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Into The Dusk

A 5th Book for the Twilight Series lovers. For all you people who were just as sad as I was when you read those two words at the end of Breaking Dawn, "The End". This is for you. Characters: Carlisle, Edward, Esme, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Bella, Jacob, And Renesme.

I'm not sure where I am heading with this, but it should be fun. First attempt, would love reviews!

1. Chapter 1 - Revenge

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Chapter 1 - Revenge

I must have been laying there in Edward’s arms for hours. Time flew by most days, making hours seem like minutes. I trailed my fingers along his arm that was wrapped around me securely. I looked out the window as the sunlight shone through. I turned my body around to face Edward; he shined brightly as the rays hit him. I took in every detail of him and smiled to myself, he was beautiful. His eyes were closed, deep in thought most likely. Our silent moments together seemed more intimate than any other moments we shared together. I lightly traced his cheek bone and wondered what he could be thinking about. He flinched a little, like he was considering opening his eyes, and then went calm again. I watched his skin glitter like a million diamonds dancing in the light, and realized that Renesme would be waking soon. Not wanting to ruin the tranquility of this moment I prepared myself to push my shield away. This had gotten easier since the first time I tried a few months ago. With a bit of effort I succeeded and told Edward in my thoughts I was going to go get Renesme. He nodded ever so gently as I untangled myself from the sheets with such a cat-like grace. I walked into Renesme’s room quietly. From her soft even breaths, it was obvious she was still asleep. I peered down at her growing body. I noted the small things that had changed. Her hair was easily a 16th of an inch longer, her arms, legs, and torso seemed significantly longer as well.

Watching Renesme grow was amazing. Every morning she woke up she would look months different than she had the night I had laid her down in her crib. With the help from Nahuel we know more of what to expect now regarding Renesme’s development. Carlisle spent many nights talking with Nahuel, so intrigued by his life, and well, his mere existence. Gaining as much information as he could before Nahuel had to return back to his family in the jungle, Carlisle had estimated that Renesme would reach full maturity in 8 years. She would roughly age 3 years every year, on average until she reached full development. She would be around 24, I added in my head. I owed Nahuel much thanks for allowing me this peace of knowing that my daughter would live a long life, an eternity actually, and I could live that life with her. Though, according to Edward I had done more for Nahuel than I ever could on my own by just possibly being alive. I smiled slightly, realizing that Nahuel would know that he was not a monster, and he could live the rest of his eternity with that kind of peace that I have now. Renesme’s soft movements as she woke up broke me from this trance-like state I was in, from going over the thoughts of the past few months’ events. I could remember every little detail so vividly, my human memories paled in comparison, except my human memories of Edward. I was determined to not forget those. As soon as Renesme’s little eyes opened and I saw her warm liquid brown irises look up at me, I gently bent down to kiss her forehead and then scooped her up, blanket and all in my arms so that my cold skin would not chill her so quickly. Renesme smiled and placed her small palm on the middle of my chest, showing me images of her and me in similar mornings like this one. I grinned down at her, “Good morning to you too, Renesme”.

I positioned Renesme on my hip and walked her into the kitchen. I thought about what to feed her this morning and figured that oatmeal would suffice. I wrinkled my nose at the mush I was preparing, and then noticed the light foot steps coming down the hall. Instinctively I stiffened for a millisecond ready to attack until I realized that those footsteps were Edward’s. Then he was beside me in a second. He pushed my hair behind my ear and breathed in my ear, “Good Morning.” That sent chills down my entire body, like always whenever he spoke to me like that. After a small pause I hit reality again as I could faintly smell with my heightened senses, the oatmeal beginning to burn. I quickly turned off the heat and placed the oatmeal into a small plastic bowl to cool. Renesme was on the kitchen floor, playing with a silverware set, occupied by bending and unbending the spoons and forks.

“Do you have to do that?” I said to Edward with a bit of an edge.

He just flashed a crooked smile at me and then bent down to pick up Renesme. “Good Morning to you Nessie!” and he gave her several quick kisses all over her face. Renesme giggled excitedly from the attention and then placed her palm against Edward’s face. Edward smiled from whatever it was that Renesme showed her.

“She’d rather go hunting with Jacob, than eat oatmeal.”

I frowned teasingly. “You don’t like momma’s cooking?” I directed towards Nessie, who then reached out for me. I grabbed her quickly and nuzzled her.

“I do momma. I just don’t want to eat that.” Then Renesme showed me images of myself preparing the oatmeal.

