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Love story

Ok, the old summary, i feel coused some confusion so here is a new one : Edward falls in love with Bella..... You will have to read the rest. too many things happen for me to summarise.


2. Humans

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I was starting to regret moving to forks. Don’t get me wrong it was great to see Charlie and besides who can stand to live with newlyweds. But I was going back to school today and there were a couple of things wrong with this.

#1 Jacob was the only kid I knew in this town, and he did not go to this school. This means that I would have to face the dangers of high school on my own.

#2 My first period class was gym. Gym was bad because I’m not very athletic. Also it was first period and I’m not fully awake around this time. These two facts together equal a concussion for me.

#3 The dread and anxiety of today kept me up all last night, which meant that I was late this morning. I decided to look for my locer later so I could find my first period class.

In the midst of looking for my first period class I found my fourth period class. The religion portable. How did I get outside? As if things could not get any more frustrating, the bell rung as soon as I reentered the building. Oh Crap! I walked quickly looking down at my schedule every so often, when I should have been paying attention to my feet. Typical clumsy Bella had to collide with someone.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I should really pay attention,” I should really keep my mouth shut, because the next thing he asked was how often this happened. He seemed amused when I told him it didn’t. I had to distract him.

“Um, could you help me; I can’t find my first period class.” Great, he’s distracted, and I get to find my class.

“You’re looking for the gym?”

“Yes” I followed his gaze behind me, and there at the end of the hall stood the elusive double doors of the gymnasium. Well isn’t this embarrassing. I turned and said thank you before any more emotionally devastating thing could happen to me this morning.

“Bella,” What he knew my name, the mysterious stranger knew my name? That’s it I was definitely going back to Phoenix. I could put up with the newlyweds if it meant that no one could read my mind.

“You might need this,” He gave me back my schedule. Charlie, Charlie must have told him I was coming. That’s how he knew my name. I looked up at him.

“Thank you,” He saw smiling and not laughing; I took that as a good sing. We both turned away at the same time.

Mind reading, I was so stupid. As it turns out everyone knew my name. I had never known Charlie to be such a gossip before. This one kid even knew my favorite cereal. He sat beside me in English. Apparently, Charlie had felt the need to tell him of the time when I was five and ate nothing but Frosted Flakes. I think Charlie and I needed to have a little chat about privacy.

The boy who knew about the cereal was named Mike. He seemed like a nice guy. He did not get around to telling me his name until after the cereal story though, so I secretly call him Cereal Boy. Cereal boy took it upon himself to become my English professor. He gave me all his notes so I could catch up on the work I missed. He told me that his favorite play was Romeo and Juliet. He also offered to help me whenever I need it. I thought he meant just with English, but then he gave me his math notes as well. This confused me since we did not have math together. I liked him though. He talked enough so that I don’t have to.

Mike (cereal boy) sat with me at lunch. He introduced to me to the people he sat with though it was not really necessary.

“…this is Jessica, Angela, Eric and …” Cereal’s boy’s voice had become so familiar it was easy to tune him out. I sat beside Jessica because I had heard her name.

“Hi Bella, so how is your first day going so far, you getting around OK?”

“Oh, yeah, getting around just fine.” I suppose the mysterious stranger had not said anything about my misguided adventures. Thank you, mysterious stranger.

“So what classes do you have? We might have something together.”

“Um, I have Miss Preston in the morning and-“

“Oh My God, miss Preston in the morning, it must be afoul. I remember I had her last year and she makes you do all those laps, she once…” Yeaay, one more person who talks more than me. Once she was done with Miss Preston, I gave her my second period teacher, and she jabbered on about that.

While she continued talking I noticed that the mysterious stranger from this morning was sitting in the back of the cafeteria with four other people. A little short girl was sitting on the lap of a boy who might be in need of some Tylenol, while she giggled hysterically. The other boy next to them who looked like a football player was also laughing, his big shoulders heaving up and down as he did so. Beside him an overdressed blond was trying to stuff a French fry into the mouth of the mysterious stranger. He reached over to grab his own French fry and…

“Bella? Were you listening?” Jessica’s voice pulled me back to the other side of the room.

“Yes? What, I’m sorry what did you say?”

“You were staring at the Cullen’s, huh?”


“OK, The small one is Alice Cullen, the big one is Emmett Cullen, the blond one is Rosalie Hale, the one who does not like French fries is Edward Cullen, and the other one is Jasper Hale. I’ll give you a minute to stare, they’re gorgeous, I know.” So the mysterious stranger was Edward. Rosalie had managed to get the fry in his mouth but now he was threatening to spit it at her hair. She backed away from him curling into Emmet.

“Don’t worry too much about them; they mostly keep to themselves, they’re not very friendly.”

“What do you mean?” Edward seemed friendly enough.

“Well they all live together with the older Cullens, and only Alice talks to anybody, the rest of them haven’t said two words to anyone but each other. They’re kind of weird, but Alice is nice I guess. She kind of scares me sometimes, I don’t know why. She’s a little too nice sometimes. You know, like she’s thinking something bad about you and you’re not supposed to know. Look at the muscle on Emmet, isn’t he gorgeous? I bet they all work out, even Alice for a little thing, she’s pretty ripped…”

I glanced back up at to their table again. Rosalie was violently ruffling her hair for fries, and even Jasper was chuckling a little now. Edward looked like he was going to be sick. He lay his head down on the table and caught me peeking through his arms. I looked down quickly.

“So, where is your locker, maybe were close.” She said.

“My locker,… Oh, My Locker!” I completely forgot about it. I ran out of the cafeteria to find it before class started. Oh, crap. I was going to be late for science.