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That Special Gift

It's a special day in Forks, or rather the world. It's Valentine's Day and Edward has a surprise for Bella.

This story is in 'humor' for the time being. Depending on how this story goes and if you want it in more than 2-3 chaps then I will continue it. It is mainly up to you guys if you want it to be a series.

6. Chapter 6

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I wanted to know badly what he would tell me later. But, I would wait.

"This place is nice." I offered.

"Yes. It holds quite a few memories." Still distant.

I sighed.

"Here’s your order!"

"Thanks." I didn’t even look up at the waitress but I could feel that she was lingering. I looked at Edward and picked up my fork, spearing some ravioli. "Do you ever wish you could eat regular food?" I asked after the waitress left.

"Sometimes I do." I was becoming aggravated.

I sighed loudly. He smiled apologetically. "I’m sorry. I’m being rather boring aren’t I" He cocked his head to the side, smiling crookedly.

I smiled and said, "No, your perfect…"

"So how was school?" He asked.

"Ugh. Too much candy!" I gestured with my hands the size of my bag.

He laughed melodically. "Sounds like torture the way you put it."

"Well it was," I grimaced.

Our night continued that way. He still was distant and didn’t seem in any hurry to give it up. When we got up to leave though, he didn’t something I wasn’t expecting.

"Bella, can you wait a minute?" He asked.

"Umm…sure?" I said unsure.

He smiled. "I need to tell you something important…and I want you to answer me honestly." His words were rushing slightly. He was a nervous wreck at this point and I was wondering if something bad was happening.

I stood looking at him, waiting for him to continue. I just hadn’t expected to do what he did next.

He stood up and faced me, his crooked smile dazzling me. Then he got down on one knee. I sucked in a deep breath. My eyes widened slightly as the words flowed out of his mouth. "Isabella Marie Swan…Bella, will you marry me?"

My hands flew to my mouth and I hunched down slightly. I nodded my head swiftly as he revealed and golden ring. The band was an intertwining of white and yellow gold…and the most beautiful stone. It was topaz, a forever reminder of his eyes. Tears escaped my eyes as I said yes quietly. He flew up and wrapped his arms around me, spinning me around and saying my name happily in my ear. "Bella…I love you."

"I love you too…"