It seemed like I haven’t ate human food in years though it was only a few months since I’ve been changed. Could I possibly be loosing touch on what was good and what wasn’t in this short period of time? From what I could remember it seemed like oatmeal hadn’t been that bad.

I nodded and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “We’ll go ask Jacob to take you hunting then, sweetheart.”

Nessie seemed to prefer blood over normal human nutrition, and now, that I am a vampire I really couldn’t argue with her there. I dressed Renesme in the first reasonable outfit that I could find in her closet, it was one that Charlie bought for her, trying to be helpful. It was cute enough. Alice had stocked Renesme’s little closet with tons and tons of cute little, and completely inappropriate outfits. Alice always over did it. I proceeded to dress myself, which only took a few seconds, and by that time Edward already had Nessie placed on his back and ready to go. We traveled quickly down the trail and over the creek to meet up with the other Cullen’s at the house. Nessie giggled all the way, she really loved moving at this speed. Alice saw us coming as soon as we decided to go and was waiting outside for us. As soon was we were in reach she grabbed for Nessie and hugged her tightly.

“Oh I just love you!” She chimed. Nessie raised her palm to Alice’s cheek, and whatever it was it made Alice’s grin 10 times larger, as if that was possible.

“Oh and, Jacob’s already here, been here since the sun came up.” As soon the words left her mouth Nessie was tugging to be let down. Alice did accordingly, and Nessie raced off to find Jacob, her Jacob. Edward shook his head for a second, almost disappointingly and then dismissed the thought. Alice looked back at Nessie one last time before she disappeared back into the house and then faced back to me.

“Bella! You really are helpless. With all the outfits I bought for Nessie you still happen to find the worst of the bunch. Why do you like to torture me so much?” She said, almost as if I really was torturing her.

Edward chuckled, and I elbowed him as hard as I could, and being that I was still stronger than him I actually hurt him. He winced for a moment and I immediately felt bad. He rubbed the spot on his side where I hit him for a few seconds.

“Alice ... I-” She cut me off.

“Maybe I should come by and dress her myself?”

“That isn’t very necessary Alice.” Edward cut in. “We’re just fine; don’t worry so much about it. Bella will dress Nessie in whatever she wishes.”

Alice pouted for a second before she spoke again, “Well maybe she should let Nessie decide what she wants to wear, I’m sure that kid would have a little bit more style than Bella.” Then she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Real cute Alice, love you too.” I spitted out teasingly.

She grinned and then danced away into the house; I shook my head, knowing Alice would never let this down, not even for a second. I sighed, defeated then Edward and I followed the little pixie into the house as well, and found Carlisle doing his daily evaluation on Renesme. He had his ruler out, measuring the length of her arms, legs, torso, and then the width of them as well. He noted all the measurements down on a chart he had been keeping up with since her birth. Nessie had a frown on her face, though. I figured that she really wanted to go find Jacob, but must’ve accidently found Carlisle first. I laughed softly to myself, “my poor baby”.

Esme entered in from the kitchen, “Bella! Edward!” She came up and kissed us both on the cheek.

“Hi Esme.” I greeted back with a smile.

Edward smiled at her too, and then gave her a loose hug. “Morning.” Esme was always so cheerful. It was pleasant being around her.

“Where are the others?” Edward asked. I looked around for a second, noticing that Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie weren’t in the living room. Alice had propped herself on the couch, soaked up into Carlisle and Nessie’s daily routine. Also where was Jacob? Alice said he had been here since the sun came up. I wrinkled my forehead, wondering where he could be. I listened in for any sounds of a heart beat but could only hear Nessie’s fast fluttering beats. He had to be miles away somewhere because, I couldn’t hear him.

“They went hunting. Jacob tagged along out of boredom. They should be back in an hour or so.” Nessie over heard Esme because I could hear a soft whimper escape her lips.

“But Nessie wanted to go hunting with Jacob today. How long have they been gone?” I asked for Nessie’s sake.

“Only a few minutes, ten at the most I’d guess?” Esme said, trying to recall. “Why? Do you want to go and catch up with them? They didn’t go far.” I shrugged and looked at Edward for a second, trying to read what he was thinking. He was looking at Carlisle and he seemed to be focused on something millions of miles away. Then I looked back at Nessie who was dying to go. “Yea. Nessie really misses Jacob, plus she hasn’t eaten anything today. I’ll take her.” I said, looking back at Edward and then Esme.

“I’m going as well.” Edward said, finally speaking.

“Me too!” An all too excited Alice chirped in.

