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New Life, New World

We've all heard it before, Edward leaves, Bella gets changed into a vampire, and after years, she meets Edward again. But what if this time there's a twist?


15. Ultimatums

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Chapter 15

Bella.” A familiar voice said and my eyes snapped open.

I was staring straight into the eyes of Aidan. ‘How did he find me?’ I thought to myself as I looked back at him, stunned.

“Wha...What are you doing here?” I stuttered, panicking.

“What am I doing here? The better question is what are you doing here? Edward goes up to his room to find you gone and a note saying you can’t chose between your family and the Cullens and you’re asking me what I’m doing here?” He said, pushing his black hair out of his eyes.

I looked down at my hands in my lap. “How did you find me?” I asked.

“I was on the roof when you and Alice decided to jump out the window. I went back inside to see Edward and Jasper putting up a fit because you two had left. Edward attacked me, I left, followed Alice’s you guys running to the airport, and followed you plane to Seattle. And I think you can follow it from there. Me following your car from the airport to this house, speaking of which,” He said, his eyebrows rising, “Why did you get a hot pink Mini Cooper?”

I started laughing, putting my head in my hands. “It was the only car left in the lot at the car rental place and Alice thought it was cute, so of course we got it.” I sighed, remembering her expression when she had seen the tiny car.

“Ah.” He answered, and then the room fell into silence.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered again.

“I came to speak to you, to try to bring you back to us. Back to your rightful family.” He said, looking me straight on into my topaz eyes.

“Aidan.” I groaned, resting my head back into my hands, frustrated.

“Bella, Edward hurt you once by leaving, and now he is back, wanting to take you back into his arms. What if he hurts you again? What if he leaves you again?” He asked, pleading with me.

“Aidan, please, stop. I’ve already chosen the life that I want. I have chosen a life without either my family or the Cullens because if I choose either, I will end up hurting the opposite side and I can’t do that.” I said, pleading with him.

Aidan shook his head. “I can’t believe you. You always think about how you will affect the opposite side before yourself. Why don’t you be selfish just for once? Why can’t you choose what you want and say ‘to hell with it all’?” He asked me.

“I can’t!” I said, getting frustrated beyond the point where I started crying. “If I you and the others, I’ll be hurting you guys beyond repair. I couldn’t even dream of leaving Edward. I already did and it was the hardest decision I ever had to make, leaving my family, you, and Edward.” I said.

“Bella, Bella, Bella.” He said, taking my face in his hands and brushing away the tears. “Don’t cry.” Rain was pelting dangerously against the windows as I was crying.

The tears came to a stop as did the rain, but the sky was still cloudy outside. “If I choose you and the others, I loose Edward and the Cullens who mean much more to me than anything else in the world. If I choose Edward, I won’t get to see you or my family ever again because you won’t even talk civilly with them.” I said sadly, looking down at my hands which were rested in my lap.

“Bella,” He started, but stopped and didn’t finish his sentence.

We sat there in silence for a long time before he finally spoke. “Bella, you need to make a choice. You have to choose our family or the Cullens and that jerk. You can’t have this life. It won’t work for you, I know. Alice will want to go back to her husband and she will drag her with you back to the Cullens and you will be there again. Now, if you come with me, you won’t have to deal with that. We’ll move somewhere else and start completely new.” He said, smiling, hoping that I would choose him.

“And what if I chose Edward? What would happen then?” I asked him.

He spoke without even thinking about it. “You wouldn’t see me ever again. That guy hurt you too many times, Bella. I don’t want you near him.”

“This is the same exact reason I left, people were giving me ultimatums. I can’t choose. I won’t. Now leave before I kick you out into the rain.” I said. And right then, lightning shot through the sky, thunder roared, and rain once again pelted against the window.

Aidan sighed, knowing that he had to leave. He nodded, “If you ever happen to choose your real family, you know where to find me.”

I sighed as the tears came down my face as I saw him jump out of the window. I didn’t know if I would ever see him again. He had given me a choice and I shot him down. I didn’t want to hurt him, my family, or Edward when I already had.

I hadn’t hurt him yet, but I just did.

I heard the door open and close and I turned around to see Alice coming into my room.

“You saw it didn’t you?” I asked her.

“Yes, I did. I don’t think there was a right decision for you to make. You made the decision your head told you to make, but you need to listen to your heart, what is it telling you to do?” She asked me.

I paused for a minute.

“It’s telling me I have to decide.” I said.