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Whatever Happened To Myths AREN'T Real?

I sat at the side of the road, my head in my blue tinged hands.I really should have eaten more of those tea leaves, any human could see that I was not one of them. I shook my head. Now was not the time to worry about humans. In a household where already two myths are real, can the Cullen family handle another? A strange girl appears on their doorstep looking for Carisle. And then comes the future that even Alice could never imagine. "I can only change one part of the Universe and that part is me" ~ Anonymous

I came up with this one day and it has been stuck in my head ever since. My first fanfic. I hope you like it. It's gonna be a long story! Set about 5 years after Breaking Dawn, *SPOILERS FOR BREAKING DAWN* and changes point of view throughout story. Disclaimer- I own nothing (except Incendia and the pixie plot) the rest is all thanks to Stephenie Meyer. I love her work, and without it this fanfic would never be written!

4. Chapter 4- Puzzle Pieces

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Indy’s point of view

No, not what I needed. Not what I needed at all.
I cursed being a pixie. Being a human would have been so much easier. My whole life would have been so much easier. Then again, if had been born a human I would have died long, long ago.
I sighed as I raced up the stairs and into my new room. I had been moved out of Rosalie’s into Edward’s former room.

“Well, he does live out in his cottage now,” Carisle had stated, “and you need some space more than he does.”
I fumbled around in my belt bag and found the little box. Hurriedly I went through all the procedures and finally opened the book. Forgetting that I could easily just use magic to help me I flicked through frantically trying to find what I was looking for.

There it was. My mum was brilliant, she had never forgotten anything. My mum. A sob escaped me but I pushed it aside. Now was not the time.

I read through it. No way out, what had happened had happened. I was tied now. TIED!
How could I be tied? I barely had a future. My life was impossible and hectic and unbelievable. I was probably going to die but life had to throw another obstacle in, one that would probably cause me more pain than I already was going to go through.
Tied. Why? WHY ME?!

I put the book down and slumped against the wall. After a couple of silent, neverending minutes, as if in slow motion I picked the book up, closed it, closed the box and belt bag and put them all on the dresser. I went back to the wall and put my head in my hands and let all my emotions flow over me. I pulled my head up and looked at my hands. A small flame appeared and I let a tear roll down my cheek. Incendia. Latin for Fire. My mum.

My mum may have chosen Incendia, never let my flame go out. Mum knew what was in store. But my dad had chosen the nickname Indy. Fiery but sweet. That was me.

Dad had had to leave us when I was very little, even by pixie standards. Mum had always been the one taking care of me, she was strong and bossy but a more loving and compassionate heart, well a couple of the Cullens were similar but she was magnificent.

I always thought she had been a gift from the heavens. Her magic was unequalled, her heart the best and I had never ever faltered in her presence. It was so much harder with her gone. I relied on her for everything, and thought, foolishly that I always would. But that hadn’t happened. The group Malefa was in had made that certain. My life would never be the same. She had sacrificed herself for me, and I would make sure that was not in vain.

She had trained me well and as I knew from when I was tiny I would have to be strong.
Incendia had always sounded strange to me. I didn’t see myself the way most people saw me. I would contracdict my mother constantly. But we both loved the name Indy. I liked it better when people called me Indy, but only the people I felt safe with.
Forever strong, unfaltering, perfect Incendia.
And only to those few- shy, worried, little Indy.

I heard a hesitant knock on my door.
“Indy? You okay?” it was Nessie, she knew my nickname. Although I was the one who insisted she used it.
“Yep, fine,” I replied. But it was no use, my voice had cracked.
“I’m coming in whether you like it or not Indy,” she said and burst in. She saw me against the wall and sighed, “Oh Indy, I don’t understand. You were the definition of strange before and now you’re…what’s wrong?”
I sniffed. The tears had stopped just before but I was still upset.
“Several different things Ness,” I said, “I was remembering my mum for a bit, and it upset me. But in the clearing, the very thing I didn’t want happening and didn’t expect to happen happened. Now I’m stuck, entirely and completely stuck.”

