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That Special Gift

It's a special day in Forks, or rather the world. It's Valentine's Day and Edward has a surprise for Bella.

This story is in 'humor' for the time being. Depending on how this story goes and if you want it in more than 2-3 chaps then I will continue it. It is mainly up to you guys if you want it to be a series.

1. Chapter 1

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You know, I never really thought of getting a pet. After killing those poor three fish in a row I basically just gave up. I think I fed them too much...

I woke up early that day. Today was hardly my favorite. It just happened to be...Valentine's Day. But then again I thought it wouldn't be so bad since I had Edward. Today may possibly be the day that I finally join him forever. It was a normal day though. The same gray clouds...and cool air.

I sighed warily and climbed stiffly out of bed. Once again, I hadn't slept. Edward didn't stay last night. He said he had things to do which wasn't...usual. I got ready slowly today since it was that dreaded day. By the time I got to my truck I had 10 minutes till class started. Which wasn't bad since the school wasn't far.

I pulled into the school and luckily still got a spot. Although, when I stepped out and began to rush to class, I was caught by Mike...who had a present.

Why did they make this day? [>.<]

"Hi Bella!" Mike said in his always overly cheery voice. "Happy Valentine's Day!" He handed me a book wrapped in pink tissue paper.

"Ermm. Thanks Mike," I said trying to be happy.

"So where's Cullen today?" He said. He was happy that Edward wasn't in sight.

"Edward. I'm not sure."

"Oh, well then lets go," he said smiling hugely.

I exhaled loudly and looked around. Edward's volvo wasn't there. I unwillingly walked to class.

Class was boring, of course. Jessica and Mike were huddled by my desk since it was Valentine's Day and Edward wasn't around. The teacher didn't believe we should have to work and I glared holes into his head. Work would have distracted me a little.

Lunch wasn't any better. Alice wasn't here either. And worst, Tyler was wooing me with a box of chocolates.

"Come on Bella, here," he said handing them to me.

"Thanks Tyler," I said rather unpleased. My bag was already stuffed from boxes of chocolate.

"Bella, what's wrong?" Jessica asked.

"Nothing." I didn't really want to tell her that Valentine's Day was rather unpleasent.

She frowned but to my happiness let it go.

My bag was bursting with candy by the time I got to my truck.


I looked up and saw Alice standing in front of my truck. She was waving excitedly.

"Alice! Where have you been? Where's Edward?" I asked, now fully happy.

"I stayed home today and Edward's out but he'll be home later."

Hunting I guess. Maybe tonight would be the night I finally joined his family.

"I'm taking you to our house though."

"Oh? Ok."

She drove as I contemplated what would happen tonight. I was very suprised when we pulled up in front of her house...