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Whatever Happened To Myths AREN'T Real?

I sat at the side of the road, my head in my blue tinged hands.I really should have eaten more of those tea leaves, any human could see that I was not one of them. I shook my head. Now was not the time to worry about humans. In a household where already two myths are real, can the Cullen family handle another? A strange girl appears on their doorstep looking for Carisle. And then comes the future that even Alice could never imagine. "I can only change one part of the Universe and that part is me" ~ Anonymous

I came up with this one day and it has been stuck in my head ever since. My first fanfic. I hope you like it. It's gonna be a long story! Set about 5 years after Breaking Dawn, *SPOILERS FOR BREAKING DAWN* and changes point of view throughout story. Disclaimer- I own nothing (except Incendia and the pixie plot) the rest is all thanks to Stephenie Meyer. I love her work, and without it this fanfic would never be written!

2. Chapter 2- Connections

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Jacob stood there, in the doorway staring at Incendia, who was now deeply asleep.

“Why are you taking care of it?” he asked us, incredulously.

As I looked at him he remembered what had happened when he met Incendia. I laughed, and he turned his glare on me.In fact everyone turned to look at me when I laughed.

“What’s funny Edward?” Alice thought.

“When Incendia met Jacob, let’s just say she wasn’t very friendly. Then again, he kind of started it,” I told everyone.

Emmett let out a low laugh.

“It’s not funny. First of all none of the Pack can figure out WHAT that thing is. Second she kicked me against a tree, I think that’s valid enough reasons don’t you?” he said. He was still standing in the doorway. He was uncomfortable to go near Incendia.

“Actually she only kicked you because you wouldn’t let go of her,” I replied, and held back a smile.

“It’s the Pack’s job to protect the area from unknown things. We couldn’t recognise the scent. She’s not human, a werewolf, shapeshifter or vampire. We needed to know what the thing was and I found it,” he replied, shifting from foot to foot.

“Fair enough, but what were the pack going to do to her, Jacob?” asked Carisle from his spot beside Incendia. He looked worried.

“I’m not sure Carisle, but she seemed to be a threat and we didn’t know where she was headed,” Incendia moved slightly on the couch and sighed, Jacob moved further outside and glared at her, “Look, she’s blue, last time I saw that thing she was yellow. She’s NOT natural”

“Actually Jacob, she’s as natural as either you or I,” replied Carisle calmly.

“What is she then?” Jacob growled.

“A pixie,” piped up Reneesme. She had been switching glances between Jacob, Incendia and Carisle, as if unsure of each’s intentions.

“Hah, Carisle pixies don’t exist,” said Jacob, “She’s something more sinster.”

“How do you know that Jacob?” asked Carisle, as if they were talking about something like the weather.

“The Quilete legends have always proven to be true Carisle. One of them is the death of all pixies. They used to live in the area, they helped our warriors become what they became. And whether it was us or some other reason they disappeared. We found many of their bodies among the forest. The Quilete’s grieved deeply. But they were gone…nothing left. She can not be a pixie. And you didn’t see her eyes when I grabbed her, when that thing looked at me. They bore through my skin, sent shivers down my spine. She’s something evil,” he finished and growled once more.

“ I think you’ll find that Pixies are well and truly still in existence, as for your story I am not sure what happened to the pixies of the area. And your theory is far from the truth Jacob. You do not know her, or her story. You can not even guess what must have happened to her the past years, how much she must have suffered. Now you can either come inside and sit with us or you may leave, but you will not do anything to her, understand?” said Carisle and motioned to a seat next to Jasper. Jacob hesitated, looked at Reneesme and then at Incendia, and slowly he crossed the threshold and sat down next to Jasper. We waited.


Incendia’s Point of View

My sleep was plagued with horrible nightmares, the few memories I had all full of despair, pain and hopelessness. The only information about me, the things I had just learned appeared many times. Whispered calls of Incendia, Fire and Pixie…And then there was he, the demon who chased me. Followed me. Everywhere I went, no escape…

I awoke with a scream, and then realized it was my own.

“What is it Incendia? Are you okay?” I looked around, and Carisle came into focus. I sighed with relief. I had traveled so far to find him.

“We need to talk. Right away,” I then noticed that there were many, many people around Carisle. My instinct told me that they too were vampires, except for a teenage girl and…Jacob Black.

“What is he doing here?” I demanded.

“He and the rest of the pack followed you here using your scent,” explained Edward.

“He used my scent to track me? No…no, that’s not a possible solution,” I struggled to find something that made me safe, safe from the demon always one step behind me.

“I did, pixie, why? You think shapeshifters can’t smell?” he was scowling at me. But I didn’t care. That wolf human could do whatever he liked.