“Aww, Indy,” she lowered herself down and sat next to me, “I’m sorry about your mum.”
I got up and went straight to the little box and then sat back down, bringing it with me. I reached in and brought out a photo.
“This is what I looked like when I met your dad,” I said, handing it over. Nessie was very careful with it. I smiled, I had been right to become close with her, she was a good friend.
“And that’s my mum. She was amazing. Everything I aspire to be. And I thought that she would always be there, we’d never be separated. That no matter what she’d be able to help me through what I have to do…but then Malefa and his friends killed her. Right in front of my very eyes. I couldn’t even cry, and I could never mourn her because they hadn’t finished with me. And I had to be strong. Mum would have needed me to be strong.” I told her quietly.

“I nearly killed my mother,” said Nessie, equally quietly, “if it wasn’t for some quick thinking of my dad then I don’t think she would be here,” she handed me back the photo delicately. I put it gently back inside the box, in it’s own little spot.
“How old are you?” asked Nessie. It was so out of place that I took a double take. The question finally sunk in and I started giggling.

“In human years or pixie ones?” I asked her.
“Um…human ones first and then pixie,” she requested.
“I’m about 900 years and 9 months old in human time. And I’m turning 16 in pixie years very soon,” she answered.

Nessie stared at me in shock.
“Wow, that’s a long time. I never thought...wow,” she finally said.
I laughed again, “I’m pretty young to most pixie elders,” I said.

She laughed too, when we’d finished she looked at me again and asked,
“What about the clearing incident?”
My grin instantly subsided.
Once more I got up and this time picked up the book. I sat down and said the usual to have it open for me. Using magic I found the section I needed- all about tying. I then used the procedure needed to allow Nessie to read the book.

“I, Incendia ex Divum do allow Reneesme Carlie Cullen to read the Tying information from you Sapientia ex Orbis Terrarum” and I then handed Nessie the book,

“All you need to know about what happened in the clearing today is there. When it snaps shut that’s all the information it contains on what you need to know.”


Nessie’s Point of View

I was glad to finally get some answers. Today in the clearing was just TOO strange.
I mean I understood Seth, and I could only help but imagine if Jacob was like that when he first saw me. The whole imprinting, I knew what that was and what it was like. Indy had acted like something similar was happening to her but without really knowing if it was an imprinting like thing or just something completely different it seemed utterly odd.

I looked down at the book and started reading.


A pixie will in its lifetime “tie” to another being, usually another pixie but there have been cases of humans. Similar to what some shape shifting tribes call “imprinting” or some have adopted our term “tying”.
No one can tell when they’ll tie because it depends on the pixie.
To tie the both beings have to have whole souls, and be of equal aurorness. Tying usually happens when either of the beings has a) looked into the others eyes, b) heard their voice or c) touched them in some way.
Sometimes humans have chosen to deem one of the reasons as “soul mates”.
The main difference between tying and what the shapeshifters call imprinting is that each member has more of a choice.

In a single tie:
The single tie is a term used for when only one member of the pair makes a connection with the other. They have only a future as close friends- like brother and sister and nothing more. The other will feel the connection but without two connections the pair will not succeed in the amount of devotion as a double tie. It is likely that the being who has started the connection, the person who tied, wil tie again and in a double tie.

In a double tie:
Both souls, auras, hearts and minds will bind in a connection.
The connection is strong and being away from the other for long periods of time when they first tie can be painfull for both members of the connection. Both beings can be separate but the feelings when around each other are unsurpassable. They will come to feel love with the other around and will in most likelihood bind. Binding is like the human “marriage”.

Tying really is on the most part indescribable and trying to explain it is hard, dear reader, I have tried and whether I have succeeded or failed I can not tell, only know that if you have tied you will instantly know.

Having finished reading the book closed instantly. I looked up at Indy.
“What’s wrong with that?” I asked her.
“The fact that I have to leave here within probably the next two years and it is not likely that I will return. I have an impossible future ahead of me and the fact that I tied. That I will love somebody that much, to love yet another person and know that I must leave them. To add to ever amounting pain it will cause me, and the people I leave behind.

Nessie, do you know what it is like? I lost my brother before I was even alive, then my father and then my mother. I found all of you, one of the best things that could ever happen to me. But I know that I must leave you all, it’s always in the back of my mind, clouding all my happiness. It’s going to hurt to leave you all, and it will probably hurt all of you but that’s unavoidable now.

