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Whatever Happened To Myths AREN'T Real?

I sat at the side of the road, my head in my blue tinged hands.I really should have eaten more of those tea leaves, any human could see that I was not one of them. I shook my head. Now was not the time to worry about humans. In a household where already two myths are real, can the Cullen family handle another? A strange girl appears on their doorstep looking for Carisle. And then comes the future that even Alice could never imagine. "I can only change one part of the Universe and that part is me" ~ Anonymous

I came up with this one day and it has been stuck in my head ever since. My first fanfic. I hope you like it. It's gonna be a long story! Set about 5 years after Breaking Dawn, *SPOILERS FOR BREAKING DAWN* and changes point of view throughout story. Disclaimer- I own nothing (except Incendia and the pixie plot) the rest is all thanks to Stephenie Meyer. I love her work, and without it this fanfic would never be written!

3. Chapter 3- Wholesome

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Chapter 3- Wholesome

Incendia’s Point of View

Carisle looked over me.

“It’s nothing. If you know so much about pixies you would know we heal automatically,” I told him. I didn’t like fusses.

“I do know that,” he looked at me, sadness in his eyes, “You beat him, Incendia. Did you get what you needed?”

“I did, Carisle, I DID!” I told him, excitedly, and then I faltered as another thought occurred to me.“Putting it all back together…I can’t get it wrong. Carisle, what if I get it wrong?”

“You won’t,” Alice told me reassuringly.

“You can’t see my future. You don’t know that Alice!” I quipped. I was panicking.

“I think you need to rest now. You can think it over again when you wake up,” Carisle told me.

“I can’t sleep now! I just can’t!” I started hyperventaliting. I didn’t think pixies hyperventatlited, then again maybe I was just a strange pixie.

“I think Carisle’s right,” said Esme in a soft voice, she moved towards me but hesitated in touching me. When I made no objection she cuddled me, and I snuggled in. I didn’t have memories of hugs and as I lay there I soon drifted off to sleep.


I awoke in the same bed as before, and the first thing I saw was the jam jar. The jam jar with the thing I wanted most in the world, but was afraid of making a mistake with.

No one else seemed to be around, at least I couldn’t sense their presence. Maybe they were hungry? I was pretty sure those vampires didn’t harm humans but I was yet to find out what they really did eat.The window in the room was right next to a tree. I opened it and slithered down the branch, hopping from one to the other until I reached a good height for jumping.

I landed on two feet. I smiled to myself. Looking up at the sky I started practicing my magic. If I was going to feel confident about opening up that jar, which I wanted to do as soon as possible, then I thought the best thing would be to become more at terms with magic. I practiced until as my last project, I made the tree form steps right up to the window and climbing them I went in.

I picked up the jar and put it about a metre away from me. I curled up and stared at it. People were in the house now- well how long had I been outside? Slowly I inched forward, shortening the distance between the jar and I. I wanted it so badly. To feel whole again, to know myself truly. To feel worth it, like a real person, not to be evil. I wasn’t evil…but it was easy to become something I didn’t want to.

I stopped in arms reach of the jar. My hand reached for it and before I knew what was happening I let the panic subside and opened the jar…


Nessie’s Point of View

“Incendia! Incendia, are you awake?” Esme asked, knocking on Rosalie’s door. I think Rosalie was only so nice to the pixie because their stories were fairly similar in some ways.There was no answer. I was intrigued. Either the pixie was deep asleep, couldn’t hear us or was ignoring us.

Esme slowly opened the door. There was a bright flash of almost blinding light. Incendia was floating off the ground, you could barely see her behind all the blinding light. The all important jam jar was lying open on the ground by her feet. She was beautiful, and the overall affect was awing.

“Everybody come here!” I yelled. Yelling wasn’t a necessity in my house, but I tend to do it anyway, for effect. And I guess, when you try so hard to fit in at your local high school it works to adopt some of their habits- hence yelling.

My mum, Bella, was suddenly beside me. When you live in a house full of vampires you start getting used to quick actions.I didn’t know why I had taken to calling my mum Bella, it just sort of happened. We were really close.

