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Whatever Happened To Myths AREN'T Real?

I sat at the side of the road, my head in my blue tinged hands.I really should have eaten more of those tea leaves, any human could see that I was not one of them. I shook my head. Now was not the time to worry about humans. In a household where already two myths are real, can the Cullen family handle another? A strange girl appears on their doorstep looking for Carisle. And then comes the future that even Alice could never imagine. "I can only change one part of the Universe and that part is me" ~ Anonymous

I came up with this one day and it has been stuck in my head ever since. My first fanfic. I hope you like it. It's gonna be a long story! Set about 5 years after Breaking Dawn, *SPOILERS FOR BREAKING DAWN* and changes point of view throughout story. Disclaimer- I own nothing (except Incendia and the pixie plot) the rest is all thanks to Stephenie Meyer. I love her work, and without it this fanfic would never be written!

1. Chapter 1- Latin For Fire

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I sat at the side of the road. My head in my blue tinged hands.
I really should have eaten more of those tea leaves. Any human would see outright that I wasn’t one of them. I shook my head. Now was not the time to worry about humans.
I went over the memory yet again in my head. The face...his face. Mum had protected it from getting torn away, it was crystal clear. I let my breath out in a big gush. Now if I could just locate him. Carisle. The only one who could help me.
I got up. Sitting on the side of the road wasn’t going to help. I picked up some dirt and thought hard about the idea that had just popped into my head. My eyebrows lifted as my skin colour changed from blue tinged to a yellowish glow. I rubbed the dirt together, staring at it hard and then flung it into the air. It sparkled and then flowed quickly but fluidly through the air and into the wood. I sighed; it looked like I was going to have to go through the place I didn’t want to go. Then again I had specifically thought about the quickest way to Carlisle. I might not yet know exactly what I was but my instincts had always proved the most useful things. I checked to make sure my belt bag was secured and then on full speed I ran into the wood.
I heard voices up ahead. I instantly slowed down and stopped. I listened closely. People, things, whatever they were, they were approaching and fast.
I ducked into the nearest clearing and hid in a bush.
Wolves, giant wolves appeared there. If only I had my memories, I would be able to tell what they were. I looked away and when I looked back there were no more wolves in the clearing. Only humans. I shook my head. I didn’t even know what I was, much less what they were. Hopefully this Carlisle person would know more than I did. Wait, he wasn’t a human. I went over the memory. He was a vampire.
I turned my attention back to the meeting in front of me.
“Something is in the area,” said a tall, muscular looking Native American. They were all tall but this one had a confident sense about him. As if he always knew what he was doing.
“We don’t need you to tell us stuff like that Sam; we also know that something is in the area. What exactly we don’t know but we will find out,” said another Indian.
“Jacob, don’t be stubborn. I have my suspicions about what this creature is but I think we should all just be on our guard until then. Are we all in sync?” the Sam guy asked of the group.
Jacob nodded and then beckoned for a small group, three other boys and a girl, the only girl in the clearing to follow him. That was when the tree above me decided to let a twig drop it fell but cracked on my arm as I put it above my head.
The sound it made was not natural. I had accidentally alerted my presence to the whole clearing. I turned and fled but I was too late. The man called Jacob grabbed my arms and lifted me off the ground.
“WHAT are you?” he said in a low murmur to me.
“What did you find Jacob?” asked Sam.
I tapped into Jacob’s thoughts. Thank god I’d learnt how to do that after the memory incident.
“I could ask the same thing. WHAT are you Jacob?” I asked through thoughts.
He blinked at me and stared.
I took the opportunity to kick him in the stomach, sending him off me and releasing his hold on my arms. I dropped back down into a pounce. I really needed to eat something soon, to give me more energy. I had managed to get him away but I wasn’t nearly as strong as I should be- I must always be ready for attack.
I fled, using the still sparkling dust to guide me and leaving a growling Jacob behind me.
As I approached a huge house I shook my head. “Carisle’s house must be past that one,” I thought but as I looked the dust lead right up to the front door. The sparkle was fading but still visible, especially in the darkness of the night. The closer I got I started sensing a presence, a presence that set my muscles tensing. I shook off the feeling and looked at the sky. It was eleven at night. I looked down at myself and found that I was a faded denim blue. I hurried towards the house but with every step I took I found myself getting weaker and weaker. I needed food- but surely Carisle would have some food, right?
About 50 metres away from the house I stopped and went over the memory again in my head. When I was sure that all the information I could possibly get out of it was firmly in mind I walked forward, as silently as if I were a vampire myself. I blocked my mind. Carisle’s “son” Edward could read minds. He may have found mine utterly bizarre when we first met but he had still been able to make sense of my thoughts. By the time I reached the front door I was ready to collapse from exhaustion. As I didn’t know what in the world I was I didn’t know if it was normal either. All I felt in my body was the unrelenting need for food and the emotional need to see Carisle. I knocked on the door. I could feel a sense of alarm from the inside of the home. The door opened and the person who’d opened it filled the doorway- not letting me see past. He was tall with dark brown curly hair, and a muscular build. His eyes were a golden colour.
