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New Life, New World

We've all heard it before, Edward leaves, Bella gets changed into a vampire, and after years, she meets Edward again. But what if this time there's a twist?


19. Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 (only one more till Chapter 20!)

Edward drove his sleek, sliver Volvo up the driveway and into his spot behind Carlisle’s updated Mercedes. I groaned when I saw a bouncing, cheery Alice upon the stairs. “Do I have to?” I asked him, pleading at my new ‘fiancé’ with my topaz eyes.

I’d have to get used to that word: fiancé. Edward was my fiancé. Fi-an-ce. Oh boy. This was going to be harder than I thought. I exhaled and stared into his light eyes.

“We have to get this done sooner or later. And, please, I would like to get this over sooner rather than later.” He pleaded, dazzling me. I sighed and turned away and looked at the chipmunk-like person bouncing on the porch steps.

I slowly, not wanting to forgo in my future actions, opened the door and once I was out of the glossy silver car; Alice squealed and dashed over to me and grabbed me around the neck. I choked as her arms tightened around my neck. “Alice…”I gasped. “Can’t…breathe…”

“Oh! Sorry, Bella.” She let go of my neck and back away. Alice was still bouncing like a maniac. She was all over the place. “I’m just so happy my brother is not a blundering fool anymore!” Edward glared at her as he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “You have no idea how many visions I had about him proposing to you. He would change his mind from having it at your meadow to doing it in the backyard to taking you back to Forks and proposing to you at the meadow there. Oi vey. I had so many visions about it I got sick!”

I laughed; obviously a vampire couldn’t get sick due to the whole, advanced immune system thing. But, oh well. “Alice, quit it.” Edward growled.

“Oh stop being such a meany cheesy pants. You’re getting married for Heaven’s sake!” She chirped happily.

“Did you tell anyone else, Alice?” I asked, frightened. I knew Edward and I wanted to talk to the family alone due to him having him say so on the ride home.

“No, what do you think I am, stupid?” She asked. “I saw the conversation you two had in the car on the way home; I wouldn’t betray you like that. Plus, Jasper knows I am keeping something from him, so it’s all your fault if we fight.” She said, winking at me.

“Alright, let’s go inside, Esme wants to see your dress, Bella!” She squealed and she dashed back inside, leaving me alone with Edward.

I groaned once again and swiveled around in his embrace and buried my head in cold, stone chest. “Do I have to?” I complained, looking up into his tawny eyes, trying to do the whole puppy dog pout thing that Alice was so good at with Jasper when she wanted something. She could make him go shopping with her when that was the thing he hated the most.

“Yes, you have to, love,” He whispered into my hair as he breathed my scent in. “You smell more beautiful then when you were a human.”

I turned my head away from him, knowing that my cheeks were a bright pink. “I think I’m going to go inside now,” I said and tried to pull out of his strong grasp.

“Oh, so now you’re so eager to go inside,” He laughed and tightened his arm around my waist. “You’re not going anywhere right now.”

I groaned and turned back around to him when I knew for a fact that my face was not pink anymore. “What?”

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on,” he whispered, staring into my eyes. I blushed again, but Edward held onto my chin before I could turn away. “Why must you deny it?”

“Because it is not true,” I insisted.

“Yes it is, if you must know,” Edward said, no humor was in his eyes. He kissed me right then, out of no where, his lips moving softly over mine, creating a passionate dance, him claming dominance right away. As per usual, I gave into demands and kissed him back with as much passion as I could muster.

“BELLA! EDWARD! GET IN HERE BEFORE EMMETT DRIVES ME NUTS!” Alice shouted out the door. Pulling away from Edward, I chuckled.

“He’s your brother,” I laughed. Edward glared at me and dragged me up the cobblestone walk and up the wooden stairs. I stumbled (yes, I stumbled) through the door following him.

“YEAH!” Alice squealed. “Now you can tell them your great news!” I didn’t have a chance to look around the living room before she demanded this of us.

Edward sighed. “Let Bella take a breath, Alice.” I looked around the room as Alice sat down on the love seat next to Jasper, bouncing up and down on the cushions. I noticed that Carlisle and Esme were sitting on the couch with Emmett next to them who had Rosalie sitting on the soft carpet in front of him.

“So, you two have some news for us?” Carlisle asked, raising his eyebrows in question.

“Yes, we do, and I think Bella would like me to tell you because she looks like she couldn’t get any redder.” Edward laughed. I heard almost everyone in the room laughing besides Alice; who was still bouncing up and down on the love seat.

“Tell them!” She squealed.

“Okay, well, I guess I should probably tell you now.” He paused to make his sister more insane. “Bella and I are to be married.” He said, a humungous smile spreading across his beautiful features.

I heard a gasp and I looked up to see Esme looking like she was about to cry. “I can’t believe it!” Rosalie screeched and flung herself at me. I laughed and wrapped my arms around her in return to her hug.

Emmett and Jasper had stood up and gave Edward a “man hug”, Carlisle shook both of our hands, Emmett had swung me around in a circle, and Jasper gave me a tight hug. That was when I noticed Esme had not come over to congratulate us.

I walked over to my soon-to-be-mother-in-law and positioned myself in front of her. She looked up at me and she smiled her eyes shiny as if she were going to cry. “Esme, are you okay?” I asked her.

She looked up into my topaz eyes with her own and stood up in front of me. “Yes, Bella, I am okay. I have never been better.” She said and wrapped her arms around me in the tightest hug that I have ever been apart of. She withdrew after a few minutes and stared straight into my eyes.

“You have made my son the happiest I have ever hoped him to see. When he saw you the first day at the high school in Forks, I never thought that I would see him happier than that, but when he came home from seeing you again at your new school, it was better than that, he was more…joyful than I’ve ever seen him. And now…it’s indescribable. I want to thank you for that.” She whispered and wrapped me in another tight hug.

I smiled and murmured, “I don’t deserve thanks for something I don’t deserve, Esme. I don’t deserve your song because he is so good to me, but…I still have him for reasons unknown to me. I love him with all my heart and I don’t earn your thanks. I want to thank you for raising him through his vampire years to being so kind and good that he has always been. So, Esme, thank you.” I said, tears started to drip down my cheeks and onto the soft yellow cotton of Esme’s shirt.

Esme laughed and pulled me into a tighter hug. “Oh, how I will love having you as a daughter, Bella.”

“You have had me as a daughter the first time I met you.” I said, looking up into her honey colored eyes. She smiled at the comment and let me go. I turned around to see that every single one of the Cullens had been watching the exchange between the both of us.

Edward walked up into me and pulled me into a tight hug, burrowing his nose in my hair. “It is I that doesn’t deserve you, my Bella.” He whispered, pressing a soft kiss in the hollow below my ear.

I shook my head. “You are too good for me.”

“How about we have this conversation upstairs. In my room, on my couch, and away from eavesdropping ears.” He suggested, wiggling his eyebrows. I giggled at the suggestion and nodded. He pulled me towards the curving stairs and we ascended up to finish our ‘talk’.