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Bella's world takes a sudden frightening turn as suspicions become reality. Takes place just after New Moon as Bella struggles to decide between two conflicting worlds. Complete for now, sequel to come soon as well as Edward's POV of the story called 'The Fall'

This is my first story so I'm really looking for some constructive criticism here! Thanks for reading my story.

8. Reconcile

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I looked at the paintings on the wall, not really seeing any of them, just trying to get away from the unrelenting gaze of the topaz eyes filled with a truth I didn’t want to know. The colours started to blend together and I tried to refocus but the tears running down my face would not allow me to escape into the canvases.

“I’m sorry Bella, I had to make you understand.” He gave a small crooked smile, full of sadness and apology but I knew he would be looking at me with that piercing look of concern.

“I…” I choked on the words, unable to get them out through the tears, “I just need some time to think things through…”

Edward put his arms around me and pressed me close into his smooth, cold chest and I welcomed his embrace by wrapping my arms around his waist. I felt him stiffen at my touch and backed of quickly in alarm as the events of the previous night flickered through my mind. Now that the anger and passion of the situation had cooled down I noticed Edward’s eyes were not nearly as golden as I’d thought they had been. They were a dark golden colour, blackening around the edges. Understanding my alarm and curious stare Edward gave another apologetic smile and looked sheepishly at the floor.

“I need to hunt this afternoon, sorry. It’s okay now though, I’m under control.”

Cautiously we resumed our previous embrace and I felt Edward rest his head against mine, his lips by my ear. He nuzzled me gently and then kissed me on the top of my head, one hand gently tracing my jaw line. I kept my eyes closed, savoring the feel of his gentle touch and the strange tingling warmth his touch left upon my skin. Edward chuckled quietly as my heart skipped a beat in its racing rhythm as he slid his finger down the side of my throat to rest on my collar bone. He tilted his head toward my neck and slowly moved towards my throat. I felt a wave of panic hit me as I worried about Edward losing control again, but his lips only grazed my throat before resting in a kiss at my jawbone. Blushing furiously, I fought to breathe and scolded myself for thinking Edward would make the same mistake again after everything we had just been through.

The cold, perfect lips slowly made their way across my jaw until they hovered over my own. My blood boiled beneath my lips awaiting the moment when the space closed and we would kiss and a strange, almost electric feel of anticipation seemed to arc between our bodies. My focus then shifted to Edward’s hands which cupped the sides of my face. Slowly, carefully, they moved down the sides of my neck to my shoulders and then down my arms. His long, elegant fingers intertwined with my own, their coldness contrasting the heat that flowed through my own. Only then, the air thick with anticipation, did he kiss me. I tried to wrap my arms around his neck, to pull him in closer for a deeper, more passionate kiss, but his hands kept my own down at my side. Sneaky vampire.

He pulled his face away gently and rested again with his cheek on mine, lips by my ear, and he whispered in his soft, velvety voice.

“Breathe Bella.”

I gasped, realizing that I had been holding my breath the whole time. Edward grinned at me, laughing his soft, musical laugh.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. I can’t even kiss you properly!” he chuckled.

I frowned at this comment, unsatisfied with my own obvious inability to function when under the influence of Edward. This only caused him to laugh harder so I switched gears and smiled at him as coyly and seductively as I could.

“Then kiss me again,” I said, trying to make my voice as velvety smooth and irresistible as his.

Edward looked down contemplating my request, then looked up at me through his long, dark lashes, a crooked smile on his face.

“Don’t tempt me,” he growled, his eyes smoldering, drawing me in. My heart raced and my breath came in shallow gasps. He winked up at me then and pulled away from me.

“Alice, would you mind taking Bella back to school for me? I’m going to go hunting with Emmett and Jasper this afternoon instead of going back to school,” he said as he looked past me towards the door.

I whirled around in surprise, not knowing there had been anyone standing there. I tottered slightly but Edward’s steadying hand automatically shot out to steady me, resting in the small of my back. I felt my face turning crimson as I wondered how much of Edward’s and my embrace had been seen.

If the huge grin on Alice’s face was any indication, she had seen a fair bit and was pleased that we had patched up the situation. I felt relief that she seemed happy and not grossed out by our obvious display of affection and desire.