“Carisle we need to talk. Now,” I struggled to sit up, he firmly pushed me back down.

“You need to keep resting Incendia,” he told me.

“No. Talk. Now,” I forced myself to sit up. My body screamed in protest but this was something I needed to do. Urgently.He shook his head, I gave him a look and he helped me up.

“Look at her eyes and tell me whether I was lying or not,” Jacob Black whispered to the teenage girl.I ignored it.

Carisle steered me past his vampire family, Jacob Black, the girl, and into an office I assumed to be his own. He sat me down and then said,

“Tell me your story.”

I shuddered as I prepared to unlock the vault to the only memories I had and dove in…


I, Incendia was a pixie.

I, Incendia had been the prisioner of what I assume to be another pixie called Malefa.

He would torture me…Malefa had messed around with my mind at one point.

And then he stole them, all of them. All of my memories.

Then he began experimenting.

If he could take my memories what else could he take?

He took part of my soul.

Thankfully my mother had protected some of my memories.

The one’s I would need the most to survive.

I could not remember who I was, I could no longer truly be me, but I knew I must escape.

And one of the only protected memories was of him. Of Carisle.

I found I could do things.

Instinct drove me to make water spring from the ground when I was thirsty, and slowly I started training my magic.

Malefa did not expect this.

He thought that with my memory gone I wouldn’t be able to use magic.

I broke out and fled, trying to find Carisle. I had been on the run for a year, and here I was.

Finally here, I had finally found the person with answers. But I knew that I would have to get my memories back, my soul. I wouldn’t be able to live without. Which meant I had to face that demon, Malefa.


Carisle stared at me. He was shocked I could tell.

“Let me begin by saying that your mother, her name was Astrum and she was a highly skilled pixie. She could use her magic without even needing to truly think about it, and I’m sure if you had your memory you would be the same.

You, Incendia, are one of the most important pixie’s on the planet. Or, if I can be so bold as to say, the most important pixie and one of the most important beings on the planet.

From the moment you were born you have been undeniably essential to the existence of many. Magic runs freely through you, at a dangerous level.

You are the most powerful magical being in this universe, especially with the death of your mother. From your birth you have been required to perform a ritual- a ritual that needs to be preformed every 100 000 years or the downfall of all magic will occur.

The beings that are against you have many reasons- jealousy, a need for power, greed, hunger, evil ideas. They want to rule and they see you as a threat. And as always what is not understood is always threatened. I agree with you.

The only way to move forward, to get better is to face him. You are apart of my family now and I will stick by you all the way. If you ever need anything ask- and you’d be surprised how much knowledge I have of your kind, of pixies,” he finished it off with a smile, as if that could make everything he’d just said better.

I’d always wondered what I’d done to deserve what Malefa did to me. To find that I’d done nothing but exist made me feel as if I’d slipped down a dark hole. How would I get out?


Alice’s Point Of View

We all sat just above Carisle’s office and listened. I felt bad but we all felt the need to know the strange fragile looking pixie girl’s story.

Jacob couldn’t hear as well as us without changing into a wolf so he sat sullenly and waited for it to be over and Reneesme to transfer him the knowledge.

As I listened to her story I felt revulsion mix around in my gut. It was one of the most evil things that could ever be done. I wondered if Reneesme should really listen to it.

Rosalie looked shocked, and I remembered her story. It was similar in a way.I knew that Edward was listening to thoughts too, when she’d woken up Incendia had been too weak to notice that she’d let her guard slip and now her mind was open.

Edward looked as if he’d been human he would have thrown up. Jasper had left. He couldn’t bear all the overwhelming emotions and had fled. When they had finished talking, I rose to my feet trembling.Reneesme made her way over to Jacob and as that shapeshifter learnt the truth I saw him moan.

We all heard the door slam and I ran over to the window. Incendia was outside. She broke several boulders into pebbles before she collapsed into a tight ball on the ground. I heard her sobs and couldn’t tear my eyes away. There was silence. Silence all around.

I continued to watch her and finally she lifted her head and stared at the heavens. She was glowing a deep sea blue. I wondered about the colours. Blue could represent sadness. Was that the key to her colours?

She mouthed some words and instantly it started raining. Soaking her through. I watched her until she lay on the ground, and the rain was slowly stopping. I ran downstairs, picked her up and put her in Rosalie’s bed.


Jacob’s Point Of View

I came back the next morning, with Seth and Embry (who was also a part of my pack). Leah had to help out at home, and Quil was taking care of Claire.

I still felt terrible. What I’d said and thought had haunted me ever since Nessie had touched my skin after learning the pixie’s story. What kind of being could do something like that?

We walked up to the front door and knocked. Nessie answered.

