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New Life, New World

We've all heard it before, Edward leaves, Bella gets changed into a vampire, and after years, she meets Edward again. But what if this time there's a twist?


1. The End of the Beginning

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Chapter 1

“I’m leaving, Bella.” The words echoed in my head. I didn’t really take them in. Was he kidding?

I shook my head at him as we stood in my front yard, next to the driveway.

“Why?” I croaked.

“We’ve stayed too long, we can’t stay here anymore. Carlisle barely looks twenty-five and he keeps saying he’s thirty-two.” Edward says.

I’m still not taking in anything he is saying the first three words he said to me still rang clear in my mind.

“You can’t come with us, Bella. I am hurting you by staying here with you. I have to leave.” He says.

I’m not even crying, I’m just staring into his topaz eyes that were one of the many reasons about him that dazzled me so. I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

“Know this, I will always love you, know that. Know that I will never stop loving you.” He said, putting his hand on the side of my cheek.

I hadn’t said anything besides the why, I just stood there the words ‘We’re leaving, Bella’ still rang through my head, me not taking any meaning to them.

“Goodbye, Bella.” He whispered, he withdrew his hand and got in his car and drove away without waiting for me to say goodbye.

I sank to my knees and stayed in the wet grass with rain still coming down and pelting me. I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t hear anything. Not the patter of the rain on the driveway, not the cars going by on the road, people on their way home.

I didn’t even hear Charlie pull his cruiser into the driveway. The slam of his door and the rush of his footsteps still didn’t break the spell that seemed to be put on me.

When I felt the hand on my shoulder, I jumped.

“Bella, are you okay?” Charlie asked, hesitantly.

I nodded slowly, my throat feeling like there was a huge object stuck in it so I couldn’t speak.

“Let’s get you inside, you’ll catch a cold.” He helped me up and inside.

I walked zombie like up into my room. My window was open, and on it was a white lily. A piece of paper was under it. I picked it up and it said:

I will always love you. Be safe.

I dropped the paper and the flower and sank onto my bed and rolled over onto my side and started crying. For the first time since Edward said he was leaving.

The next night, when I was still in bed, not moving from where I had been last night, I looked over to the still open window and saw red eyes glaring back at me.


That was twenty three years ago, since the night I was changed. I still don’t know who did it. I have moved on. Although, every time April 16th rolls around, I disappear from the world for a day.

When I found the coven that I have joined now, I didn’t expect them to be the way they are.

Alexandra is probably the sanest out of all six of us. She keeps everyone from ripping the other person’s heads off, even if we haven’t even got in the fight yet! She is almost like Jasper, except she can feel the moods, but can only send calm and not other moods.

Daniel, or Danny, is Alexandra’s husband. He was the one that changed her when he found her dying after drowning in a lake in Minnesota. He is the one that makes people laugh, even though they want to be mad or sad. His power is telepathy, but you have to be in the room with him to have him able to read your mind.

Emily is probably by far the funniest and weirdest out of the all of us. She acts blonde, but she isn’t. I guess the gracefulness of being a vampire didn’t really kick in with her. She constantly is running into walls and saying the opposite of some question someone asks her and trips over anything, even though it’s not in her way. She is worse than I am when I was human. Her power is invisibility. She uses it to her advantage, whcih sucks, if she hates you or is getting revenge on you.

Christian is Emily’s husband. He is probably the most like Jasper. He is calm, but not sane at times. He can do some weird stunts with Danny, but they’re more entertaining. He just stands on the sidelines and laughs when Emily and I get in fights. Plus, he and Danny get in fights as well. His power, Danny and I say is stupidity, but it really is to freeze time, it is one of the handiest at times, but he can only freeze humans, which is funny at times, but oh well.

Then, there’s Aidan. He is my best friend in the world. He is like a big squishy Emmet. Except, no muscles. He is strong and has muscles, except they’re normal vampire size. He is the only one who knows why I disappear and he is the only one who knows about Edward, besides Emily, who probably already forgot anyway. His power is to fly. Yes, I did say fly. He doesn’t turn into a bat or anything, he just flies.

Then, last but not least, me. I found my ‘family’ when I had spent a year as a vampire. Aidan found me, collapsed of hunger and not being able to move because I hadn’t fed in a long time and couldn’t move. He fed me and brought me back to his family and I’ve been here ever since, they all are vegetarians, like the Cullen’s. My power is I control the weather and the earth. My emotions reflect the weather, and if I want someone to be sucked into a hole in the ground, I can.

My life has flourished in the past twenty-three years, and no one can end the life I have created. Not even Edward.