“What is it Nessie?” she asked me and then noticed where I was looking at. Her mouth dropped open.I giggled. The site of my mum was just too funny. And as more of my family came up the stairs I laughed some more. Their reactions were all the same as Bella’s. Wow, that pixie girl sure did know how to make even a vampire look utterly, ridiculously shocked.


Jacob came by later with the whole gang. The whole gang hardly ever came around. I was really surprised. Leah had been debating whether to leave for a long time. She kept saying Seattle would be the best thing, but she was becoming close friends with Jacob. I was proud of my Jake, he’d really helped Leah. She was much less sullen and upset with the world.

Actually, when I’d reached four years Jake had asked her to babysit me. She’d reluctantly agreed and soon found that she didn’t mind me. She soon became my friend. I liked her, a lot. She’d had it tough but she’d started putting that behind her and building a new life. I just hoped her theory about imprinting was incorrect. I’d love for her to imprint, it might be something good for her. Jake’s pack liked having Leah included, when she wanted to be she was an absolute ball.

Clair, the focus of Quil’s world was a sweet little kid. I couldn’t say much as she was technically older than me. But then again, when you were something as strange as me you couldn’t really apply the “technically”. I’d seen her when I went around La Push with Jake. I was part of the new treaty- allowed in La Push. I’d even met Jake’s family- his dad, Billy and two sisters. Jake and I were really close. It seemed to me that it was only a matter of time before we started dating- and I understood the whole imprinting thing. I'd heard all the stories. Even the ones about him and my mum. It hurt at first, and I wasn’t happy but at the end of the story was something that made me feel so special, important it couldn’t even compare to what he’d said about mum.

That it was me, in my mum all along, me that made him love her. And that was how he’d explained the imprinting to my mum, the very first time she met me and had attacked him for his imprinting.Me, all along. We hung out downstairs, Carisle had made the pixie room out of bounds. It was fun, we played some games and talked a lot. Since I hadn’t really seen Quil and Leah in a while they had loads of stories to tell. And then a sound interrupted us.

An explosion of giggles, melodic angelic sounding giggles coming from upstairs. From Rosalie’s room, and then it stopped, as suddenly as it had started.I ran upstairs and into the room. Incendia was still glowing but she wasn’t light itself. She was lying on the ground, spread out and a heartwarming smile on her face.

You could tell she was still the same person but the change was immense. She might have been pretty before but she was absolutely beautifully angelic now.The softness surrounded her, there was glitter all over the floor, tiny little perfect sparkles. What was it with pixie and shininess?

“What was it?” Jacob asked me. In silence I went over and touched him gently on the cheek. I showed him the image of Incendia that morning, when she had been a burst of light, and just before with her on the floor. He looked bewildered when I’d finished.

“I think we’ll head off, Ness,” Quil said, about a half hour later, “At least I will. I have some stuff to do, and I want to see Claire before I go to bed.” He looked around.Seth glanced at him and nodded. He’d been oddly quiet, so unlike him. He’d repeatedly looked at the ceiling. He took another glance there and stood up, silently.Jake saw my confused looks at Seth.

“Ever since he talked to that pixie girl he’s felt weird,” Jake told me, “he feels a tug towards her yet it’s not an imprint. He doesn’t know what to do, what to make of it and it’s been consuming his curiousity. I think I’ll go Nessie, I told my sister I’d help her make dinner,” and with a kiss on the cheek he stood up too.I said my goodbyes and headed to my room.


Incendia’s Point of View

I rewoke on the floor. I knew immedietly. I was whole.For a pixie I seemed to be sleeping an awful lot lately, I concluded as I glanced at myself. I struggled up and let out a sigh.I was finally me.



I would have to tell everyone that I preffered Indy.I let my true me, the whole me, separated from my body for so long wash over me in a wave.After a couple of hours I went over to my belt bag and took out a little box. With my memory gone I had not been able to open it. Inside were many things, things I needed, things that were special. Included was a book my mum had written, to help me.

It talked about the things she had told me, and the things she was scared that she would not have time to. I read through it for a couple more hours. And then was there was the last thing I should do before I could greet Carisle again.

I picked up Malefa’s memory sphere.I opened it and went through. As I found out that I was safe, at least until I went to fulfill my destiny, which I didn’t need to do for a while yet. I sighed with relief and instantly severed the connection. I didn’t want anymore to with Malefa than I had to. I went downstairs to greet the Cullens.