“Hey Jake, Em, Seth,” she said. Her voice was neither vivid or depressed.

“Can we come in?” I asked timidly.

“Um, not sure,” said Emmett from behind Nessie, “She’s still asleep. She’s been asleep for hours. Never knew pixies slept like that. Why are the three of you here?”

“To assure you that neither pack is going to do anything to her, and I wanted to apologize for what I said,” I told him, “We can stay outside till she wakes up, if you want.”

I sat down, Embry and Seth with me and we waited.


Incendia’s Point Of View

I woke up in a large bed in a strange room. I stared at the ceiling and sighed.

I was awake now, no place to hide.

I got up and was glad to feel strong. I walked out of the room and down the corridor until I reached the stairs. Down I climbed until I reached the lounge room.

As soon as I reached the top stair I received a room full of glances. A short girl, with short dark hair and delicate features rose to her feet.

“Hi, my name’s Alice. I believe you already know Edward, and Emmett. Over here is Rosalie,” she indicated to a tall, blonde, beautiful vampire who smiled at me,

“and this is Bella,” there was a dark haired, pretty vampire who waved,

“and Jasper,” a skinny yet muscular blonde vampire nodded,

“Esme, Carisle’s wife,” a brunette vampire, whom just from her grin I felt comfortable with,

“and Reneesme, she’s half vampire and half human” the teenage girl looked up from the book she was reading and said,

“Hi, you can also call me Nessie, or Nessa, or my name. Whatever you like.”

I couldn’t manage a smile, I just slowly descended the stairs.

“I bet you’re hungry,” Nessie said, and got up, “What does a pixie eat?”

“Stuff,” I mumbled and went over to where I’d left my belt bag. I didn’t really feel like preparing myself some more food, so I brought out one of the shiny jade coloured balls and put it in my mouth. They weren’t stones, or gemstones, or anything that they appeared to be. They were energizers. They tasted like honeysuckle, and gave you the same amount of healthiness as three good sized meals. They kept me going, and filled me up. One a day. I was going to run out soon though.

“What are they?” Emmett asked me, utterly confused.

“I don’t know what they’re called anymore, but they’re not stones if that’s what you’re thinking,” I replied.

He grinned, “Can’t argue with that.”

I was sick of being in the house. I needed to get outside. I headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” the one called Bella asked.

“Outside,” I mumbled.

“Do you mind if I come with?” she asked, walking over.

I shook my head.

When I got outside I found Jacob Black and two other boys sitting there talking. When they saw us they immedietly stood up. I felt an odd connection, like a tug, towards the youngest looking one.

Without waiting to hear them talk to me I ran over to a spot close to this house and curled up, head in my knees and let Jacob Black apologize to me.


Seth’s Point of View

The pixie girl made me do a double take. She was the strangest yet, most beautiful person I’d ever seen. And it was strange because I felt weird, like someone was pushing me, physically and mentally to go talk to her. But it wasn’t my mind, and it wasn’t as extreme as imprinting. I knew what imprinting was like, I shared minds with imprinted people a lot of the time.

When Jacob had finished talking to her I went over and sat next to her.

“Jacob I told you, I forgive you,” she muttered. Her voice was soft and heartbreaking. It was tuned like the most beautiful lullaby, and yet sad, painfully sad.

“I’m not Jacob,” I replied. She moved her head slightly but didn’t look up. Her hair, straight and limp as if it no longer contained life, covered his view of her eyes.

“My name’s Seth,” I continued.She moved slightly away. After a minute of silence I got up and left her.

I still felt though, as I walked away, as if something, someone was pushing me towards the pixie girl.


Incendia’s Point of View

I timed when exactly I thought Malefa would arrive. A couple of days. Those couple of days went by peacefully. Everyone was very welcoming. I practiced my magic and put shields over everyone I’d met. I didn’t want anyone getting hurt. I wondered about the strange connection I’d felt to the Seth boy. It didn’t make any sense and I let it pass.I had a good long sleep the night before I thought he would come.

The day came and I woke up in the morning, a nightmare echoing in my head. I could feel it, my estimations right. He would come today.

And suddenly I felt a cloud fold over my eyes and brain. An image popping into my head. A watch, it’s hands reading half past three, a meadow, a knife with glittering pixie blood and his face.It disappeared and I felt my head and eyes return back to me.

My gut told me it was a vision of the future. Didn’t even know I could do that.

One of the other memories my mother had had the sense to protect for me was one of the ways to kill a pixie. Killing pixies was surprisingly hard to do unless you knew the methods.

