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New Life, New World

We've all heard it before, Edward leaves, Bella gets changed into a vampire, and after years, she meets Edward again. But what if this time there's a twist?


18. Forever

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Chapter 18:


I have been at the Cullens house for the past few months and none of those days were spent with contact with my family. The only one I have talked to since then is Danny and he comes by the house everyday. I really missed my family, but I knew that the choice I made was one that could not be taken back.

I was lying on Edward’s black leather couch, staring up at the ceiling, wondering many things. I was broken out of my reverie when the door banged open and I saw Alice standing there with a huge grin on her face and Rosalie right behind her.

“What do you want Alice?” I asked, staring at her, and frightened of the look on her face.

“Edward has a surprise for you…” She began, but was interrupted by Edward’s voice from downstairs.

“ALICE!” He shouted.

“He has a surprise for you and we offered to help you get ready!” She said happily and excited.

“Um…Alice, I don’t need help, but thanks.” I said hesitantly, wondering what her reaction would be.

“Bella when we say offered, we mean told him we would and we are going to.” Rosalie spoke up for the first time and stepped into the room from behind Alice.

I stayed still on the couch. “No, no way. I will get ready by myself and I refuse to be made Barbie Bella.”

“Oh, Bella, you won’t become Barbie Bella. You’ll be one of the collectors’ editions that are set up on a shelf for all to admire!” Alice said, still with an evil glint in her eye.

“That’s even worse.” I said.

“Bella, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” Alice said and she and Rosalie stepped into the room, crossing their arms over their chest.

Not wanting to be dragged out of the room by brute force, I stood up and followed them down the hallway and into Alice’s room. Alice shut the door behind me and locked it. I groaned, my only ways of escape were blocked.

“Okay, Bella. Go take a shower and Rosalie and I will be out here when you’re done!” Alice said.

I nodded silently and went into the marble filled bathroom, turned the hot water on, stripped, and stepped in. Letting the hot water wash over my shoulders, I just stood there for a few minutes, waiting for the sore muscles in my back sort out. When I was relaxed, I washed myself from head to toe, using strawberry shampoo and body wash. I stepped out, dried off, and slipped the robe on. I exited the bathroom to see Rosalie and Alice sitting on the bed.

“It’s about time.” Rosalie said, huffing as she stood up. “Back in the bathroom.” She pushed me back in the massive wash room and pushed me down on a stool right in front of a huge mirror.

“Now, Bella, you’re going to have to close your eyes because I’m doing your makeup!” Alice excitedly stated. I groaned and closed my eyelids. About three seconds later I felt a soft brush on my eye lids and my hair.

Sitting there for the next, what felt like it at least, few hours, I tried not to open my eyes or move. It was very hard, even for a vampire, but somehow I did it. “You can open your eyes, Bella.” Rosalie’s soft voice said from behind me.

I slowly lifted my eyelashes and looked at their remarkable work. Alice had done my makeup and my face was totally transformed. No cover-up was needed because Alice said Edward liked me natural. She had used a royal blue eye shadow and silver eyeliner, and only a small bit of mascara. A tinge of blush was added to my cheeks, not much was needed and she also put a clear gloss on my lips.

But what Rosalie did was far beyond what anyone else could do. She had brushed my hair till it shined brilliantly. But then she used the curler and had put ringlets in my hair, while the curls were tight and bouncy, they were still soft and graceful. The bangs that I had that reached down to my cheeks; she had curled both but had pinned back to bangs on my right side with a beautiful silver clip.

“Okay, time to get your dress on!” Alice said excitedly. She bounced out of the bathroom and Rosalie and I followed her into the mass bedroom.

Alice wasn’t in the room, and I looked around for her and found her in a closet bigger that my bedroom when I lived with the Charlie. She finally emerged from the mass of clothes with a black bag that had ‘David’s Bridal’ written on it.

She laid it carefully on the bed and pulled down the zipper of the garment bag and a soft blue material fell out of it. The dress was so blue; it looked the color of the sea in the Caribbean. Alice took the dress delicately out of the bag and handed it to me.

“Go try it on.” She said and nudged my back to the bathroom. I stepped on the black tile and closed the door behind me.

Slipping the soft robe off of my shoulders, I took the silky material of the dress off of the hanger and carefully stepped into it. I turned my arm sideways, trying to pull up the zipper of the dress, but it wasn’t working.

A soft knock at the door came and Rosalie’s voice asked if I needed help. I opened the door and she came in, motioning for me to turn around. I spun to face the wall and her soft, cold hands pulled the zipper up. I twirled back around and she smiled when she saw me.

“Perfect.” She whispered.