While running, following the scent of Jacob, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper it was kind of quiet. Renesme was on my back this time. Edward was running on my right flank, and Alice was on my left. Edward broke the silence.

“Why didn’t you tell them to wait?” He said, towards Alice obviously.

“They had already left by the time Nessie realized she wanted to go hunting with Jacob. Sorry.” Alice said, apologetically.

“It’s fine.” Edward said. And then the rest of the run was quiet, until we approached closer to them. I smelled Jacob, so he was closer then the others. I started to drift into the direction his scent was leading me. Edward and Alice ran farther to catch up with Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett. It was seconds until I saw Jake’s large wolf form a few yards away. His snout dripped with blood. This situation was kind of odd, I was going to pass my daughter off to that gruesome sight instead of running far away, but Jake would never hurt Nessie. For some reason though, Emily Young’s face popped into my head. The 3 disfiguring scars that ran down the side of her beautiful face made me shudder. Could Jacob ever do that to Nessie? My Nessie? No, no, no. Jacob has more control now than ever. He would never hurt Nessie. Would he? Accidently? No. I sighed, was Edward’s overbearing protective behavior rubbing off on me? Edward’s name triggered something else. Edward had been so quiet today, barely saying anything. This made me nervous. Was he mad? Did I do something wrong? I realized I was in mere feet away from Jacob and shook my head violently, dismissing all these negative questions.

Jake looked up me, puzzled and waited for me to speak.

“Nessie was hungry, and she specifically asked to go hunting with you, but by the time we got to the house you guys had already left.” I explained while placing Nessie securely between Jake’s wide shoulder blades.

Despite my best efforts, my thoughts were elsewhere. I was genuinely worried that Edward was upset about something. I gave Jake and Nessie a quick wave before I ran off to find Edward. I heard Emmett boasting to Alice and the others about how he just fought a massive bear, ten times his size.

“Yea, but really it was just a cub. Got ‘em good on the shoulder too, look!” I heard Jasper say, before bursting into a fit of laughter.

I had just made my way to the clearing where they all were gathered and saw Emmett pick up a good sized boulder and launched it at Jasper, missing by just an inch. Purposely, I figured.

“Shut up Jazz, you weren’t there!” Emmett roared. Still hyped up from the fight.

“Babe, put a sock in it. We believe you.” Rosalie said in her soft, musical voice.

At that moment I noticed that Edward wasn’t with them. Now I was really starting to worry.

“Hey, uh where did Edward go?” I said. They all turned to look at me, kind of surprised.

Jazz shrugged and Emmett said, “He went hunting. Didn’t stay long. Why? Something wrong?”

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out.” I shouted behind me as I ran to catch up with Edward.

When I heard him only a few yards away I lowered my pace, if he was hunting I didn’t want to take him by surprise. I saw him perched in a tree; he was stalking a good sized mountain lion. The cat seemed oblivious as it continued walking with such grace and elegance. A few moments later, Edward made his attacked and landed on the cat, biting into the mountain lion’s neck. Edward had the cat drained in a minute and threw him to the side. I made my way towards him and he smiled as he saw me approach.

I didn’t even want to waste the time trying to explain how I felt so I pushed my shield away as fast as I could and let my thoughts of earlier about him flood my mind. His smile quickly faded and he held his lips into a straight line.

“Bella… I am not mad at you.” He said once he suddenly realized my actions.

“Then what is wrong? You’ve been acting different all day. You’ve basically secluded yourself from everyone.” I snapped back, not meaning to sound so harsh. I was just worried what could possibly be wrong now.

Edward had stiffened, as preparing himself for a great argument. Though for some reason he relaxed, and his shoulders slumped a little.

“It’s completely nothing, Bella. I am just worrying myself over nothing.”

“Edward just be up front with me, I don’t care if you think it’s nothing. If it has you acting this way it is something.”

“The Denali Coven contacted Carlisle last night. They have heard from other friends that the Werewolves the Volturi were trying to eliminate have grown in numbers, significantly. They are kind of on some sick, vampire killing rampage. Revenge, non-the-less. It’s spreading across Italy. They’re just worried, you know for the vampires over there. I overheard Carlisle expressing the same concern in his thoughts, but I am just preparing myself if the situation happened to reach closer to home.”

