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New Life, New World

We've all heard it before, Edward leaves, Bella gets changed into a vampire, and after years, she meets Edward again. But what if this time there's a twist?


21. Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

When I opened the door; I came face-to-face with Alexandra. Her pale features had the determined look I saw when she was arguing with Aidan. Emily stood behind Alexandra with Christian at her side. Emily had a stony look on her face as if she was dragged here. Christian had a confused look on his face, looking like he didn’t even know why he was standing in front of my family’s house.

“Umm…” I started, surprised that my former family was standing on the Cullen’s front porch. “Do you want to come in,” I asked, stuttering again as I stepped aside, leaving the foyer open so they could cross the entryway and into the house.

Alexandra looked at me, bewildered, and stepped through the doorway cautiously. Emily and Christian followed her through the doorway, not knowing what to expect on the other side.

I led Alexandra, Emily, and Christian into the “living” room and Edward was sitting there on the couch. “You guys can sit wherever,” I said, gesturing to the loveseat and the recliner. Sitting down next to Edward on the couch, I murmured in his ear, “What are you doing here? They are only going to get angrier.”

“I am making sure nothing bad happens. I don’t want my bride in a pile of ashes a week before the wedding, now do I,” He whispered in my ear, making a shiver go down my spine do to his closeness.

“Guess not,” I mumbled and turned back to our company. “So, what did you guys come here for,” I asked Alexandra who had taken up residence on the white leather recliner.

“We came here because we would like to apologize,” Alexandra said. There was pure truth in her topaz eyes. She really had come here to ask for forgiveness.

“We realize the consequences of our actions have led us to lose you to them. Danny never really blamed you for siding with the Cullens. He has been your friend the whole time, no matter of what you did or what we did to your…family,” Alexandra choked on the last word.

I glanced at Edward whose face was impassive. He was staring at Alexandra and I knew he was reading her mind to make sure she was telling the truth. He squeezed my hand slightly to know that she truly meant it; no matter the tone of voice she had used when she said ‘family’.

“Well, Alexandra, I am very sorry as well for what I did. I chose them over you and I left you guys hurt and I did not even apologize for what I did. I would not go back and remake my decision another way; but I still want you guys to still be my family and if we can’t do that, can we at least be friends,” I asked her, looking up hopefully into her honey eyes that were turning darker with the second.

“Lex, calm down,” I heard Christian mutter in her ear.

Alexandra took a deep breath and her eyes went from a dark honey to bright topaz in a second flat. “I accept your apology. Emily, Christian, and I are still very hurt on the decision you made and even though we are upset, we are not mad any longer. We are willing to forgive you if you will forgive us,” She said, looking at me with pleading eyes.

I looked at Emily and Christian’s faces and saw the same look I had on Alexandra’s; hope and the need for me to accept their apology.

“Of course I accept your apology,” I said, smiling a huge a smile as I could. All of a sudden, I only saw a blur of yellow fabric; pair of thin and extremely strong arms was around my neck and hugging me hard.

Falling back a little, I looked down at the small figure in my arms. Emily had thrown herself at me in a massive hug. Laughing I threw my own arms around her small, Alice-like body and hugged her back hard. A couple seconds later; I felt thicker, more muscular, arms wrapped around me from behind that wrapped around both me and Emily. I looked up from the hug I was in with Emily to see that Christian was the one that had wrapped me in his long arms.

Looking over at Alexandra, who was still sitting on the recliner, I called, “Lex, get over here and join the hug.” I smiled softly and genuinely to know that I meant exactly what I said.

Hesitantly, Alexandra pulled herself off of the chair and slowly walked over to where I group hug had formed. Christian nodded his head and Alexandra finally smiled and came up behind Emily and she hugged us all tightly. Emily and I being in the center of the group hug; we both were squished between Christian and Alexandra.

Christian and Alexandra finally let us go and Emily and I backed away. I sat down next to Edward who had a mysterious crooked smile on his face. Giving Edward a cautious glance, he started talking.

“So, Bella and I have good news to tell you three.” I snapped my gaze back to Edward’s face to glare at him; warning him about what he was about to do was not smart.

Alexandra, Emily and Christian looked suddenly curious as where I was getting more ticked off by the second. Alexandra looked at me and asked, “What do you have to tell us, Bella?”

Looking down at my hand that was intertwined with Edward’s, I gathered up the courage and finally said, “Edward and I are going to be married within two weeks time.”

I heard a loud shriek and I was attacked by the front again by a small, but powerful force. “YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!” Emily yelled.

I laughed and hugged her back and I felt Christian’s hand on my shoulder, squeezing it in congratulations. I smiled back at him and Emily let me go and suddenly, surprising everyone, hugged Edward tightly. The look on his face was priceless. His eyes went huge and looked down at the small figure that had her arms around him. Tentatively, he patted her back.

Emily pulled away from Edward and smiled big at me, “Congratulations, Bella! Do I get to be in the wedding?” I laughed at her excitement and nodded my head and told her the role she had in my wedding; the same as Alexandra and Rose.

I looked over at Alexandra and studied her long and hard. Her brow was creased, making her look pensive. Everyone started watching her then and she suddenly broke out into a small smile.

Standing up, she walked over to us and looked down at Edward and I. “Congratulations,” She whispered. Alexandra put her long, slender arms around my neck, and hugged me tight.

“Thank you, Lex. It means a lot to me that you accept him,” I said as I retreated from her hug.

Before Alexandra could reply; I heard a loud squeal and I saw Alice dart down the staircase with her pink Binder in hand. “Ok, we have only three weeks until the wedding and since now the wedding party is complete we have a lot of work to do,” She hurriedly stated.

Alexandra and Emily’s eyes widened as Alice collapsed gracefully into a pile in the middle of the living room floor. I giggled as Alice glared at Edward; telepathically telling him and Christian to scoot or they would be thrown out.

“Alright, the wedding is Sunday, May eighteenth, so you two,” Alice pointed at Lex and Emily, “Mark it on your calendar. As Bella probably hasn’t told you yet; you have been chosen to be two of the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids will be wearing soft yellow dresses and I, the maid of honor will be wearing a lavender colored dress. Christian and Danny are upstairs being talked to as of right now and are being given instructions on the wedding day.”

For the next four hours all four of us, Rosalie joined us later on, to hash out wedding details as the boys were upstairs playing Madden 2009; from the sounds of it.

“So, Bella, last detail before we break for the evening; what would you like yours and Edward’s wedding song to be,” She asked me.

I smiled slightly to myself; Edward and I had discussed this already, multiple times out of reach of Alice’s prying ears and eyes. “We decided on ‘Wherever You Will Go’ by the Calling.”

A smile broke across Alice’s face, “That’s a perfect song!”

Alice ‘dismissed’ us and Lex, Emily, Christian, and Danny went home and I walked up the staircase to find Edward waiting for me at the top.

“So, you ready to do this,” He asked, wrapping his arms around my shoulders. I sighed and leaned into his strong, yet soft, embrace.

“Forever and always,” I answered.