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New Life, New World

We've all heard it before, Edward leaves, Bella gets changed into a vampire, and after years, she meets Edward again. But what if this time there's a twist?


3. These Long Years

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Chapter Three:

These Long Years

I was sitting on the roof of our house the next morning that I had seen Alice and was watching the sun come over the horizon.

I heard the door open from below and I saw Aidan levitate and sit beside me.

“You’re gonna see them at lunch today?” He asked me.

“Yeah, I am. I don’t want to go and face him, but I have to. It’s bound to happen and Alice can’t close her mind forever, Edward is bound to get suspicious.” I said.

“Yeah, you’re right.” He agreed.

After that, we just sat in silence while the sun peeked its way out, filling the yard with light.

“Ready to go get ready for school?” He asked me.

“No, but I guess this is inevitable, isn’t it?” I asked.

Aidan picked me up and flew me down to the ground. We walked into the house and I followed him up the stairs. I went left and he went right as we entered our rooms.

I opened my closet, which had seriously improved since my days as a human. I grabbed a black v-neck shirt with red roses dancing diagonal across the shirt. I also took a pair of faded jeans from my drawer and went into take a shower.

I really didn’t need to take a shower, but a lot of my human traits had followed me over to my new ‘life’.

Some of the traits that had followed me over were my huge dislike of blood, which meant that I didn’t have to drink as much as my family did. I don’t break bones, but when I feel pain, it is magnified three times as much as it usually would have been. For a human. Plus, I can cry, which is odd because there is nothing left in me to cause tears. And, one more thing, I sleep.

Yes, I did say sleep. I only sleep once a month thank god, but still, a vampire is not supposed to sleep!

I ran down the stairs to hear Alexandra and Aida fighting again. I saw that Christian was in the room, covering his ears.

I knew he wished he could freeze them because those two fought so much, but, we couldn’t have all that we wanted, could we?

“Stop arguing!” I yelled at them. There was silence in the room as Aidan and Alexandra looked down at me in shock. It was usually Danny that broke up their fights.

Danny had heard everything and walked into the room and suggested that we go to school.

I climbed into my dark blue Jeep Grand Cherokee. Unlike other vampires, I didn’t like to drive fast. I still liked sensible cars, not nice, fancy, and fast cars. Alexandra and Emily followed me into my car as Danny got into his silver Cayman S Porsche and Christian followed Aidan to Aidan’s Astro Martin V8 Vantage.

We drove to school and when I pulled into the parking spot, I saw Alice bouncing up and down next to my door.

I slowly got out and asked, “Why are you so happy? I am about to see the guy I haven’t seen in 23 years and you are acting as though you just won a brand new car.”

“I am just so glad you are back!” Alice said, hugging me tightly. “And that you finally have a sense of style.” She whispered in my ear as she pulled away.

I chuckled as the rest of my family came to join us.

“Alice, this is Aidan, Emily, her husband Christian, and Alexandra and her husband Danny.” I said, pointing each of them out.

They each muttered their hellos and walked away. “Ready?” She asked.

“Never have, never will. But, I have to anyway, don’t I?” I asked her.

She and I walked into school together when something hit me. “Alice, you didn’t tell him did you?”

“No, I didn’t tell anyone. He did get kind of suspicious when I blocked my mind from him, but he got over it.” She chuckled.

We went our separate ways and the day seemed to go too fast, which wasn’t supposed to happen.

I took the long way to lunch; it didn’t matter because I didn’t eat human food anymore. When I entered the cafeteria, a gust of wind blew in behind me and my scent was everywhere. I saw all the Cullens at a table in the corner. Plus another one. She was pretty; she had auburn hair and startling blue eyes. She was a vampire, though, I could sense it.

I saw Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmet’s heads fly up and look at me with amazement as I neared my table, which was in coincidentally, right next to their’s. Alice had a smile of encouragement.

I then heard the line flow through my head, ‘We’re leaving, Bella’. These words hadn’t filled my head for thirteen years, ever since I stopped dreaming about him when I did sleep.

I heard these words flow through my head when I saw Edward. His back stiffened when he smelled me. He turned his head around and captures my eyes. His eyes were filled with pain, confusion, and amazement.

I released his eyes and looked down at the floor as I neared.

I sat down between Danny and Aidan, facing Edward and the others. Aidan rubbed my back shortly and looked at me with concern in his eyes.

My head looked up as I saw the vampire I had never seen before, KISS Edward on the lips and exit the cafeteria.

I felt confusion flood through me, but I also felt Alexandra trying to calm me down, or was it Jasper? I pushed the feeling away and let a crack of loud thunder and lightning rip.

After about ten minutes of feeling Edward staring at me, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I felt cramps starting to build up, but I pushed the pain away.

I quickly got out of my chair, with questioning glances from my family, and exited the cafeteria. I slumped against the wall and closed my eyes.

I heard the door open and I saw Alice exit the cafeteria. She came over and sat next to me.

“What’s her name?” I asked her.

“Her name is Lya.” She answered me. “We were out hunting one day and found her. She was dying from a mountain lion attack and Carlisle couldn’t find anyway to save her, so he changer her. She’s been living with us for the past ten years. Edward wasn’t over you when we found her. The only thing he would do is play your lullaby over and over for the first thirteen years. He had thrown out all the CDs he had played while he was with you. I guess, you could say, Lya helped him come back from this hell he was in. She loves him, but we’re not sure if he still loves you. We know he doesn’t love her. He’ll say it, but, we don’t believe it. Only she does.” Alice said.

“Do you guys love her?” I asked.

“Yeah, we do. But it’s a different kind of way than we loved you. Nothing can compare.” She said, pulling me into a hug.

The bell rang for the end of lunch and Alice and I separated once more and I headed to Chemistry.

I sat down at the table and stared at the door. I didn’t take into realization that Edward had walked in the door until Mr. Seymour had announced who our new student was.

My head snapped up and my eyes locked with his for the second time.

“Mr. Cullen, why don’t you go sit in that empty seat at that lab table.” The old man said.

Of course, the empty seat he was pointing to was the one at my lab table.

He nodded and walked over to the seat across from my seat.

My eyes had been looking down at my book that I was trying to look interested in reading.

I could feel that he was staring at me. My head looked up when the teacher started talking about atoms and combining them and whatever it was that I already knew.

I started doodling on my paper when I heard him say, “Okay, now, with your lab partners, combine these two chemicals, but remember, wear the goggles.”

I closed the notebook reluctantly and put on the stupid required goggles that I had worn so many times.

My hand, for some reason, was shaking when I went to measure it out. The tube slipped from hand and broke and splattered on my hand.

“Shit.” I muttered and drew back quickly.

Edward made his way around to my side of the table quickly, taking my injured hand I his. He was gently wiping it away with a wet paper towel while it stung more than it was supposed to.

I pulled my hand back before he could even react to it.

“Don’t.” I whispered the first words I had said to him.

The pain started to recede as I ran cold water over it and in the end there was no burn.

The bell rang and I exited the room as quick as I could. Today had been treacherous. I couldn’t take it anymore. I told the girls that they had to rid with the boys and I got in my car and drove.