“Oh” Was all I could spit out. I was kind of shocked. Werewolves? I remembered now, back in the winter when we went up against the Volturi. They had spoken about the werewolves. They thought Jacob and his pack were werewolves. I thought the same too, but Jacob and his pack are different, they’re shape-shifters. Apparently Werewolves were horrible creatures. I shuddered at the thought of real Werewolves here in Forks. Edward must have seen my reaction because I felt his arms around me in that second.

“Bella, honey, its okay. I’m just over thinking it. I just like to be prepared. Please don’t you worry about this now too? There’s not even a small chance they’ll come anywhere close to us.” He spitted out, like he couldn’t get his thoughts out fast enough.

“No, it’s not that- I’m fine. Really, Just the thought of Renesme… and werewolves.”

“I know. That’s why I want to be prepared. Just in case. That’s all, nothing more. Please smile for me Bella.”

I hugged him in that moment and smiled into his neck. “You don’t have to worry about things all by yourself now.” I reminded him.

“I’m just glad you can’t read minds.” He teased. Then before I knew it he had scooped me up on his back and we were running back to the others.

When we got back to the small clearing where even Renesme and Jacob were now sitting, I could see what had everyone’s attention. Emmett and Jazz were wrestling on the ground and at the moment Jazz had Emmett pinned, but our entrance distracted him and Emmett took that to his advantage, pinning Jazz down and winning back his brag rights. As if he really needed that. Alice looked up at me with a sincere glance; she knew what Edward had been worrying about, of course.

“Such a cheat!” Jazz spitted out at Emmett.

Emmett was too happy to retort back some insult. “I am the champ.” He boasted proudly and then went to claim his prize, Rosalie.

“You are babe.” Rosalie said and then gave Emmett a passionate kiss. Renesme grunted at their affection and hid her face in a blob of Jake’s fur. Jake licked the back of Nessie’s hair and she giggled with her face still covered by his fur.

I went and scooped up Renesme and said, “Missed you.”

“Missed you too momma. I caught a big elk! Way bigger than the Elk Jake got” She said excitedly.

I laughed, “Emmett, you’re rubbing off on my daughter.”

“She’ll be one fine kid then” He said, and flashed Nessie a big goofy smile.

Jake got up and ran off into the woods, returning back the next minute in his human form.

“Hey bells.” He said casually and then reached for Nessie. It was so routine, passing Nessie off to Jake like this, I really never thought about it, but I pictured Emily again, but shook away the thought as I passed her on to Jake. “What is wrong with me?” I asked myself.

Everyone seemed to be lost in a conversation. The way we were gathered here, it was so normal. Like we weren’t just a bunch of vampires, and a wolf, which all have just finished eating their animal of choice. Like we were a normal family, conversing with each other on a normal day.

“Bells…” Jake interrupted my thoughts.

“Yea Jake?”

“I was curious if it was okay, if I could take Nessie up to the reservation. Billy misses her like something! And Maybe Charlie will be there, and you know he’d love to see her.”

Edward cut in, “Of course Jake, you can take her, and my Volvo.” He gave Jacob a crooked smile.

“Alright man! Thanks!” Jake said excitedly, a bit surprised by Edward’s nice gesture.

“See ya later Bells, oh, you too blood suckers!” He teased and ran off to get Edward’s car.

“That was… too nice.” I glanced up at Edward with a puzzled expression.

“Ohh… I’ll show you too nice.” And in half a second he was on top of me, pinning me to the ground, but something interrupted him.

“Oh-!” Alice shouted out, as if she was in pain. Her expression was miles away. She was having a vision and Edward was seeing it in her mind. He became tense, and picked us up off the ground in record time. Edward ran with me on his back, the others figuring out what was going on, or at least something was wrong followed behind us.

“What is it? What is wrong?”

No one answered. “Come on, you can’t leave me in the dark. Tell me something!”

“Charlie-” was all Alice could get out.

I froze. Good thing I was on Edward’s back, he probably anticipated this. Charlie? My cold heart sank. And I couldn’t breathe anymore. We made it to the house; Esme was there, to greet us. She seemed sort of oblivious of the doomed haze that draped around us.

“Hey guys, Carlisle got called into work. There was a real bad car accident involving two cars, according to the description it was a couple going to Seattle and a local man. They’re short on hands at the ER and needed Carlisle quickly. He lied and said he was just a block away.”

Then she turned her head back into the living room, and that’s when I saw him. A man sitting on the couch, waiting for us it looked liked. Before any of us could interject Esme she said, “Oh, and we have a visitor. He greatly needs to speak with you, Bella. Right away. He wouldn’t tell me why.” She announced, with a hurt look on her face.

My heart sank, again.