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New Life, New World

We've all heard it before, Edward leaves, Bella gets changed into a vampire, and after years, she meets Edward again. But what if this time there's a twist?


12. Chaos

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Okay, this is Edward’s POV while Bella is asleep.

I watched my Angel sleep for the first time in twenty-three years. Even as a vampire, she still talked in her sleep. She kept saying my name, as usual, and she kept saying ‘broccoli tastes like poop.’

Now, I don’t know why in the world she would be dreaming about me and broccoli in the same dream, but my Bella is a very strange person.

Once I figured out she was going to be asleep without waking up, I went to go face the bastard that had protected my Bella for the past 23 years. I walked out my door and down the curving staircase to see Alice, Jasper, and Bella’s ‘brother’ sitting awkwardly on the couch, not talking.

I stepped off of the last step to finally be seen by the three. Aidan got a sudden hard look in his eyes and stood up to face me.

“How could you let Bella get hurt?” He yelled at me.

“I couldn’t interfere with the fight! Bella wanted to fight and she fought of her own free will.” I said back as calmly as I could. How could this bastard accuse me of having Bella get hurt?

“You could have! You could have killed Lya instead of Bella get hurt in the process!”

That was it. This guy was saying I didn’t protect Bella. I growled loudly and threw myself at Aidan.

I used my claws and teeth and ripped at every part of the body I could get at of his.

But, before any damage could be done besides some scratches on his cheek and neck, he moved up lightning fast and started to do the same to me, except, this time, I could move. I was pinned beneath this guy.

I heard pounding on the stairs and I was forcibly removed from under him. My arms were being held steadfast behind my back my Emmett and Jasper was holding tightly to Aidan’s arms.

“Quit it, you two.” Carlisle snarled from the bottom step of the winding staircase.

I growled at Emmett to let me go, he obliged and I turned around, not saying a word to the vampire and ran past Carlisle and Esme and ran up the stairs and up to my Bella.

I entered my room, closing the door tightly behind me and saw that she was still asleep in the deep folds of the leather couch. I walked up to my stereo system; I needed soft music to calm me down. I put in Josh Groban’s CD and turned it to When You Say You Love Me.

I slipped in behind Bella, encircling my arm around her waist with the gauze still on it. I closed my eyes and put myself into the music, I just needed to listen to the music, and it helped me calm down, even after all these years.

I came out of my reverie when I heard my door open. I looked up to see Alice enter.

“Hey.” She said.

“Hi. What do you want?” I asked softly.

“I just wanted to see someone sleep as a vampire. I’ve never seen it before, obviously.” Alice looked interested.

“She still talks in her sleep; she just says weirder stuff this time. She said broccoli tasted like poop.” I chuckled softly.

Alice’s face broke out in a wide grin as Bella said my name.

“Well, at least some things don’t change.” Alice said the smile still on her face.

I nodded and looked down at the soft face of my angel.

“I also came up here because Carlisle wants to talk to you. He tried to get your attention by thinking to you, but you weren’t listening. You must have been listening to music.” Alice said.

“Yeah, I was.” I said.

I got out from behind Bella softly and followed Alice out of the room. ‘Edward, if you can here me, get this stupid bat out of the house.’ I heard Rosalie think. I chuckled and walked into Carlisle’s office.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Is Bella still asleep?” Carlisle asked me, looking at me.

“Yeah, she is.”

“Alright, I need to talk to you about the Lya situation. If I think Jasper, Emmett and Alice did it right, she will not be coming back. They ripped her to pieces, farther than Bella did and burned her remains out in a field outside of town. But we need to be careful. She had a very strange power and if they did it right, burning her remains more than twice, I think she won’t come back. But, we took some extra precautions. Jasper and Emmett drove to the Pacific yesterday and threw the ashes out to sea.” Carlisle said.

I nodded, knowing what he meant. Lya had the power of so much anger; she would kill anyone in her path so she could kill the person she was angry at.

“Now, who is the boy downstairs?” He asked.

I growled softly. “That is Aidan. He is a part of Bella’s coven and he accuses me of being the one who got her involved in the fight with Lya in the first place and thought I could have prevented it.”

Carlisle nodded. “Is he here to keep an eye on Bella?”

“Yes, he is.” I said annoyed.

“Alright. Now, if he is here to keep an eye on Bella, I’ll have someone keep an eye on him besides yourself because you’ll just get in another fight.” Carlisle said.

I got up from my seat and exited his office and down the hallway to my room and saw that Bella was still asleep.

Time passed and I heard someone arguing downstairs. I groaned and walked down the stairs to see Emmett and Danny fighting.

Bella’s POV

I opened my eyes and felt that Edward’s arms were not around my anymore. I sat up slowly, making sure that room didn’t spin. Whenever I woke up, I always seemed to get really dizzy.

Everything stayed in its right place and I stood up. All of a sudden, I heard yelling downstairs.

I quickly ran down the stairs to see my family and the Cullen clan minus Carlisle and Esme fighting.

“She is coming home with us! She is not safe here!” I heard Aidan yell.

“She can make the damn choice on her own!” Alice yelled back.

“She is coming home with us! I don’t care what she says, her home is with us!” Alexandra yelled.

Right then I saw Emily disappear from alongside Christian and a few seconds later, she appeared behind Rosalie and grabbed her blonde ponytail and pulled as hard as a vampire could.

Rosalie shrieked in pain and anger. She swirled around and gave Emily a look I like to call, ‘The Rosalie Look.’ She pushed Emily as hard as she could into the great room wall and Emily went straight through it, though the brick of the house stopped her from going to the outside.

Before Christian could attack Rosalie, I let loose four lightning bolts as loud as I could, striking down on the lawn at the same place at the same time.

Danny was the only one that had seen me and hadn’t said a word. He was the only one that could read my mind and hadn’t said a word and done anything to fight anyone of them.

Edward’s head snapped up and looked at me. His face held anger and surprised that I was awake.

I stepped down the last couple of stairs to step in between both of my families.

“What the hell is going on here?” I asked and yelled at the same time.

No one answered my question.

“What. Is. Going. On.” I said again.

“Apparently, your family thinks that you will go back to them. They say it is not safe for you, even though Lya is dead.” Edward said, walking over to me and wrapping his arm around my waist and pulled me close. The effect of this was Aidan growling.

“We think you need to make the decision yourself.” Alice added.

I was completely surprised. Edward and my family couldn’t expect me to choose over them.

I shook my head, holding it in my hands, trying to get through every thought that was streaming through my head. I didn’t want to leave my family, but I didn’t want to leave Edward either.

It’s okay, Bella. I don’t care what you do. Just do what you want to do.’

Danny thought this to me. I locked eyes with him and I saw his gentle expression. I smiled slightly, but then I went back to my chaotic thought process.

“I need time.” I said, turning around and walking back up the stairs to Edward’s room. I slumped back into the couch, groaning.

I couldn’t leave my family and I couldn’t leave Edward. God, why was life so hard.

I must have been sitting there for hours because when I came in the room, it was 2:43 and when I looked up again, it was 11:27.

During the time I was thinking, I had decided. If I couldn’t decide, I wouldn’t have any of them. Even though I couldn’t stand it, I needed to leave both Edward and my family.