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Love story

Ok, the old summary, i feel coused some confusion so here is a new one : Edward falls in love with Bella..... You will have to read the rest. too many things happen for me to summarise.


1. Vampires

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“…I touched his face. “Look,” I said. “I love you more than everything else in the world combined. Isn’t that enough?” “Yes, it is enough,” he answered, smiling. “Enough for forever.” And he leaned downto press his cold lips once more to my throat.” …… I hate this book. What a waste of time. Stephaney Meyer has such a twisted vision of vampires. She made us nice. Nice! Who in the world gave her this idea? What happened to Dracula, for pity’s sake? I don’t understand why humans have such little respect for the classics, when they WROTE THEM.

Vampires, nice! What a joke. There is not one vampire on this planet that does not drink human blood, or sparkle. We do not sparkle! To add insult to injury she makes the main character fall in love with a human. And a pathetic human at that.

There really isn’t anything true about vampires in there. We can sleep, not necessarily in coffins but we sleep. Eternity would be too long without sleep. Our eyes don’t change color, they are always red. Humans don’t take the time to notice, and if they do we’ll switch to contacts or declare that they are albino. We do not sit still all the time, we’re not as cold or as hard as stone, and we do not attack every human that smells good. And we do not sparkle. I cannot stress this enough. NO SPARKLE. We don’t have any super powers either. No mind reading or anything. It’s not necessary when humans are so easy to predict. We are stronger and faster than humans, but you would be able to see us run I suppose. We can run for a long time though, as long as we are properly fed.

“Edward” Rosalie’s shrill voice interrupted my thoughts. “Ed, move your ass, we’re leaving” She stormed away expecting me to follow. I don’t have to listen to her.

“Edward,” Alice called in a much nicer tone. Alice enjoyed going to school.

“All right, I’m coming.” It’s easy to forget that Alice isn’t human until you see her break the neck of a man twice her size, which is usually the case since she was so small.

Alice is easily the sweetest of our group; unless of course you are her prey that is because she likes to play with her food. Her partner Jasper is the most skilled in combat. He was a soldier in the First World War before he became a vampire. Emmet is also a great fighter but because of his strength rather than experience. Carlisle isn’t one for a fight, he gets things done fast. He is one of the oldest of our kind, and has developed an acquired taste. He chooses his food with care. His partner, Esme, does not go after her pray at all; she prefers to let it come to her. And Rosalie is Emmet’s partner, and she’s a monster. Literary gets down on all fours and rips her prey a part. I ate like Rosalie the first couple of years, but the excitement wears of, and most of the blood is wasted that way. It’s simple for me now. Break their neck and drink their blood. This way you don’t need more than one human at a time.

Alice was skipping along the path out of the forest which leads into town, dragging Jasper behind her with one hand. Emmet and Rosalie walked together in front of me while I lagged behind. Esme poked her head out of the old brick house behind us.

“I hope you didn’t forget your lunch,” Vampire jokes, only Alice found these funny.

We slowed down our pace as we moved out of the forest into the suburbs. Alice and Jasper stepped back in line with Rosalie and Emmet. A small child about five years old ran down the street and dropped into Rosalie’s arms.

“Hi Rose,” He looked up at her, keeping his arms around her waist.

“Hi Johnny, how’ you doing today?”

“It’s great, I get to read with my reading buddy today at school, I’m really, really good you should hear, I got to go now or I’ll be late, bye Rose,” He took off running again. She was pathetic.

It was nice that we’ve been able to stay in this inconspicuous town for so long. It was comfortable here, and safe. We live in here and hunt all over Washington. The humans would never suspect us even if they did cared. We were gone now. A legend, or more of a myth. Something a mother would use to keep her kids inside after dark.

We were comfortable as a group, as well. It’s hard to come across vampires that you could live with. There might have been other groups as big as ours but not that we knew. Most of us aren’t that good at anger management, so groups this big would destroy each other. But we were Ok. Carlisle and Esme have been together forever, as far as I know. Emmet and Rosalie came as a pair about ten years ago. We were happy to have Emmet; he was light hearted and did not get in your way. Rosalie took some getting used to, but we put up with her moodiness for Emmet.

We were almost there now. I could hear the distant chatter of high school teenagers. The sound reminded me of the noise of a swarm of insects. It was useless and meaningless. They seemed very exited today. I didn’t think they were having another dance. This level of excitement was unusual for a town this size.

It was tedious having to go to school. There was nothing they could teach me, and nothing to interest me either. Alice on the other hand loved to hear of their teenage dilemmas. She even spoke with them sometimes, though she had to decline the slumber parties for obvious reasons. It was like a soap opera to her. She would hear all the rumors and report back to Esme. Emmet also found their dramas entertaining but not enough to speak to them. Rosalie only cared when it was about her.

Emmet and Rosalie were supposed to be seniors. The rest of us still had a year to go. We sat together at lunch. Once in a while they would actually buy food, so that we could pretend to be human. I could not stand even the smell of that stuff, and I was not expected to eat it. Rosalie never ate either but because she was stubborn.

The buzz of excitement became deafening when we entered the school. There was almost a crowd around the attendance office. Most of them were boys.

“Hey Alice, what’s going on?” I was curious now. She smiled.

“Isabella must be here, Charlie Swan’s daughter is moving in with him,”

“Oh, I see,” Rosalie eyed the crowd of boys, “Fresh meat.” More vampire jokes. Crap! New student, they were going to be giddy for weeks. Fresh meat is hard d to come by around here.

The bell rang and the crowd of boys started to disperse. Emmet put a hand on my shoulder.

“Cheer up, Ed, give the air a sniff,” I did as he said. “Smell that? It’s probably her, nice isn’t it? This place was staring to get boring.” He inhaled loudly again, “Ahh, like plugging in a new air freshener.” He was right, it was nice but I was not in the mood to be cheerful.

I broke away from them and headed in the other direction to my class. I closed my eyes and said a chant in as I walked. Shut up Emmet, Shut up Emmet, Shut up Emmet. I was trying to clear my head but the new flowery smell invaded my mind. I tried chanting louder. SHUT UP EMMET, SHUT UP EMMET. The smell only intensified. It grew stronger and stronger until it collided with me.

“OH, I’m sorry, I ‘m so sorry, I should really pay attention...” I guess she hadn’t noticed that my eyes had been closed. We both bend down to pick up the scattered papers.

“Of, coarse this would happen to me.” She whispered, frustrated that she could not pick up all the papers at once. I wondered what she meant by that.

“Does this happen often?” I asked. Her chin shot up in anger.

“No, no of course not I just…meant… that,” I gave her a smile. I had misunderstood; she was panicking, not angry. Her hair was a deep brown color, almost red but I wondered if she was naturally blond. I handed back her science book and some fallen papers.

“Um, could you help me; I can’t find my first period class.” She handed me her schedule.

“You’re looking for the Gym?”

“Yes” I looked passed her to the end of the hall way to the double doors of the gym. She followed my gaze.

“Oh” she turned back to me. “Thank you so much,” and ran down the hall.

“Bella,” I called. She looked back at me confused. I handed her back her schedule “You might need this.”

She pulled the paper from my hands looking down.

“Thank you,” when she looked up at me again she was smiling, no longer panicked.

We both turned away then. I moved into the class room on my left.

“Mr. Cullen you are late.” He waited for me to take my seat and continued with his lecture. But it was impossible to pay attention to algebra. So I spent the rest of the class in a daze at the light flowery smell that still clung to the air.