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That Special Gift

It's a special day in Forks, or rather the world. It's Valentine's Day and Edward has a surprise for Bella.

This story is in 'humor' for the time being. Depending on how this story goes and if you want it in more than 2-3 chaps then I will continue it. It is mainly up to you guys if you want it to be a series.

3. Chapter 3

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“Where are we going?” I asked.

Edward’s hands were over my eyes as we walked.

“You’ll see.”

I sighed and listened to my surroundings. We were outside. The grass was crunching under my feet and if I listened carefully, I could here a stream.

“Ok, keep your eyes closed.”

I wanted to peek so bad, but I didn’t.

“Ok, open your eyes,” he said excitedly.

I opened my eyes and felt something cool on my neck. I looked down and dangling from my throat was a topaz pendant. It was rose shaped and absolutely beautiful. I turned and threw my arms around his neck. “Oh Edward, thank you so much.” Although I was opposed to him spending money on me, I couldn’t turn it away.

“Well, since you wont let me get the that Audi…”

I looked at him, scowling. He smiled his famous crooked smile and I grinned.

“But…” he said.

“But what?” I asked curious. Was there more?

“We also have some more plans.”

“To do what?” I inquired.

“I’ll tell you later, but right now, my family is waiting.”

I pouted as we walked back to his house. His cold had enclosed over my small one and my heart beat rapidly. It would never change. He smiled as he listened. I blushed.

We walked up the steps of his house. He opened the door and then…