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Whatever Happened To Myths AREN'T Real?

I sat at the side of the road, my head in my blue tinged hands.I really should have eaten more of those tea leaves, any human could see that I was not one of them. I shook my head. Now was not the time to worry about humans. In a household where already two myths are real, can the Cullen family handle another? A strange girl appears on their doorstep looking for Carisle. And then comes the future that even Alice could never imagine. "I can only change one part of the Universe and that part is me" ~ Anonymous

I came up with this one day and it has been stuck in my head ever since. My first fanfic. I hope you like it. It's gonna be a long story! Set about 5 years after Breaking Dawn, *SPOILERS FOR BREAKING DAWN* and changes point of view throughout story. Disclaimer- I own nothing (except Incendia and the pixie plot) the rest is all thanks to Stephenie Meyer. I love her work, and without it this fanfic would never be written!

5. Chapter 5- Learn To Love

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Carisle stared me in the eyes.
“Indy, what is going on?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I muttered.
Carisle sighed,

“If you won’t tell me then you leave me no choice. Did you tie?”

I gasped. Carisle knew about tying! What, when, wait, HOW?!
“You, you...you know about tying? How? Did Mum tell you?” I spluttered.

“You’d be surprised by how much I know. It is not important how I know. Now, is that the problem?” he returned.

“Um, well, uh...Yes, that’s the problem,” I answered, preferring to look at the ceiling than look at Carisle.

“I see,” he said, “As my daughter I suggest that you think over the consequences for both parties as Seth is clearly infatuated with you but personally Indy, I think this is not as much of a problem as you are clearly making it be,” and with that my adopted father rose and left.

Seth stayed. I didn’t want him there. It tested my self control.
He left and I celebrated. But he was back, in an hour. He did the routine every day for about a week. It was agony.
Then the next day he didn’t turn up. I didn’t know if it was a bad thing or a good thing. I was torn.

Nessie visited me often, and she called Seth. She said he was fine.
Had he given up?
I didn’t leave my room. The outside world was too much. If I left I was sure I would go running and find him. I couldn’t, for the sake of both him and me I had to win this battle, no not just the battle- the war.

But things were starting to not become easier. I was growing paler from the lack of sunshine, my glow was faded, and since I really needed to collect my own food and go through a whole procedure with it I wasn’t really eating- my little blue spheres called Bii’s were all gone. I was getting weaker and weaker.

Everyone was worried- they didn’t know what to do.
One day- about 16 days after the tying Jacob Black knocked on my door.
“Incendia I need to talk to you!” he demanded.

“Jacob Black leave me alone!” I shouted- except it didn’t really turn out like a shout.

“No way!”
I sighed and then slowly got up and opened the door.
Jacob stared at me.
"WHAT?" I shouted, then winced. I hadn't meant to shout.

"YOU!" He yelled, "Nessie's worried sick, everyone's worried sick about you, with good reason.
You need help.Just look at you! I'm not a pixie expert but even I can tell that something is definitely wrong!"

"Is that what you're here for? To HELP me? Because you're not doing a very good job!" And I stomped back to my couch.
He came and sat down next to me. I screeched and hid my head in the pillow.

"Nessie told me that you sort of, well imprinted on Seth," he said.

"It's not imprinting, and she told you that?" I mumbled.

"Well, it's close to imprinting," said Jacob, "and she's so worried that yes, she did tell me. Fighting imprinting, Incendia-"

"Call me Indy," I said.

"Really? Doesn't calling you Indy mean something?" he asked me, confused.

"She told you that too?" I asked him, with the hint of a smile.

"Yes," he said.

"Well, you're here trying to help me, aren't you?" I said, "So yes, call me Indy"

"As I was saying, Indy, fighting an imprint, I don't know if it's the best thing. Nessie, she shared your conversation,"
I groaned and once more hid my head in the pillow.

"Because she's worried about you and I'm worried about Seth."
My head shot up. Seth? What was wrong with Seth?

"Just think- if it's hurting you Indy, then what would it be doing to him? He well, he doesn't show up for anything, he doesn't even leave the house. Leah's trying everything.
He answers the phone, but his voice. It's lifeless. This is hurting him really bad." his voice shook.

My hands had dug into the pillow and with the last sentence there was a ripping noise and feathers were flying everywhere.

"Is it really worth it Indy? I know you're worried, and there are many good reasons and you're trying to do the right thing. But when it comes down to it- is it worth it?"
I avoided looking at his face and turned to look out the window.
"I went to see him yesterday," he continued, "Leah says he's eaten about 3 meals since he left your house. He looks dreadful, Indy, zombie like."
I shook my head.

"Indy! Think about it. The pain, continual pain, all of it amounts to more than I think you'll have when you leave," he said.

"What if I never come back, Jake, what if I DIE? Huh? If I do become close to him and then I leave and I don't survive? Do you think that this will amount to all the pain THEN?!"I shot back.

"He'll still feel the pain of your death, either way. I think it's better you enjoy time together, have that happiness and the pain, rather than simply pain and no goodness in this situation"
Jacob said quietly.
I looked at his face.

"Seth," I whispered. The name sounded warm, and filled me with happiness.
I got up and in a flash had stolen his cell phone.

"hey!" he shouted, and tried to snatch it off me. But I'd already found the number I was looking for, and had copied it down.
I tossed it back to him.

"I might see you around La Push, Jake," I said, and then halted, "Might- by the way."

"I won't hold you to anything- but I think you'll make what I believe to be the right choice," he replied.
And with that he left.


I sat on the grass outside with Nessie's phone in my hand.
"C'mon," I told myself, "This is the right thing. I can do this."
I dialled the number.
Ring, Ring.