And then this happens, and you read what it said. I will love Seth, love him wholly and entirely and…I don’t know if he’ll love me, but it will hurt so much to leave him. And if I cause him pain? I don’t know what I’d do. And Ness, the only person I’ve spoken to about this is Carisle-

Vampires and pixies didn’t usually get along. Sometimes my instincts tell me to hurt you but now I’m used to it, it doesn’t really happen anymore, and I’d never do that. It’s not the same with shape shifters but I am capable of hurting Seth in so many ways.
And the last thing Ness…my mother once sat me down and told me, it still haunts me. I was born with an abnormal amount of power with magic.

If I ever let go…just let the magic flow entirely unstopped I could kill myself. That’s if I managed to stop it in time… if I didn’t stop it properly I would kill everyone around me, or if it veered off course- whole cities around me.
I’m dangerous, never in my life has it ever happened. And I don’t plan to let it but what if it did? I worry sometimes…” she trailed off and bit her lip, a little crease appeared across her nose.

I let it wander in my mind. Everything it she had just told me. It was all possible, and her worries and fears were grounded in well reason.

Although she’d told me everything, entirely honest with me I knew deep down in my heart that that would never happen. Indy was not evil, and she never would be. When she described her mother to me all I could think was that she was her mother’s girl, all the way through.
A whole soul, kind hearted, compassionate, wonderful, caring, loving, the list went on.

I had full faith in her.

And as for her future, we’d leap that hurtle when we came to it. I would be with her all the way, I promised. She’d become a sister to me and I knew that if there was ever anything I needed she’d be there for me, and I’d do the same.

I reached over and hugged her.
“I have full faith in you, you are your mum, and that will never happen,” I reassured her. She sighed and leant against me.
“And as for Seth, he imprinted on you,” I whispered. She sat up, startled.
“He did?” she squeaked, “That’s a double tie…that means…I double tied with a shape shifter!” she sighed and a little tear ran down her cheek.
“What is it?” I asked her gently.
“I always thought, if I was around to tie that my mum would be here,” she said and then suddenly laughed, “although when she first told me I never thought I’d tie with a SHAPE SHIFTER!” she laughed again, and it was so infectious I joined in.


Seth’s Point of View

We all hung out at the clearing for a while. Nessie left soon after Indy, she said she had to find out if she was okay. So I hadn’t imagined it. Her reaction to me had been strange.
The fun didn’t really hold together after Nessie left. We all ended up walking home.

“Don’t worry Seth, she’ll come ‘round” Embry told me, “Kim didn’t exactly fall in Jared’s arms, did she? He worked with her, slowly and now look at them!”
It was weird how they were so open about it. I thought it over and then froze. Now Leah was the only one who hadn’t yet imprinted. I imagined about me having to tell when I got home. Of course I had to tell her first, or she’d have to find out when we shifted and that would be way worse.

“Yeah, but Embry, who said that the pixie girl needed someone to date?” said Quil.
“I’ll be whatever she wants,” I said, starting to walk again.
“Of course you will, that’s what imprinting is!” said Embry, laughing.
My house was first so I said goodbye to everyone and then went inside.

Leah was home, making dinner for me and her. Mum was out with Billy, Charlie and Embry’s mum.
“What happened? I didn’t expect you home so early,” she said, taking the food off the stove and putting portions on the plates.
“nothing,” I muttered and started eating.
“Okay. My shift at work was really boring,” Leah said and then the conversation ended.
When I’d finished I cleaned the plates and the saucepan (my way of thanking Leah) and then said, as quietly as possible,
“Lee, I imprinted,”

“You WHAT?!” she asked, incredulously.
“Imprinted,” I answered.
“On who?” she demanded.
“The pixie girl, Incendia,” I replied.
“The pixie girl…the PIXIE girl?” she spluttered.
“Yeah…strange huh?” I said, in what I hoped was an offhand way, “Lee, I’m gonna go to bed…”

“Aren’t the imprinted usually full of joy and wonder and happiness? What’s wrong with you? Besides the obviously abnormal fact that you imprinted on a pixie,” Leah said, in the most interested tone I’d heard her use for a while.
“I don’t want to talk about it,” I said, I must have looked a mess because Leah’s eyes glazed over.
“What? Did she reject you? Did she hurt you? What’d she do to you? Why I…” she stood up.
“Lee, I can take care of myself. She didn’t say anything, she just acted weird, alright?” I said, my shoulders slumped a little more.
“How do you know it’s not some sort of spell she put on you and not really imprinting?” Leah wondered.
“I highly doubt she put any kind of spell on me. She couldn’t wait to get out of the clearing after she saw me, okay? Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna and be by myself, I’ll see you in the morning Lee,” I said and ran upstairs before she could say anything else.

