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New Life, New World

We've all heard it before, Edward leaves, Bella gets changed into a vampire, and after years, she meets Edward again. But what if this time there's a twist?


7. Clubbing and Betrayal

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Chapter Seven

Lya and I had become somewhat friends over the past few weeks. Alice and I had mended what had been us being best friends and we were back to the way we were now. Rosalie and I had come to an unspoken agreement that she and I would not argue and would try and get along with each other. There was one little glitch however, now I liked to shop. Not as much as Alice and Rosalie, but that was one thing Lya and I had in common. We enjoyed shopping, but didn’t buy everything in the store.

One day, we had gone shopping at the huge mall in Denver. Alice and Rosalie were as giddy as little kids on Christmas. We went shopping at stores with names I could not even pronounce, even with my extensive vocabulary as a vampire.

We walked into another store with an unpronounceable name and after walking around through the racks for a couple minutes, I saw Alice and Rosalie stop dead. Alice smiled devilishly, picked up whatever made her stop so suddenly, put it behind her back, and rush over to me, still with the devil smile on her face.

I knew this smile. For the past two hours I had seen it. I backed up, shaking my head. “I have been going in and out of dressing rooms for the past however long I was in them. I am not trying on one more thing. I already have seven bags!” I exclaimed.

“This is the perfect thing, Bella!” Rosalie exclaimed. “This is the thing you need to wear to the club tonight!”

We were going to the new club called ‘Bubble’. Do not ask me who came up with the name, it was not me. It must have been someone who has a fetish with bubbles.

I groaned, knowing they would not give in. “Show me.”

Alice pulled out from behind her back a beautiful black dress. I could see that it would hug my acquired curves nicely.

The dress had spaghetti straps and a slight-v-neck on the dress. The dress was one that I would love. It would hug tightly down to hips and then it would flare out and it would flare up if I twirled. At the end of the dress, which would end at about just above my knees, had an intricate lace at the bottom. I loved it.

I smiled, grabbed the dress, and high tailed it to the changing room. When I put the dress on and looked in the mirror, I realized two things. One, Alice had out done herself once again and the men that I’d have staring at me tonight.

“Bella, stop staring at yourself and come out here already!” I heard Lya yell.

I smiled to myself, opened the door, and stepped out. I heard a gasp from the three beautiful vampires that I was with.

Across the store I saw a man gape at me. Apparently, his girlfriend saw, and she smacked him upside the head with her purse. I giggled and blushed as I looked at everyone else.

“What do you think?” I asked shyly.

Alice and Rosalie whistled. And Lya smiled evilly.

I changed out of it and bought the dress. When we got back to the Cullens’ house, which is much like the first. It was light blue, four stories, if you didn’t count the basement. It had a wrap around porch with a huge swing attached to the ceiling.

I walked into the house, my arms filled with bags. This would be the first time I would be seeing Carlisle and Esme. When I walked in the front door, I saw Esme reading a book on a white couch which was like the rest of the room, bright and open.

She looked up to see me and Lya and Alice and Rosalie. A smile spread across her face. She put the book down, rushed over to me, and pulled me into a bone crushing, yet gentle motherly hug.

“Bella, oh I have missed you so.” She said into my ear.

“I missed you to as much, Esme.” I said.

I heard light footsteps on the stairs. I pulled out of Esme’s embrace and looked up to see Carlisle standing there with a fatherly smile on his face.

He walked over to me. “Bella, good to see you here again.” He said, giving me an awkward hug.

“Thanks, Carlisle.” I said. I noticed something to my right. Edward’s piano. The same exact one. The music that he had been playing was twenty-four years old. My lullaby was where the music should be. Even though he didn’t need it.

“Bella! Let’s go!” Alice called, already half-way up the curving staircase.

I said goodbye to Esme and Carlisle and raced upstairs after them. I walked past many doors and we finally got to Alice’s room. She opened it up and it was exactly the same. A beautiful suede couch in the corner, books on every wall, and obviously a huge walk-in closet with a bigger bathroom that was bigger than her bedroom.

I laughed.

“Stop laughing, Bella. We only have a couple hours to get ready. I assume you can do your hair now, but I don’t trust you. Go take a shower.” She said, snapping her fingers.

I took a quick shower, toweled my self off and put on the comfy purple robe Alice had left out for me.

Alice entered the room, without knocking, of course. She walked over to me. Rosalie and Lya followed her in.

“Sit.” Alice commanded. I sat at the stool she had place in front of the mirror. Alice brushed my wet hair and blow dried it in ten minutes.

“Okay, Rosalie, do her make-up. Not too much lipstick or blush because her lips are already red enough and her cheeks stayed red through her transformation. Lya, get jewelry. Nothing big, please. I’ll do her hair.” Alice said.

For the next half-an-hour I was playing Barbie. When I was done being made over I was not aloud to look in the mirror.

I hurriedly put on the dress and black stilettos on that Alice had put out and looked in the mirror.

