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That Special Gift

It's a special day in Forks, or rather the world. It's Valentine's Day and Edward has a surprise for Bella.

This story is in 'humor' for the time being. Depending on how this story goes and if you want it in more than 2-3 chaps then I will continue it. It is mainly up to you guys if you want it to be a series.

5. Chapter 5

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The restaurant was just as I had remembered. When I walked through the door, my visions of that night so long ago flashed through my mind.

The restaurant, again, was hardly even crowded. It smelled so good inside, although the most alluring smell was from Edward. It was dim and soft. Quiet music was playing, putting on a romantic mood. I wasn’t bothered much. I was just happy that I was with my Edward.

"Reservations for two," Edward said quietly.

The hostess was looking down at the time of speaking, but it was evident that Edward was unintentionally releasing his "dazzling" expression. She slipped up a little when she spoke, "Name…please?" Compared to me, she was a goddess. Better looking, taller, mostly everything a girl wanted, although Rosalie would have her beat.


"Oh…yes, right this way…" She led us to the very same booths and Edward chose the spot. Our spot. It was the very same one from the night I had learned about him.

"Your waitress will be out soon…" Said the hostess. She threw glances at Edward the whole time. Of course though, Edward wasn’t looking.

"So…" I was rather speechless. I had questions, of course, but they didn’t seem fitting for this occasion.

"So, Jasper told me something before we left…" He said smiling crookedly.

"Oh?" I asked. What could that be?

"Yes, it was quite funny when he told me because you were in such a great mood, that I never would have guessed."

I stayed quiet waiting for him to continue.

"He told me that you didn’t like Valentine’s Day…"

I looked down, blushing severely scarlet. It was true. I hated Valentine’s Day. And, honestly, I had no particular reason to. It was just one of those days I just really didn’t like.


"Why?" He said eyeing me curiously.

"I don’t know really. I just don’t like it."

I was being honest, very honest.

"That seems odd. I mean, everybody dies for Valentine’s Day. You should have heard the girls swoon last year."

I had to giggle at that. Swoon? That wasn’t odd.

"Can I take your order?" The waitress asked.

I jumped a little since I hadn’t been paying attention to anything other than Edward.

"Um…we’ll have…?" Edward looked at me.

"Um…a coke and…" I glanced down at the menu. I guess I could settle for the mushroom ravioli again. "And, the mushroom ravioli."

She looked at Edward. "Nothing for me." Usual.

She glanced and me and back at him. She smiled and I swear I saw her roll her eyes at me. She then proceeded to walk back to the kitchen.

I looked back at Edward. He stared at the cold wood of the table. His expression was innocent, but he hinted something. He looked nervous. I ignored it. This was Edward. He had constant mood swings. I should be used to it, but I wasn’t.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"No, just thinking…" He didn’t look like he had the intention of telling me.

"About?" I asked, tilting my head.

"Nothing really." Lie.

I huffed and looked at the table. My hands rested atop the cold wood. Edward reached over and took my hand. I looked up as my heart began to beat faster. He smiled at me. I couldn’t help but smile back.

"I’ll…tell you later…ok?" He said pleadingly.

I sighed, feeling defeated. "Ok…"