“Come along Bella,” she called in her silvery, sing-song voice as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door and down the stairs. I waved goodbye to Edward as I was practically dragged down the stairs. I was grateful that I was no longer being carried everywhere in the Cullen household but I wished that Alice would realize exactly how much slower my pace was as I practically ran to keep up with her fluid, dance-like steps.

I got into the black Mercedes and sighed as we raced towards the school. It was still only Friday afternoon.

This had to be the longest Friday of my life.

The rest of the school day went fairly uneventfully. Upon seeing me and noting that my eyes were still a bit puffy and red from crying earlier, I was attacked by a barrage of questions from Jessica. She wanted to know if it was Edward, his absence quickly noted as Alice and I had arrived at noon hour without him, and what had happened. She seemed almost disappointed as I told her that everything was fine. I lied and said that I had had an allergy attack earlier that morning and that Edward had gone on a hiking trip with his brothers. Jessica had frowned at the sudden allergy attack and I worried she was about to question this, but she replaced this with a smile and continued on with her questions. Alice waved to me and then darted off as I was left with Jessica and a glum looking Mike who hadn’t smiled since hearing that Edward and I were still together and doing well.

“Bella, are you listening to me?” Jessica demanded, noting that I was staring off into the buildings rather than listening to her most recent question.

“Yeah, sorry Jess,” I said, trying to sound more attentive, “what were you saying?”

“I asked you what you’re wearing to prom!” she said, rolling her eyes at me. She then launched into a detailed explanation of her own gown – a lacy, frilly pink thing – without giving me a chance to answer. I realized that I had no clue what I would be wearing.

After class I drove to Newton’s where the rest of the evening passed relatively quickly and uneventfully. I enjoyed a nice peaceful time at work as Mike was still a bit sour about me and Edward not being over forever. I wondered when he would ever move on.

When I got home Charlie had ordered pizza and was eating it in the living room. I walked into the kitchen after shouting a quick greeting, following the smell of pizza. I was starving and nearly inhaled a couple slices of pizza before shouting at Charlie that I was going up to my room to go to bed. He was too wrapped up in the game on TV to note that it was probably way too early for an eighteen year old girl to be going to bed on a Friday night.

Edward was sprawled out on my bed as I’d hoped he would be when I dashed into my room. I ran over to him and was pleased to see a rich honey shade in his eyes. He was well fed. Life was always better when he was well fed. I gave him a careful kiss on the lips, proving to him – and myself – that I could behave myself. I ran out of my room to brush my teeth, wash my face, and change into my ‘Edward’ pajamas and then ran back into my room, my huge grin giving away the bliss I felt.

Snuggling into his chest I fell asleep quickly that night and had a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. I didn’t dream but I didn’t have nightmares either.

When I woke up, I was alone. I jumped out of bed in surprise and scanned the room. Filled with disappointment, I slumped back onto my bed and noticed a note on my night table. The script was perfect and elegant and undeniably Edward’s.

Gone out to get ready for tonight. Alice will arrive this afternoon to help you get ready.

Stay safe.



I frowned but got ready for the day. I had forgotten. Today was prom.

Alice showed up about 3 o’clock and after talking Charlie into letting me get ready at the Cullen household, had me racing towards her house by 3:30.

When we got to the house, Alice dragged me inside and into her enormous bathroom. I sat down on the chair in the middle of the room and was surprised to see Rosalie awaiting me there, a smile on her face and a curling iron in hand. I wasn’t sure how long I was in the bathroom for, it seemed like hours, but eventually Rosalie and Alice backed away and allowed me to look into the mirror.

My hair had been curled into small, loose ringlets all over my head and had almost haphazardly been placed into a loose messy bun that was low, just above my neck. Tendrils of hair hung loose, seeming like they escaped by chance, but each one perfectly and strategically placed. Two thing, crystal encrusted headbands pulled the look together and reminded me of the hair of the actresses in the movie Troy. The makeup was soft and shimmery, making my features stand out - especially my eyes and the natural pout of my lips. The girl looking back at me was an elegant, beautiful stranger to me who just happened to wear a similar shocked look.

“We are so good!” Alice exclaimed. Rosalie smiled but remained reserved around me as she always had, “Now, on to the dress!”