"Hello?" came his voice, feelings jumped on top of one another inside me, but I was devastated to hear what Jacob had said was right.

"Um, Seth?" she heard an intake of breath,
"It's Indy, you know Incendia, the pixie girl?"

"I know who you are," he replied, his voice brighter than when he had first picked up, "Why are you calling though? I thought you didn't want to talk to me."

"Here's the truth: I wanted to- I just thought I shouldn't. The reason for me calling? Well-" there was a beeping noise cutting me off.

"No! Stupid phone, no! Incendia, my phone's battery is running out- do you want to-"
The call ended and I stared in disbelief at the phone.

I sat down and thought, isolating every emotion in me, letting it wash over me, truly experiencing every feeling, its power. Did the phone call signify anything outer-worldly? Or was I just being paranoid?
Well, I was a pixie. I had every right to be paranoid in that sense.
And even if it was something utterly magical and strange I'd already made my choice- and I'd called him. There was no possible way I could back out now, and I wasn't going to.

I didn't want to. Mother Nature had won. Despite my every attempt to forget him, ignore him, not be interested it hadn't worked. I wanted to get to know him, so badly. I did find myself being pulled towards him like a magnet.
I sat down carefully and struggled to remember what Mum had said about telling the future.

True future telling, all through yourself and magic, at your own desire, and being entirely accurate was VERY difficult, and without proper training and practice was also dangerous.
Most pixies didn't try it until their Aura Age, actually it was recommended not to try it till that age.

I sighed, I was going to have to do this without that amazing help. It was going to be a while yet until I could even try future telling.
I fell asleep, exhausted by the proceedings, but I guess it wasn't exactly the best idea during the circumstances.
When I had been younger visions had entered my brain while sleeping. They always came true- always. It had started before I honestly knew what they were. They were never predictable in their timing.

My want for future telling, to bend this powerful force so that these helpful visions came when I needed had unknowingly seeped into my unconscious brain, into my soul and spirit.
Through that short and unfitfull sleep on the Cullens lawn I had a vision. The La Push Boys of Jacob's pack- Seth included walking down the walkway right next to a patch of forest.
There was a noise- only picture was clear in this vision- and Seth looked up. Sitting in a tree was Nessie and I.
I woke up, the time on Jacob's watch had read 4:05.
It was 3:40.
I had a plan.


Seth's Point of View

I wanted to completely snap my phone in half. My hands started shaking, and I had to remind myself that now would not be an excellent time to change.

I hadn't charged my phone in a while- I didn't think I needed to. My life had been bleak and dull, almost void, ever since I'd stopped sitting outside her room, until she'd just called me.
SHE'D called me. SHE had something she'd wanted to say to me.
I banged my fist against the wall.
There was a slight indention.

I had it! Brilliant!
I would go over to the Cullens- now.
Wait...she hadn't sounded like she was at home.
What day was it?
...Saturday, 3:35...usually they all hunted at this time. She was somewhere in the forest. Could I track her?
But I couldn't deal with everyone's thoughts right now.

The doorbell rang. I ran downstairs.
Leah had already answered it.Jacob stood there, talking to Leah.
He was answering some sort of question,

"Yeah, I went by the Cullens this morning. Reneesme's fine, a little worried though," he was saying.

"Why?" asked Leah, she was holding a glass of Coke it looked like. That's funny,she hardly ever drank Coke...

"Oh, well, Incendia isn't doing too well," replied Jacob.
Huh? What?

"What's wrong?" I demanded, stepping out of the staircase.

"Oh, hey Seth. I came by to see if you and Leah wanted to come up to Quil's place. The Oldies were having a party, I thought you might want to come..."

"What's wrong with Indy?" I demanded.

"Nothing, listen, come with us to the Oldies party, get out of the house and I'll tell you any news you ought to know on the way," Jacob told me.

"Or you could just tell me now, my phone just died and Indy had called me..." I said, unusual anger seeping into my voice.

"Seth the deal is you come and I tell you, do not make me use an Alpha command on you," Jacob replied, noticing the anger in my voice.
I reluctantly met him at the door.

"Sorry Boys, I can't go, work to do, you enjoy yourselves okay? Jake say hi to Billy for me," Leah smiled sweetly.


Incendia's POV

Pulling Nessie behind me I sprinted to the tree from my vision. Nessie was just happy to see me so excited. My glow was slowly returning, but I was weak and rather hungry.
But I knew that if I didn't do this I wouldn't be able to even consider eating.

Magically I made steps out of branches right up to near the top of the tree. Nessie and I climbed, and I saw her giggle. And so, sitting near the top, watching over the whole of La Push we waited.
We watched a little girl and her mother pass, it was Claire. Wasn't that the girl one of the wolves had imprinted on? I asked Nessie this through thoughts. She told me that Quil had imprinted on her. Lucky girl.

Soon there was talk and laughter.
The boys were coming.
Jacob was near the front, then there was Quil, Embry, Paul and...Seth. He looked gloomy and upset, but his hair was longish and had started to fall into his eyes...

Nessie started laughing and Jacob immediately looked around and then spotted us in the tree.

"Nessie! What are you doing up there?"he shouted and the rest of the pack looked up.

"Don't worry Jacob," I moved out of the shadows, "I'm taking care of her."

"I don't even think you're in the right state to take care of yourself, come down!" Jacob yelled.

"Fine!" I yelled back.I jumped recklessly onto Nessie's branch, and then placed both hands on her back.

"I'm gonna use a spell, it'll make you float down, I would never let you fall, trust me okay? I'll come down after you. Now just step off the branch."
Nessie nodded, took a breath and stepped.

I heard Jacob yelp as she started to float downwards, hair winding through the air. She landed effortlessly. Then I stepped into thin air.