He was a vampire.
I would’ve used my thought skills except that it was at that moment my feet buckled and I collapsed on their doorstep. I stopped hearing. The last thing I saw before my eyes closed shut was that vampire’s face and the face of Edward framed by the night sky.
Edward’s Point of View
When there was a knock at the door I couldn’t understand it. Bella was right next to me at the piano. And yet I couldn’t hear the thoughts of the person at the door. There had been complete silence where there should have been a voice. Emmett got up to answer it. Soon after the girl buckled and Emmett yelled out for someone to come to the door to tell him what to do with her. I ran over and looked down. The girl that collapsed in the doorway was familiar to me. Why? Where and when had I seen her before? She was one of the strangest sights I had ever seen. She had a beautiful face- almost the same sort as vampires- as if some famous artist had sculptured his heavenly version of an angel. She wasn’t short or small and yet she wasn’t tall, just in the middle. Her skin had a blue sort of glow about it. Her hands were long and slender, good hands for playing guitar and piano, and she had two cuts on her right arm. She had shoulder length brown, almost black hair. Her eyes were closed so he couldn’t see her eyes. She was wearing khaki shorts and a grey t-shirt. The blue glow, not hearing her thoughts and her breathtaking looks made me think that she was not human...but I didn’t think she was a vampire either. If only I could remember when I’d met her, for I was sure I had met her somewhere. I picked up her head while Emmett picked up her legs and we carefully carried her inside. No matter what she was, we had to help her. She was very light, yet she had a strong build, and she was a tad colder than most humans yet not as cold as a vampire. We lowered her onto the couch. Carisle came downstairs with Esme close behind him.
“What’s going on?” he asked us all and then he caught sight of the girl. His mouth opened in a surprising O.
“Incendia. What is she doing here? Where’s her mother? Oh...Oh no.” Carisle shook his head as if trying to banish the horrible thought away, “Her mother must be. She must have told Incendia to find me if she ever needs help because that girl definitely looks like she needs some help.”
Carisle hurried down stairs and inspected the girl I took to be called “Incendia”. Suddenly the memory I had been looking for hit me.
“Emmett! Go and get some juice. Orange, apple any fruit juice we have!” said Carisle.
No, this girl could not possibly be Incendia. Incendia had been little. I went over it
Carisle and I were talking in Carisle’s office when a nurse came in and told him that a woman by the name of Astrum had come to see him. Carisle told the nurse to let her in.
Astrum and a young girl of about 8 or 10 entered. They were both exquisite. They had the same dark brown hair. Incendia had brown eyes but with a depth that was unusual, especially for someone so young. They were both in long dresses and Incendia had gloves on. Astrum had blue eyes that seemed to glow from a distance. Astrum sat down and Carisle told me to take the young girl, Incendia outside.
“Don’t let her out of your sight,” Astrum told me, “And be careful. She’s very tricky.”
Incendia was playful, and a gorgeous cheeky little trickster. But there was something odd about her. And when she took off her gloves her right palm had a glowing circle on it. When I looked into her mind it was a very different experience to anything before. It was very complex, and I got confused more than once. The way she thought was also strange, especially for someone of her age.
From her looks and the way she acted I thought she might be a vampire, a very different kind of vampire. She and her mother were probably immortals. Soon enough Astrum returned and thanked me for taking care of Incendia, and her eyes. They’d changed colour. Now they were green, green as an emerald. I watched them as they walked away, feeling very confused.
That was over 100 years ago.
And even now, so many years later I still felt that same bewilderment as on that fateful morning, because I’d always followed through with my idea that they were immortals, frozen in time like Carisle and I. Carisle had told me that he had been friends with Astrum for a while, it had made sense that they be immortals. Yet if they were immortals then Incendia couldn’t grow and if they were human which was pretty obvious they were not then she wouldn’t still be alive.
When Emmett brought the juice back Carisle slowly trickled it down Incendia’s throat. She coughed a little then stopped. Carisle sat down and just stared at her.
“Who is she?” asked my daughter, Reneesme. Reneesme was four and a half and yet she looked like a freshman. She thought and acted like a teenager too. She was very advanced.
Carisle turned to look at Nessie.
“Nessie, darling. She was someone I thought I’d never see again,” he replied.
He didn’t sound angry, shocked, or disappointed. He sounded confused, and lost and upset.
I looked at Incendia. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Carisle.
“We need to talk,” she said. Her voice sounded like a beautiful in tune lullaby.
“We do, little pixie, we do,” he replied, “But you need to rest. Right away.”
“No. For my peace of mind please answer two questions now,” she pleaded.
“Fine. Two Questions. What are they?” he asked, soothingly.
“First, what is my name? Second, what am I? Don’t ask me why I ask this, for you will know very soon, but I think you have the answers to my question,” she said, her voice barely a whisper.
“First your name is Incendia, Latin for fire. Second you are a pixie, able to weld magic,” he replied.
A pixie? That made a little sense, I guess.
Just then Jacob Black burst through the door. He spotted Incendia on the couch and shouted