hips in time to the music. Alice, Rosalie, and I had been dancing for a while when I felt a light tap on my stone shoulder.

“Excuse me, miss. Could I buy you a drink?” An attractive, overconfident man asked me. Alice’s eyes bulged. I didn’t want to say yes, I mean I was married, not to mention to a guy I loved more than life itself! I just didn’t have it in me to turn him down. What was the worst that could happen?

“Uh…sure.” I stammered. He made a motion for me to follow him.

“His name is Henry Peak. He’s a major A list actor.” Alice muttered much to low for human ears. I shot her a grateful glance and followed ‘Henry Peak’. I sat down at a fancy bar next to him. He wore an arrogant look on his face, which I immediately resented.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” He asked. I stifled a giggle at his horrible pick up line.

“Bella. Does that line usually work for you?” I questioned. He smiled.

“Well, usually I don’t need pickup lines. Do you know who I am?” I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Celebrities were all the same; they thought that everybody would automatically worship them.

“Yes. But the question is do you know who I am?” This was going to be way too much fun. He looked confused. His forehead creased; he was thinking about this hard.

“No. Should I?” He asked. He sounded honestly curious. I decided to have some fun with this.

“Obviously not.” I purred. I threw a seductive smile. I saw Rosalie and Alice doubled over with laughter behind Henry. He was flat out confused now. He didn’t know who or what I was.

“What do you do for a living?” He questioned. This took some thought. I could really throw him for a loop and tell him I was a tattoo artist or something; or I could tell him I was something really important like a CEO of a big company. I decided to go with the really important façade.

“I’m the CEO of ‘Blood Thirsty Records’.” Alice and Rosalie would have had tears streaming down their faces if it were possible. It took all my strength to not burst in to laughter right then and there.

“Wow. Impressive.” Was all he could say. I feigned boredom by giving an impatient smile.

“Well…I uh was wondering, um…would you want to come out with me some time?” He finally mumbled. I looked down awkwardly.

“I’m flattered.” I said. “But I don’t think my husband would appreciate it. Sorry.” I bit my tongue to keep from laughing. I shrugged apologetically.

“Husband?!” He said, his voice barely escaping a yell. I rolled my eyes and put my left hand in his face.

“Yes.” I responded innocently. He looked sufficiently offended. I winked at him and walked away.

Alice and Rosalie were leaning against the wall for support; their laughter shook the whole building. Alice grinned at me; Rosalie shook her head.

“You.” Alice stated. “Are.” Rosalie added.

“EVIL!” They said at the same time. They cracked up again. I giggled and shoved Alice’s head. The rest of the night continued uneventfully; Rosalie turned down about 10 guys, which was fun. Alice danced with a few guys and I couldn’t help but think that Jasper would not approve. I mostly danced with Rosalie the whole night. It was around 4 AM when we decided to head home.

We ran up to our adjoining hotel rooms. I opened the door to find Edward home. I was ecstatic. I ran up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. He laughed and hugged me back.

“Excited to see me?” He smiled at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and kissed him. That shut him up. Ha! I pulled back a few seconds later. I smiled sweetly and ran out of our room before he could stop me. I soon realized I had nowhere to go. Alice and Jasper probably wanted alone time; I didn’t even want to know what Emmett and Rosalie were up too. I didn’t want to talk with Esme or Carlisle. So I grudgingly walked back to my room where Edward was waiting with an offended look on his face.

“I was not done kissing you.” He scolded. I rolled my eyes and walked over to him pressing my lips to his. I was glad to be home with my one true love; no one would ever have been able to replace him.