Luckily I knew the most foolproof one. You had to cover a blade with another pixie’s blood before stabbing the one you intend to kill. Pixie’s could heal from any normal wound except that one. We’d receive the pain from the strike, but as soon as you’d been hit your body would instantly start healing. Pixie blood was red like human’s except it glittered, sparkled. That was the magic component of our blood. Our veins were transparent except under the full moon where they sparkled like stars, our whole body shined. Not that we didn’t normally glow anyway.

Sometimes, when your whole life is filled with sparkly stuff you get kind of sick of it. I looked in my belt bag. There was my knife. I went downstairs, Carisle was out at the surgery. He was a doctor for humans. He had always been such a heartwarming person.

I sucked on the little blue energizing sphere in my mouth. I went outside and practiced. I came back in at a quarter to 11. Carisle came back at eleven o’ clock.

“Carisle,” I said as he entered.

“Yes Incendia?” he asked, looking at me and smiled.

“Malefa’s coming. He’ll arrive at three-thirty. I’m going to meet him in a meadow,” I whispered, the idea still terrified me but I had to do it. There really was no choice, “I had a vision this morning, a future vision. I must do this.”

“Today?” Carisle asked me.

“Yes,” my voice shook.

“We’ll come with you,” he said firmly.

“No!” I yelled. I didn’t mean to yell, but they must NOT come with me.

“I think we should Incendia,” he replied, calmly.

“I have to fight him. Me. Alone. No one else. And he would hurt you, all of you. No one else fights,” I replied, my voice suddenly commanding, and with that I ran upstairs.


The meadow was serene, peaceful. I took in a deep breath as I tried not to invision how it’d look after Malefa and I had finished. He wouldn’t defeat me, he couldn’t. I had something to do, something that I’d been destined to from birth. My mother had probably died to keep me alive and here I was, ready to fight for my right to live.

No body from the house had seen me leave, and as far as I knew no one had followed me either. I looked at my watch. Three-thirty. I looked back up. As if right on cue I heard the ringing sound of his laughter.

He appeared out of the darkness as if they were really one and the same.

“Hello little one,” he said, mocking me.

“I know my name now Malefa, no need to call me little one,” I replied, serenly.

“Really Incendia? I see. So how are we? Why are you still not running? Ready to stop being a coward?” he said, “Or are you ready to die now?”

“I’m not going to die. I was never a coward. I am fine, and I’ve stopped running because I’m ready to face you,” I replied, with a sickly sweet smile. It hurt to smile, but I had to do it.

“Without knowing any magic how do you expect to win this fight?” he asked me, and laughed a sickening laugh.

“Who said I didn’t know any magic?” I shot back and I thought of lightening and storms, and a bolt striking him.The sky rumbled and a lightening bolt shot out of the sky and hit him. He looked at me, and evil glint in his eye.

“Don’t expect to live little Fire, don’t expect to live,” and with another maddened laugh he mouthed one word and the ground opened up. I sprang into the air and in my mind pushed the earth back together and landed on solid ground.

We continued throwing back these kind of attacks until Malefa shouted a phrase that sent shivers down my spine.

“Conformatio verus.”

It told my pixie body to revolve into it’s true form, the form meant for performing magic and fighting. But you’re expected to have a whole soul. Without a whole soul the transformation was utter agony.I went through it without grimacing, crying out or showing my pain once. He was not going to win.

As soon as it was over I put up my shield and then attempted to break into his mind. I only had one shot at what I was going to do, and if I succeeded I had won. I was so determined and went forward with such force I broke his mental walls. I was in, I only had a couple of seconds but it was all I needed. I pulled at his magical knowledge and in doing so confused him as to what he was about to do.

Dropping my shield I ran forward pulling out my dagger covered in my own blood and rammed it into his heart. As I did so the knife in his hand went into my stomach. I moaned in pain and we both collapsed. I pulled my dagger from his body, and pulled his knife out of mine. Mine started healing straight away, his didn’t.

I had won.

“Don’t think that you won’t die, Incendia. My group will kill you, you don’t have a future. We will take over this world, we will use your power and you will die…” he trailed off.

On intinst I leaned forward and thinking hard about his memories I put my hand on his forehead. I hated touching him but I had to, I just had to do it. On my hand appeared a small black sparkling sphere.

“Thank you Malefa,” I said. I then fumbled around in his jacket. I took my ring, my necklace and then found the most important thing.

There, in a jam jar was a small red sparkling sphere and a glowing orb of light. I stood up. Once in my true self patterns appeared on my body, markings that probably meant something. I didn’t understand and I probably had never seen it’s full affects. My clothes had pixie blood all over and my hair was tangled. Holding my prizes I started walking away, but I was so weak. I sat down and then heard someone call my name. Edward appeared.

Without a word he picked me up and I felt as if I were flying as he carried me back through the forest.