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That Special Gift

It's a special day in Forks, or rather the world. It's Valentine's Day and Edward has a surprise for Bella.

This story is in 'humor' for the time being. Depending on how this story goes and if you want it in more than 2-3 chaps then I will continue it. It is mainly up to you guys if you want it to be a series.

4. Chapter 4

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We walked up the steps of his house. He opened the door and then pulled me swiftly to him. He kissed my lips softly and then stared into my eyes.

I looked at him surprised. “What was that for?” I asked breathlessly.

He just grinned and said, “Because I love you of course.”

I just stared and him and said, “I love you too.” He smiled. “So. You said we have plans?”

“Well, I shouldn’t have said we. I mean you have plans.”

“What? I have plans. To do what?”

“You have plans with me!”

I looked to see Alice bouncing down the stairs. She smiling widely. She grabbed my hand and whisked me up to her room where she sat me in front of her large vanity mirror. “Alice, what are we doing!?” I tried to grasp what she was doing while she pulled the ponytail from my hair.

“Well, I just wanted to experiment. You know, since…well I never got to do stuff like this,” she said sadly.


I think she was faking it.

She dropped my hair and disappeared for a few moments. When she came back she had a brush, a straightener, a curling iron, and bottles of stuff I couldn’t even pronounce. She brushed my hair quickly. She wasn’t satisfied. She sighed and drug [not literally] me off to wet my hair.

She blow dried my hair quickly. She then turned the curling iron on and took me to Rosalie’s closet.

“Dress time!” Alice announced enthusiastically. Rosalie smiled and opened the door of her vast closet and began choosing dresses.

After an hour of searching they finally chose one. It was an off the shoulder dress. It fit me snugly in my waist and billowed out softly from there down to my knees. I blushed as they complimented me about how good I looked.

“Thank you, but is this really necessary?” I asked, curious.

They exchanged a look and Alice said, “Yes, of course!”

Then she drug me back to her room and began finishing my hair.

When I looked in the mirror, my hair was in an array of curls. They draped my shoulders and back. Alice was beaming at my flushed face as I looked at myself. Then, there was a soft rap on the door. Alice gracefully lept from the room and opened the door.

“Is she ready?”


The voices spoke softly and I believed I heard Edward.

In fact, it was Edward. He stood at the door of the room where the vanity was located. He smiled warmly at me. “You look…so beautiful.”

I blushed a very deep scarlet. “Thanks…”

It was just dawning on me that this wasn’t play. Edward and I were going out.

“So, I guess we do have plans then?”

“Why yes.” I looked at him with his black tux. This seemed too formal for a Valentine’s Day outing. “We’d better get going.”

He grasped my hand lightly and we walked down the stairs. Esme and Carlisle smiled as we walked out. Emmett hugged me. I felt like I was getting married. I could feel Jasper although he stood farther away. He was fully releasing his talent. Alice bounced down the stairs beside him as Rosalie stood next to Emmett.

We stepped out the door and Edward walked to his car. It wasn’t the usual Volvo. It was his Aston Martin. He opened the door and lightly kissed my lips and of course my heart was beating erratically. I knew he caught it. He smiled as I sat down in the dark leather seat. He was on the other side in seconds starting the car and placing his cold marble hand in mine.

“So, where are we going?” I asked inquisitively.

La Bella Italia.

I remembered that place. That was the night I learned everything about him, the night I knew he was a vampire…