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New Life, New World

We've all heard it before, Edward leaves, Bella gets changed into a vampire, and after years, she meets Edward again. But what if this time there's a twist?


6. New Friends

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Chapter Six

I just drove when I pulled onto Route 87. I usually drive when I was mad or upset and right now I was furious.

I pulled to the side of the road at three in the morning, changed into a dark blue v-necked t-shirt and faded blue jeans and black flip-flops.

Thank god I kept an extra change of clothes in my car.

I drove back to Spring Lake and pulled into the student parking lot. I didn’t see the Porsche or the Mercedes, thank God. I couldn’t take any drama from my family today.

I was walking to where I usually sat along to read Pride and Prejudice yet again, but someone grabbed my left elbow and I felt myself being dragged in the opposite direction.

I looked up to see Emmet looking pissed off. I tried to pull my arm out of his strong grasp, but he had to tight of a hold on me.

He stopped in front of his family under the shade of the trees. Sorry, Emmet, Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice were there.

Emmet nudged me forward a little and went to stand next to Jasper.

“Where did you and Edward head off to yesterday?” Rosalie spoke up first.

“He and I went to talk. It was his idea, I just let him drive. Frankly, I don’t see how it is any of your business.” I snapped.

“Are you okay, though?” Alice asked. “I went over to talk to you and Alexandra said you never cam home last night.”

“I’m fine.” I lied. I walked away, knowing at least one of them would follow me.

It was surprisingly Jasper who caught up with me.

He put a hand on my shoulder, slowing my power walk to a slow stride.

“You’re not fine.” He said.

“Jasper you wanna know?” He nodded. “I’m mad and upset for letting him do this to me again. He says he loves me, but in the end he knows he can’t leave Lya, so I’m making the decision easier for him. I’m just gonna leave him the hell alone!” I exclaimed.

I stalked off into the building, leaving Jasper still standing there.

The day flew by, much to my delight. But at lunch, things started to go downhill.

Alexandra started yelling at me for leaving, but Danny told her to quit it. Aidan just gave me a knowing look and went back to staring at his “lunch”.

Plus, I could feel the Cullens, including Edward this time, staring at my back.

Then time for Chemistry rolled around.

I walked into the chem lab and he was already sitting across the table. I sat down, pulled out my notes and started studying, even though I didn’t need to.

“Bella, you’re smart enough not to need to study.” Edward said.

I ignored him and kept reading about covalent and ionic bonds.

As people filed into the room, I knew he was still staring at me. Mr. Seymour passed out the tests and I put my notes away.

I flew threw the test, having taken chem for the twelfth time in a row.

When I was done, I set the test up on his desk, sat down, and took out Pride and Prejudice that I never got to read this morning and opened up to page seventy-two.

I got so into the book, I didn’t here the bell ring, signaling the end of the day. I sensed someone standing over me. They took the book out of my hands. And of course, who could it be, besides Edward.

“Bella, you’ve read this too many times.” He said.

I stood up, infuriated, grabbed the book out of his hands, shoved it in my backpack, and walked out of the room, not looking back.

When I got to my Jeep, I opened the door, but a pale white hand reached over my head and shut it.

I turned around and saw Edward, once again, standing above me.

“What the hell do you want? Can’t you just leave me alone?” I asked, my voice breaking. I knew I was gonna have tears falling down my face if I was not careful.

He didn’t say anything, he just walked away.

We did that for three weeks, we just ignore each other. We only communicated in Chemistry when we had to.

Alice and I still talked. She pulled me along shopping, but she actually let me pay for my own clothes this time. I saw Lya in the hallways from time to time. She was never with Edward. Even at lunch, she sat by herself, and sometimes Alice and Rosalie would venture over, but not many times.

Four weeks after he had kissed me, I walked into the cafeteria and saw what I had seen for a while now. I saw that, once again, a sight that I had been seeing for a while now, Lya sitting by herself and all the Cullens at a table across the cafeteria.

She looks so sad.’ I thought.

I took a bold move and sat across from her, setting my lunch down across from hers and sat down.

Her head snapped up and looked me straight in my eyes. Her eyes were a vivid green today.

“Hi, can I sit here?” I asked, even though I was already sitting down.

“Sure.” She said, unsurely.

“I’m Bella, by the way.” I said.

“Yeah, I know. I’m Lya.” She said, caution in her eyes.

“You a vampire, too?” I asked, out of the blue.

“Yeah, I am.” She said.

And we just sat there like that for the rest of lunch. I could fell that Alice and especially Edward were staring at me. I didn’t know what had happened between them, but I was gonna find out.