I couldn’t sleep. The scene kept repeating over and over in my head. She seemed worried, upset, scared and yet…she seemed to like me. I couldn’t make sense of it. And I wanted to see her, that very minute. I wanted to be next to her, to be close always.
I pulled the pillow over my head and moaned.
Bright and early the next morning I went into Leah’s room.

“Lee, I know you’re still asleep but if you don’t get up in the next 20 minutes you’ll be late for work. I’ll drop by around lunch, okay?”
“Where are you going you annoying little voice?” Lee mumbled.
“Somewhere, I’ll see ya later,” I replied.
“Fine, see ya,” she replied and rolled over. I gave out a chuckle.
Behind my house I took off my shorts and then transformed into my wolf self. I sprinted to the Cullen’s.

I got there and changed back into my human self, and then slipped on my shorts. I knocked on the door, I didn’t care if I embarrassed myself. I had to see her, talk to her, something!
Edward opened it.

“I hear that you imprinted?” he asked with a smile.
I nodded. Edward and I were close. I was kind of glad he’d opened the door, I didn’t really feel embarrassed.
His smile became even wider,

“Come on in. She’s in her bedroom, my old one, anyway, she’s locked herself in. The only person she’s talked to since coming home yesterday was Nessie and upon request Bella’s shielding her so I have no idea what happened,” he told me as he lead me to the stairs

This was getting weirder and weirder. That would be me- abnormal and imprinting on a pixie, but not just any pixie, one that would have the strangest behavior known to mankind.
Edward laughed, “Weird is right, don’t worry besides Nessie we’re just as bewildered as you are, and Indy blocked my mind so you’re on your own Seth. Go on up, we’ll all be wondering if you can get more out of her than us,” and with that Edward walked off to his piano and started playing.

I climbed the stairs until I came to a white door. The tug of her pulled me there.
I knocked, there was no answer. I knocked again, I heard a sigh and a groan before,
“What and who is it?”
“It’s me. Seth,” I said, nervous beyond belief, “I was wondering if I could talk to you.”
I heard an intake of breath before,
“Seth, please go away,” she said, it was so quiet I almost didn’t hear it. And was that…pain in her voice?
“Please, can I? I know this is strange, me turning up here but I’d really love to at least ask you one question,” her reaction was driving me insane. I needed to see her and I wanted desperately to get to know her.

“No, Seth, please just leave. I don’t want to talk to you,” it was evident, the pain in her voice and was it longing? Longing for what?
I sighed, and slid down the wall.
“Then I’ll wait, wait until you WILL see me,” I said.
There was a moan,
“Seth, don’t do this,” she breathed.
My heart thumped loudly in my chest,
“However long this takes, I’ll wait. Right here, outside your door,” I announced loudly. I thought I heard Nessie giggle nearby.
“Seth, what part of go away don’t you understand? Then I’ll stop being so polite and demand that you get lost and out of this house!” she muttered, as if she were cursing me.

Then from downstairs I heard Edward shout,
“And I belong in this house too Indy, and Seth can stay!”
Incendia screeched and I heard the sound of springs. I sighed, this would be a long wait but if it was successful then it would be worth it.

“So Incendia, tell me, what’s up with you glowing different colours?” I asked after about half an hour.
“Go away Seth,” she moaned.
“You didn’t answer my question!” I said, in a whiney voice.
“Is that the one and only question you turned up to ask? Will you leave after I answer THAT question?” she mumbled.
“A) No and B) not a chance,” I quipped.
“I HATE YOU!” she yelled.
“Ouch, way to hurt a guy,” I said in a offhand voice, but secretly that stung like mad.

Carisle appeared out of nowhere and knocked on her door.
“Indy, may I talk to you?”
I heard her mutter, “yes”
“More privately? As in open the door and let me in” he said.
The sound of springs were once more heard and slowly the door opened.

