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New Life, New World

We've all heard it before, Edward leaves, Bella gets changed into a vampire, and after years, she meets Edward again. But what if this time there's a twist?


20. Chapter 20

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Chapter 20!!

I was lying on Edward’s couch, content and peaceful, with his arms tight around my waist when I heard a bang. Sitting up straight, I looked around for the source of the noise and then my eyes landed on the door. Alice was standing there with an evil smile on her face.

I sighed and lay back down in Edward’s arms. “Alice, what do you want,” Edward asked, burrowing his nose in my hair.

“Since Bella promised me I could plan for the wedding, we need to get started straight away! We have to find the dress, figure out the wedding party, who is presiding, the flowers, the band, the food, and much much more!” Alice exclaimed; her eyes open wide.

I looked at Edward’s topaz eyes, terrified at what was to await me. “Bella, you did promise her,” He chuckled.

Glaring at him I retorted, “Yes, but I am quite comfortable right here, thank you. Why doesn’t she come in here and plan, I don’t want to move.” I looked up at Alice with a look in my eyes.

“Okay! As long as we get to plan! Dress shopping and flower shopping can be put off until tomorrow. Today I need both of you, I’ll be right back,” She said and was gone within the millisecond. All of a sudden she was standing back in her original spot with a thick pink binder in her hands. On the cover of the five inch thick book said Wedding Plans, All But Alice and Bella Keep Out.

Edward chortled quietly when he saw the cover and the color the binder. “Okay, so we have a lot to go over,” Alice started. She collapsed into a graceful pile on the soft white carpet and took out a blue pen with feathers on the top.

“What is first on the agenda?” I asked her; trying to sound at least a little interested in the plans of my wedding.

“We need a date, first of all. You are engaged already, so that is already taken care of, although it took Edward long enough,” Alice mumbled under her breath and Edward growled at his sister.

“So it is April 21st, how long ago do you want the wedding, I need at least three weeks to get ready, so in three weeks it would be…May 12th,” She said, looking at the calendar in the massive binder. “And that is a Monday and I don’t think you want it on a Monday, so the following Saturday is May 17th and that Sunday is May 18th. Which one would you like better,” She asked, looking at the both of us.

Looking back at Edward, he answered for the both of us, “Make it the eighteenth, Alice, that way you have an extra day to plan.” Nodding, she took out a bright purple highlighter and marked down the day.

“Okay, so now that we have a date, which is in spring, we can coordinate colors. Bella,” She started, “That would mean having soft, pastel like colors. These colors would include light blues, purples, yellows, pinks, and greens. What color would you like since you are the bride, you pick the colors. I want the ties on the groomsmen and the dresses on the bridesmaids to match and the maid of honor and best man to match, so pick wisely. But, first who is your best man, Edward?”

“Um. . .” He said. “I’ve thought about it a little. . .” All of a sudden there was a crash and Emmett came barging through the door.

“PICK ME!” He yelled. Sighing, Edward grumbled.

“I picked Jasper as my best man, sorry, Emmett,” Edward apologized with pure sincerity in his voice. Looking sad, Emmett left the room.

“Bella, who is your maid of honor,” Alice asked with a small grin on her face.

“As if you didn’t know,” Edward laughed.

“You, Alice, and if Rose will be one of my bridesmaids along with Alexandra and Emily if they will even consider coming to my wedding,” I sighed and looked down at the carpet.

“Just talk to them and hear what they have to say, they want to be there for you,” Alice smiled, writing down the names.

“So, since you want the maid of honor and best man to match, what color do you want,” I asked her.

“Well…I can’t do pink because Jasper would absolutely dread wearing pink, but I think lavender would suffice.”

“Okay, lavender it is. So, if you take light purple, then I think we should pick pink for the rest of them…” I kidded, knowing Emmett was listening closely.

“NO!!” He screamed, banging open the door. “No pink.”

Laughing, Edward burrowed his head yet again into the back of my own. “Don’t worry, Emmett, I won’t pick pink. Alice, I think a soft yellow would do well.” I chuckled. Sighing, Emmett left the room, unperturbed.

Alice nodded and wrote it down. “Who do you want to preside,” She asked.

“Carlisle,” Edward and I both said at the same time. Alice all of a sudden started rolling on the floor laughing. Recomposing herself, she sat up and brushed her shirt off.

“Carlisle it is then. But, Bella, I have a question for you. Who do you want to walk you down the aisle,” She asked the one question I had been mulling over for a long time.

“I would like Danny to, if he would agree to it,” I whispered.

“He will,” She smiled and wrote it down in her book with the feathery blue pen. “Okay, last thing on the agenda will be flowers and the groom’s party,” She said and looked up at Edward.

“Jasper will be my best man, Danny, Emmet, and Christian as my groomsmen when Bella talks to Alexandra and they come to reconciliation.” Nodding, Alice wrote it down on a sheet of bright green paper.

“Flowers?” She asked.

“No roses,” I said. “Roses make me gag. If possible, can we have sunflowers and lavender lilies?” I asked. Alice nodded and wrote it down.

“Door’s for you, Bella.” She muttered. Looking at her in confusion, I listened carefully and heard the doorbell ring.

Quickly rising from the couch, I was down the stairs and at the door in a second flat. Edward was behind me, along with Esme and Jasper.

Opening the door, I saw the last person I ever thought I would see again.