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Bella's world takes a sudden frightening turn as suspicions become reality. Takes place just after New Moon as Bella struggles to decide between two conflicting worlds. Complete for now, sequel to come soon as well as Edward's POV of the story called 'The Fall'

This is my first story so I'm really looking for some constructive criticism here! Thanks for reading my story.

9. The Fall

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The darkness consumed me, blocking sight, blocking smell, blocking sound. But somehow, through the darkness, I could feel the Angel’s tears falling onto my face and neck. The Angel was crying for me.

But how could this be death? There was no sense of happiness or completion. No sense of peace. The sorrow of the Angel was strange and unnerving. This couldn’t be death. Something was wrong.

A sharp shooting pain suddenly ran against my chest and throat, a horrible, piercing pain beyond any I’d felt before. The cotton in my ears disappeared as I could suddenly hear the Angel sobbing, though I could no longer feel its tears. I heard a high pitched screaming, and the sound of shrieking and snarling further in the distance. There was so much sound but still I could not see. I wished the cotton would block the sounds from my ears again. There was too much. The sounds were so confusing and the pain was too intense, my system was beyond overload. It wasn’t able to cope with this much and it was starting to shut down.

“Bella! Bella! Can you hear me? Bella! Open your eyes for me Bella, please!”

I heard a voice calling to me, but the sounds were getting fainter. I just wanted to block them all out, to go back to the peaceful silence. I welcomed the cotton, slowly making its ways back into my ears. But something tugged at me in my mind. Something told me I knew the voice and that I should listen to it.

But I didn’t want to. I wanted the silence once more.

“Bella! Please Bella, don’t leave me here without you!”

A different voice now – this one sounding more recognizable though I couldn’t place a name or a face. This voice was my Angel, calling to me. Frustration filled my body. I thought the tears of the Angel were supposed to draw me towards the silence, not away from it.

But still, there was something about this voice, my Angel, that I felt compelled to listen to. Something pulled me into the rich voice that seemed to musical, too inhumanly beautiful to be real.

I tried to open my eyes.

They fluttered a bit and closed again. I tried again and was successful, my eyes were open. But something was wrong. Nothing would focus; things were dim when I knew they shouldn’t be. I tried so hard but was losing. There was too much happening. Everything was shutting down. It was so much easier to go back to the silence.

“Carlisle! Please, do something! Bella!” the Angel sobbed.

I wanted to comfort the Angel – to wrap my arms around him and kiss him one last time before I escaped to the silence.

It broke through then. Edward. It wasn’t an angel, it was Edward. Something was very wrong here. I knew that much, and yet for some reason beyond me, I didn’t care. I wanted to go back to the darkness, to the silence. Escape this pain I felt, the confusion around me. I wanted to hide from it all and never come back.

“Edward, she’s losing too much blood too quickly! I’m trying but it’s not working. It’s not going to work. I can’t save her.”

I understood what Carlisle was saying. This was death. I was dying. I wanted to be with Edward forever, but right now I just wanted to escape the pain.

The pain was starting to dull and the darkness returned to my eyes. The sounds grew fainter still. I could vaguely make out the voices surrounding me, but no longer cared. I just wanted to rest, to escape this all.

“Edward, I’m losing her. I can’t save her. If you want to keep her you have to do it. It’s the only way. She’s dying.”

I heard Edward sob and forced myself out of the silence and the darkness. I looked at him, though I couldn’t really make out his face.

“I love you. I’m sorry,” I whispered, not quite sure if it had actually been spoken loud enough for him to hear.

The darkness rushed back upon me then and I gasped my last breath.

I was about to surrender, to fall into the eternal darkness that surrounded me.

A sudden cold, sharp pain by my collar bone brought me back from the darkness and my eyes flew open. All I could see was bronze coloured hair in my face. Then the burning started.

I screamed as I felt it spread quickly, my heart racing, my breath coming in shallow gasps. I tried to retreat back into the nothingness, the numb coolness of dark but the burning was too intense. It spread quickly, up my neck and into my head, across my shoulders, down my arms. It spread through my chest like a wildfire, my heart even more erratic when the fire hit, then quickly creeping down my torso and through my legs.

The agony was endless. I’d never felt a pain as intense as this. I writhed and screamed but no one would come to rescue me, no one would come to put the fire out.

I knew one thing for certain. I had expected heaven in my death. I had expected angels, and clouds, and eternal happiness. But this was not heaven. I had done something terribly wrong and this excruciating pain, this constant burning was my hell.

I noticed at some point that my heartbeat had increased further. It was straining now and adding a pain of its own, an ache that was different from the burning sensation I felt. It strained and the intense pain flooded my body.

Then it stopped; the burning, the pain, the unrelenting agony. It just stopped.

I lay still, waiting, terrified the pain would return.

But it didn’t.

Slowly I opened my eyes. They focused instantly and what they saw was a creature so beautiful, he couldn’t possibly be human. His odd bronze-coloured hair fell into his brilliant red eyes.

Tears poured down his face and I was vaguely aware of them landing on my cheeks.

“Bella?” he croaked, realizing I was awake.

“Edward.” I whispered.

He cradled me in his arms, holding me tightly to his chest as though he were afraid that I would disappear at any minute.

“I’m sorry Bella. I’m so sorry. I had to do it. There was no other way,” he said softly, almost as if he were trying to reassure himself as well as me.

“I couldn’t bear to lose you again.”

I always knew that the knife-edge I had walked on between the two conflicting worlds had always been dangerous. Constantly teetering from one side to the other, it was inevitable that one day I would fall.