She was still heartwrenchingly beautiful, but tear stains ran down her cheeks. She looked pained, and utterly sad. I wanted to scare all her problems away. She met my eyes and then pulled away, letting Carisle in and slamming the door.
What was wrong? I no longer knew what to do, and I shook my head waiting for the right idea to hit me.


Indy’s Point of View

Nessie let me be. I lay on what had formly been Edward’s couch, starring at my non-fasincating view of the ceiling. I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t have an apetiete. All that every part of me told me to do was to go see HIM.
I shook my head. I would fight this urge, I would win over nature. Instinct couldn’t drive me.
But this was the worse Mother Nature had ever had in store for me.

There came I knock on my door.
“What and who is it?” I demanded.
“It’s me. Seth,” came the most wonderful voice I’d heard, the one and only one I did NOT want to, nor needed to hear “I was wondering if I could talk to you.”
I sucked in a large amount of breath, and grasped the couch with both hands to stop from jumping up and running to the door.

“Seth, please go away,” I said, as quietly as I could. These feelings were almost unbearable. I got up lightly and tiptoed over to a corner. It would be easier not to run and break open the door.
“Please, can I? I know this is strange, me turning up here but I’d really love to at least ask you one question,” he was persistant. If I hadn’t wanted to ever tie in the first place then this would be a great thing. But now? This was the worst possible trait IMAGINABLE!

“No, Seth, please just leave. I don’t want to talk to you,” I clenched my fists, no, I would fight this. My instincts would not win, using my mind I would win. Mother nature would have to admit defeat.
I heard a sigh from the other side of the door.
“Then I’ll wait, wait until you WILL see me,” he said.
I moaned,
“Seth, don’t do this,” I barely even said it, more like said it in a breath.
“However long this takes, I’ll wait. Right here, outside your door,” he said as if he wanted the whole house to hear this remarkable declaration.

I heard Nessie giggle somewhere in the house, fabulous. I noted in my head that when I did eventually emerge from the room, after Seth had gone. He’d have to go sometime, that the whole house would have been listening to my drama. Emmett would never let me live it down.

“Seth, what part of go away don’t you understand? Then I’ll stop being so polite and demand that you get lost and out of this house!” I muttered, why couldn’t he get the point?
Maybe because I really did want to give in to what my soul was longing for?
No, I was strong, firm. I would NOT give in.
Then from downstairs Edward shouted,
“And I belong in this house too Indy, and Seth can stay!”

I let out a screech and I jumped up onto the couch, burying my head into a pillow. He sighed again. Why was this happening? My subconscious sent me an image of him sitting outside my door, and I burrowed further into the pillow.

“So Incendia, tell me, what’s up with you glowing different colours?” he asked me later.
“Go away Seth,” I moaned, he still hadn’t left me be. But it would it be easier if he did leave?
“You didn’t answer my question!” he said. If he thought by being funny he could win me over he had another thing coming.
“Is that the one and only question you turned up to ask? Will you leave after I answer THAT question?” I mumbled. My subconscious was trying to override me with images of what he looked like. I could barely remain focused.

“A) No and B) not a chance,” he said, very determinedly.
“I HATE YOU!” I yelled. The new image in my head was his face, his eyes, his lips… I turned my mind to boring trees, rustling leaves. I was not going to lose this battle
“Ouch, way to hurt a guy,” he joked, outside.
NO, NO, NO and NO! I will not give in!
“Indy, may I talk to you?”
Carisle? What was Carisle doing here? Great, more drama.
But I could not refuse Carisle.
“Yes,” I muttered. The door was there. Talk to me through that.

As if he’d read my thoughts he said,
“More privately? As in open the door and let me in.”
Did he have Edward with him? Wait, I’d blocked my thoughts anyway, wow, Carisle really did know me well.
I hopped off the couch and opened the door, very slowly.
I looked into Carisle’s face. He studied me, never letting a thought show. How did I fare with all these problems hitting me?

I decided to try and sneak a glance at HIM.
I met his eyes, of course he’d be starring at me. He was hunched against the wall, a worried, upset and pained look on his face and then I pulled away, letting Carisle. I slammed the door, it had been so hard to not sit down and tell me everything. Especially with those eyes, eyes that read my soul. Carisle told me to sit and I did, and we began to talk.