I was beautiful. Alice had left me hair down. She had curled the bottom of my hair, but left the top of my hair straight. Rosalie had put periwinkle blue eye shadow above and below my eyes. She had used little mascara, but had curled up my eyelashes. My lips had a clear gloss on them. She had dulled down my blush, which I would have to thank her later for. Lya had put dangling, spiraling blue earrings on me and a blue gem on a silver chain around my neck.

I walked out of the room to see Alice sitting in a flowing white dress that went to her knees, gold earrings, and white stilettos. Rosalie wore a strapless red dress that hugged every one of her curves. She wore gold earrings as well and black stilettos. Lya was beautiful as well. She wore a sleeveless lavender dress. She wore white earrings along with them and white high heels.

“Bella! My, my! I guess I don’t need to tell you that you would be gorgeous as a vampire. You can see when you look in the mirror!” Alice said.

“Let’s go ogle the boys!” Rosalie said excitedly.

We walked down the stairs, I last. I saw Rosalie already kissing Emmet and Alice in Jasper’s arms. Lya was right in front of me. She stood to the left side of stairs and motioned me down.

I walked out from behind the wall and down onto the hardwood floor. I saw Rosalie in Emmet’s arms and Alice in Jasper’s. Edward was standing by his piano wearing a leather jacket, a white button up shirt, opened up, showing a white beater and parts of his chest, and jeans.

His butterscotch eyes lit up when he saw me and he gasped. Outside, I could see the clear starry sky.

Emmet whistled and I heard Edward growl. I hope he was doing it out of habit.

“Let’s go. Alice said. “Jasper and I will take your Volvo, Edward. Rosalie, Emmet, and Lya will take the M3 and Edward and Bella can take the Vanquish.” She said.

Before I could utter a word, they were out the door, leaving me alone with Edward. I groaned softly and followed Edward out the door.

When we got over to the car, everyone was waiting patiently in their cars, Emmet revving the engine on Rosalie’s car.

Edward opened the door for me on the Vanquish and I stepped in. He closed the door and was in the seat next to me, starting the engine before I could breathe.

Edward pulled out of the driveway, and started going 180 mph as soon as we hit the highway.

When we got to Bubble, I got out of the car before he could even think on getting out. I followed Alice and Rosalie up to the bounce. There was a long line. I gave him my special smile I only brought out to dazzle people. He opened the velvet rope and let us in.

I heard a bunch of groans and complaints as we walked into the club.

“Let’s dance!” Alice said, grabbing my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. I grabbed the first hand near me I could find and I turned around to see it was Lya. I pulled her behind me and saw that Lya was pulling Rosalie with her.

I started to use the dance moves that Emily had taught me. Even though she was a little slow, she was an amazing dancer.

I started to dance around in circles next to the people that I had come here with.

After this song, a faster one started and when we started dancing, a couple of seconds after the song started I felt a hot, sweaty arm circle my waist.

It turned around and was faced with hazel eyes. The guy I was looking at had a sly smile and hard, cruel eyes.

“Hi, gorgeous. Wanna dance?” He asked, pulling me in tighter.

“No, thanks. I was just gonna leave.” I said, proving my point, and trying to struggle out of his arms. But his grip around my waist tightened.

“Come on, sugar. One dance.” He complained.

“No, thank you, just please, leave me alone.” I said, trying to push his arms from around my waist.

“No, you’re not leaving till we dance.” He said sharply.

Suddenly, the guy was pushed away from me.

“I thought, she told you to leave her alone.” I looked up to see Edward’s eyes black with fury and his voice a deep and menacing calm. I felt Alice pull me over to her a little bit.

“Sorry, man.” The guy said and ran out of the place, seeing Emmet come up next to Edward.

Edward turned around, his eyes turning back to normal again.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I whispered as Alice pulled me into a hug.

Alice guided me over to the table and I sat down. “Do you think I could get some water?” I asked her. “My throat is parched.”

“Damn, you cry, you feel pain, and you eat.” Alice muttered to herself as walked up to the bar.

I saw Edward coming in front of me. He looked down at me.

He just stood there. Silence came over us and Alice walked over with the bottle of water.

I twisted off the cap and started to drink the water. The cold liquid felt good on my burning throat.

I had been sitting in the bar stool for ten minutes, Edward still standing there. Alice had gone off be with the rest of the Cullens and dancing.

“You wanna dance?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said.

I still do not know why, to this very day, know why I said yes, but I did.

I stood up and followed him to the floor as a song I do not know the name of, came on. Thank God this was a slow song.

Edward stopped near the middle of the crowd of people and turned around.

I put my hands around his neck. He placed his hand on my lower back and pulled me closer to him.

We started swaying to the music. “I’m sorry, Bella.” He said, somewhere through the middle of the song.

I looked up into his eyes. They were filled with pain and love. I knew that he meant it.

“Me too.” I said.

He bent down, right then, and pressed his lips to mine. This was different then the time at the meadow. He kissed me slow and sweet. I didn’t kiss him back, but I didn’t push him away until I heard a gasp behind me.

I pulled away and looked behind me to see Lya standing there, with a look that could kill.