I smiled and exited the room. Alice stood there and beamed out right. “You’re beautiful, Bella. Look in the mirror.” She said. I turned around and saw a beautiful me. That may sound egotistical, but what the hell.

The dress was sleeveless and the straps came at a graceful v-neck, not showing a ton of cleavage, but enough. There was a piece of the same fabric tied under the bust, wrapping around under my chest and tying in the back.

“Flawless. Except for one thing you’re missing.” She said and walked over to her desk and grabbed two jewelry boxes. She came back over and handed them to me. I opened them and one of them had a silver necklace that was not a choker but close to it with ivy and flowers hanging down from it and the earrings in the other box were hanging ones that were the same ivy with flowers intertwined.

“Now, I don’t think you want to go shoeless all evening, so here are your shoes.” The shoes that Alice handed me were silver heels that weren’t too high and wrapped delicately around my feet at I put them on.

“Time to dance the night away, Bella.” Rosalie said. “Edward will be at the bottom of the stairs waiting for you and the rest of the family will be gone for the night. Have fun.” She said, and suddenly I was alone. They were gone.

I followed my instructions and unlocked the door and walked down the hallway and down the stairs to where my love awaited me. I reached the bottom of the soft, white carpeted stairs and stopped on the last step.

He stood there, in all his beautiful, Adonis glory. He was wearing black slacks and a black dress shirt. He was amazing, well, of course he was, and he was incredible every second of eternity. I stepped off of the last stair and stopped again. He was standing there, staring at me.

He finally snapped out of his trance and looked deep into my eyes. “Bella, my beautiful, gorgeous, Bella. You look stunning.” He said and walked towards me. As he came closer, my nose was assaulted with his cool, amazing scent. He stopped right in front of me, bringing his hand up and resting it on my cheeks. “Are you ready to go, angel?”

“Where is it we are going?” I asked him, amazing my self that I could speak clearly without my voice breaking once.

“It’s a surprise, love.” He said, taking my hand and leading me out the door. I groaned and followed him to his Mercedes. He opened the door for me and I got in, making sure the blue material of dress didn’t get caught in the door. Three seconds after the door was shut, he was inside the car and the engine was started.

The car was quiet the whole way to wherever we were going. We were on a dirt road, and that was when I realized where we were going. The meadow. Edward cut the engine and made his way over to my door and let me out, taking my hand and pulling me into him.

“Not yet, angel.” He whispered, laying a cold finger on my lips. I nodded, dazed. He picked me up and we were through the woods, him dashing around trees and leaping through air whenever there was a log he couldn’t get around.

He stopped when we got to the meadow and I gasped. “Edward.”

He had strung white Christmas between every tree and around the lilac bushes. There were candles every where. And in the middle of everything, there was a dark blue blanket on the soft ground.

Edward gestured to the blanket and we made our way over and I lay down, staring up at the stars that twinkled brightly that night, along with a beautiful crescent moon. “Beautiful.” I whispered, not registering the fact that Edward was staring at me.

“Yes, you are.” He whispered, resting his hand against my cheek again. I blushed and he smiled brightly, and then it vanished. “Do you know how happy I was when I saw you that day in the cafeteria in that decrepit school?”

I laughed and shook my head. “Well, I was rapturous. I had thought I would never see you again. My nights were cloudy and no stars were present. Not one. I thought I would never be happy again, and then you happened upon my life again. At first, I knew you were upset and angry with me, but you gave me another chance I got you back. Now, I don’t think I could be happier.

“I could feel after a while that you loved me too, that we could make it. But, then you left me and I thought my life was over. But, I found you again and I never want that to happen again. I don’t want you to ever leave me again, and I never want to leave you again. So, know what I am about to do is for my sanity and for my ever lasting love for you. I never want to loose you again, Bella.” He said, sitting up, taking something out of his pocket. He pulled me up so I could sit up and he kneeled on one knee so that my eyes were lever with his.

“Isabella Swan, the love of my life, my forever, and my eternity. Will you marry me?” He asked me, and he opened a jewelry box and in it was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

The ring was made of white gold and had three diamonds set in it, it wasn’t flashy, but it was still beautiful. Tears started to well in my eyes. Finally.

“Yes.” I whispered. I don’t know if he had heard me or not, so I repeated myself a little louder. “Yes.”

His smile appeared again and he took the ring out of its place and put it in its proper place, on the ring finger of my left hand. After doing this, he through the box over his should and grabbed my face, and molding his lips to mine.

I broke away after a passionate kiss and breathed heavily. He smiled and stroked my cheek.

“Forever.” He said and looked deep into my eyes.