Alice rushed out of the bathroom and was back before I’d really registered that she had gone. In her hands was a rich, navy blue fabric that fluttered in the light breeze created by her movements. Before I knew it, I had been stripped out of my street clothes and redressed in the dark blue garment, blushing furiously the whole time. Rosalie shoved the gold coloured stiletto strappy heels that Alice had bought me onto my feet and Alice spun me towards the mirror.

“Perfect,” she said, sounding satisfied.

I looked at myself in the mirror and was surprised at the elegance the dress gave me. The golden neckline encircled my throat like a necklace and made my neck look long and elegant while my shoulders looked shapely and delicate. The fabric of the dress’s bodice gathered at the center of the neck and then fanned out to the waist where metallic gold detailing crossed the body and added a defined waistline to the dress. It was just a bit higher than the usual waistline and caused my legs to look much longer, the way the light, gauzy material draped around my body adding to the effect.

“Wow,” I said stunned.

Alice beamed and Rosalie smiled as we admired the dress in the mirror. I was then shooed and told to wait downstairs as Alice got ready. I sat on the piano bench and waited patiently.

Alice appeared at my side soon after looking like a cross between a model and a pixie. Her short, spiky hair had been tamed with some gel and a crimson ribbon that matched the crimson lipstick she wore and the colour of her dress. The dress was short, just above her knees and was full with lots of layers that cinched together at her waist with a wide bow. Black lace detailing gathered on top of her shoulders and draped down the sides of her arms. Her legs were in black tights and the outfit was completely by shiny black stacked heels. She was gorgeous, putting runway models to shame, and I felt slightly unattractive in her presence. I was just thankful that Rosalie was not getting ready for prom this year.

Edward showed up soon after, having been banned from the house in case he tried to read Rosalie and Alice’s minds, and looked stunned when he saw me.

“Aphrodite,” he muttered when he saw me as his eyes swept up and down, taking in every detail of my appearance, “You two have outdone yourselves.”

He smiled appreciatively at his sisters then swept me up in his arms, taking me outside and placing me in the Aston Martin he saved for ‘special occasions’. I was about to protest being toted around like a piece of luggage but kept my mouth shut remembering the dangerous death traps on my feet.

We sped off towards prom in one of the most nerve-wracking car rides yet. Edward would not keep his eyes on the road as he was to busy staring at my dolled-up appearance, much to my dismay. Somehow we got to the prom in one piece.

We entered the gym and, as expected, the traditional balloons and crepe paper decorations surrounded us as girls twirled around in their gowns. I looked at Edward in his tux and felt breathless. He was so unnaturally, inhumanly beautiful.

I was surprised to find myself having fun, even dancing. Well, maybe I wasn’t dancing so much, but Edward was a great dancer and kind of just carried me along with him. Everyone stopped and watched Alice and Jasper dance and they swept gracefully across the dance floor. No one seemed to notice the old-fashioned style of dancing that never seemed to mesh with the music. They were all too in awe by the surreal appearance as they swirled effortlessly around the room.

I was almost sad to leave when it ended, and reluctantly got into the car to be driven home.

“So how was that?” Edward asked cheerfully, “You didn’t put up as much of a fight as last year so I’m assuming tonight hasn’t been a complete disaster.”

“It was standable,” I replied, unwilling to give him the satisfaction that I had actually enjoyed myself at a dance. He laughed at the phony sulking expression I gave.

“Well you look ravishing,” he growled seductively, causing a shiver to run up my spine. “You really will be the death of me Isabella Swan.”

I could feel my heart beat become erratic as Edward turned his charms loose on me and I realized we were stopped in front of my house. Edward got out of the car and quickly swept me out of the passenger side onto the driveway. He picked me up and carried me over to the door.

Ravishing,” he said again, his voice low and thick, making me melt inside as his eyes swirled like molten gold. I felt myself be drawn into his gaze, his sweet scent clouding my mind and I could only think of his lips and his crooked smile as the thought of Edward Cullen consumed me. I fought to keep from swooning but was failing horribly.

Edward leaned in to kiss me and I parted my lips in anticipation.

Then it all ended. I was ripped from his arms without warning and slammed into the hard porch below. I heard a terrifying snarl that I recognized as Edward’s and saw flash like a violent flame before everything went black.

The darkness swallowed me.