Everyone was surprised by me. The true me. Indy.And everyone seemed to genuinely like me. They welcomed me in firmly. Carisle told me I was family now.

Family- I liked that. I liked that a lot.

My hair had returned to it’s normal wavy self, my true form was it’s colourful way, my deep brown eyes resumed their life and spark. It was easy to be happy and carefree and compassionate. To love things and life once more. And magic, magic was mine to wonder and control once again. To amaze and stun people. I had fun.

I pushed off thoughts of the future away. Time was mine to have now, even for a little while. It might have been selfish but I didn’t delve into those meanings much. Nessie and I became good friends.

She asked me to come along one day with her, and some of her other friends. Jacob, Seth, Quil. The shapeshifters. She said it would be fine. I agreed, plus she didn’t want to be the only girl as Leah couldn’t come.

She talked and told me a little about each one. I remembered Seth and Jacob from before. I smiled, the day seemed like fun. When we got to the meeting spot the others weren’t there. Nessie told me to wait while she went and found them.

I climbed the tree, fooling around, even hanging upside down. And then they appeared I smiled, laughed and waved. I took them all in until something made me catch my breath.

My world spun out of control.I met a pair of truly remarkable brown eyes. I didn’t even know his name.

This could not be happening. The very thing I did NOT need.


Seth’s Point of View

Jacob had pulled me over after work the day before to ask me and some of the others to hang out with him and Nessie today.I had agreed, it was something to do, and if I didn’t go Leah probably wouldn’t and she needed to do something. She ended up not going anyway, she had to work for a little while longer, but since I'd already agreed to go I went.

We were a little late and Nessie came to see where we were. She soon had us laughing as we went towards the clearing. I heard a sound that stopped me breathing. The melodic sounds of unearthly beautiful giggles. I looked up. There was the pixie girl, barefooted, wearing a simple feathery lilac dress that clung to her shape, and she was hanging upside down in a tree.She was still giggling when her eyes met mine.

Suddenly I had the feeling I knew would come one day. Everything in my life suddenly centered around this little pixie girl. It was her and only her, always. I had imprinted…on a pixie.

Her giggling stopped, her face tilted as if she knew what had just happened. Her mouth became a little “o”. She blinked and met my gaze again. I walked forward, crossing the distance between us in several long strides. All of a sudden there was no one else there- just me and her.

I stopped a few meters away. She was still starring at me. She looked worried, upset.

“Hi,” I said. Why on earth did I just say that? How pathetic! One of the most memorable moments of my life and all I have to say is “Hi”?

She mouthed a word, it might have been my imagination but it seemed to be “Seth”. Did she know my name?

She jerked as if waking up from a spell and pulled her gaze away from mine. She scrabbled upright in the tree, but she was being awfully clumsy. Were pixies clumsy? She was going to fall out if she wasn’t careful, and as I knew she would she fell but I ran forward and caught her before she touched the ground.

She looked up at me with the most amazing eyes I’d ever seen. Big and brown, lighter on the outside edge, darker near the centre and seemingly depthless eyes stared back.And then breaking the perfect moment she scrambled out of my arms and dropped elegantly to the ground.

“Um, Nessie I just remembered that I…” she seemed to be searching for words, her skin had seemed a perfect tan up until that moment and now was becoming paler and was tinged with an indigo glow, her cheeks flushed,

“…have something extremely important to…” fumbling with her hands, her head kept inclining in my direction, her eyes looking everywhere and anywhere frantically,

“…uh to do. I’ll see you all later,” she looked at me, my breath froze, she pulled herself away, looking up at the sky, and then looking at Jacob,

“see ya Jacob, Quil, Embry,” she looked at them each in turn,

“Sev” she looked at the sky. She’d gotten my name wrong.

“Come see me later Ness,” she said running over and hugging her friend and less than a heartbeat later she was sprinting away like the wind, the grass rustling under her bare feet and her wavy brown hair glittering with golden sparkles under the sun flowing out behind her. All I could was stare.

“I think Seth’s imprinted,” whispered Quil to Nessie.I ignored them while my mind tried hurriedly to piece together the puzzle that was Incendia’s behavior.A pixie, I’d imprinted on a pixie…