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Into The Dusk

A 5th Book for the Twilight Series lovers. For all you people who were just as sad as I was when you read those two words at the end of Breaking Dawn, "The End". This is for you. Characters: Carlisle, Edward, Esme, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Bella, Jacob, And Renesme.

I'm not sure where I am heading with this, but it should be fun. First attempt, would love reviews!

2. Chapter 2 - The Unwelcomed Visit

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Chapter 2 – The Unwelcomed Visit

Somehow I had seated myself on the Cullen’s white sofa chair in front of the police officer dressed up in all his gear, his hat laid beside him on the couch. I had no recollection of even moving from the door way. I was completely and utterly drained of anything. Apparently the officer was talking to me, but I wasn’t aware until now.

“Ma’am, Ma’am are you there? I know this is a lot to comprehend. I hate these visits as much as the family members…”

“Don’t you dare tell me Charlie is dead.” I snapped sharply. My vision was turning red with rage, and that’s when I noticed Edward was sitting on the arm of the chair beside me, gripping my hand to help me stay centered. I realized that I really hadn’t been breathing. I took a quick inhale. His sweet human scent that filled my lungs now wasn’t very intriguing to me at the moment. I was more worried about Charlie.

The police officer seemed a bit stunned by my accusation. “Ma’am, Ms. Cullen …” He seemed to struggle with what to call me, but I could swear the man knew my name.

“Bella.” I interrupted.

“Bella, I told you before. Chief Swan gave us a big scare, hit head on with the couple, but he is expected to make a full recovery at the least. He is in stable condition at the hospital. Last I heard Carlisle was taking very good care of him.”

My tension seemed to ease as I realized who his doctor was. Edward noticed this and loosened his grip on my hand.

“But, Ma’a- Bella I was asking you if you’d like a ride to the hospital, I’d take you in my cruiser. You’d be there in no time.”

Edward found something humorous in that statement, but I was hit with another dilemma. Obviously I wouldn’t go with the officer, but could I go at all? We haven’t tested my will power with many humans, much less fresh human blood. I needed to see my father though. Could I handle the smell of blood, the smell of his blood? My thoughts trapped me again, and I froze. What if my father didn’t make it? The last time I’d ever have of seeing him alive and I couldn’t because I’d be too afraid of killing him myself. For the third time today, my heart sank. This time though, I tried to encourage myself. I knew I wasn’t like any other newborn vampire. I could handle this. I’d have Edward for support, and the rest of the Cullen’s. I didn’t hunt though, earlier. “Damnit!” I muttered. Edward seemed to be the only one who heard me, and looked at me suspiciously. I’d have to prepare myself, obviously, but I didn’t want to waste the time on something like that, but I knew it was essential.

The officer spoke again, re-asking his question, probably thought I didn’t hear it the first time. “Bella, do you want a ride, hun?”

“No.” I replied quickly. “I can get there myself. Thanks.”

I got up and walked to the kitchen, and waited until Rosalie lead the officer to the door, and then everyone piled into the kitchen, all eyes on me. Frustrated with talking at this point, I used all the energy I could muster up, I raised my hands to my forehead trying to concentrate, and pushed my shield away from my mind and let every recent feeling, thought, and idea flood my mind. Edward’s face twisted in discomfort and pain, my pain, and with that he wrapped his arms around me.

“Oh Bella!”

Jasper must have felt the negative feelings radiating off of us and suddenly I felt calmer. Edward spoke for me this time.

“Bella is worried about going to the hospital, with all the humans and blood. Though, she feels like she must see Charlie right now. She’s afraid that’d she’ll lose control though because the last time she hunted was last week.”

“Aw Bella honey, of course we will take you to see Charlie, but you must prepare yourself. There’s no way you’d be able to control yourself with that much temptation.” Esme said, gently rubbing my hand.

Alice added, “If you go right now Bella, the blood will tempt you, though it’s fuzzy on how you react, but too fuzzy, and way too dangerous to risk it. We must take every precaution necessary so we can help you through this.”

“We’ll go hunting right now. It will only take a short time. I promise you I’ll get you to the hospital as soon as possible. Alice and the rest of them will go to the hospital now, and they’ll call me if anything goes wrong.” Edward said, pulling me closer to him.

“Alright” I said, finally speaking, and that set everyone into motion. The rest of the Cullen’s left straight away. Edward grabbed my hand and we went running into the woods, once again. I went after the first thing I smelled. It was a doe, peacefully wandering through the trees. I stalked behind it and sprang the first chance I got. I quickly drained the doe of every ounce of blood in its fragile body then moved onto my next victim. After awhile I felt stuffed, but not satisfied. My stomach felt like a swimming pool.

“Ugh.” I said out loud.

“You should be good for now. Quick, let’s go.”

We raced back to the Cullen’s house. As soon the garage opened, there were three empty spaces. One that usually held Carlisle’s Mercedes S55 AMG, another where Rosalie’s BMW M3 convertible would be, and then, The last empty space was suppose to contain Edward’s Volvo.

I gasped as I remembered that Jake had taken Edward’s Volvo, and Renesme. “Oh no your-” I didn’t realize that Edward was already in his Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.

“Get in, Bella!” He yelled.

I did as he said and he veered the Vanquish immediately out of the garage as soon as I slammed the door and we were instantly going down the highway. His speed reached up to almost 120 MPH. This speed would have given me a heart attack back when I was human, but right now it was necessary.

“We need to tell Jacob about Charlie-“

“Billy and the others probably already know, which means the first place they would go is the hospital Bella.”

I just nodded my head, every fiber in my being yearned for Charlie to be okay. In less than five minutes we were already at the hospital. Before I stepped inside with Edward I took in a big gulp of air and held my breath.

Inside Edward asked a nurse what room Charlie Swan was in. The plump, middle-aged and overly worked nurse seemed kind of surprised when she looked at me, she looked almost frightened? After a few glances at me, then Edward, then back at me she looked down at a chart in her hands and said, “Looks like he is still in the ICU, room 5.” Then she pointed at a corridor, “Down that way and it should be the 3rd door on the left.”

“Thanks” Edward grumbled and dragged me to the direction she pointed.

Carlisle and Alice were in Charlie’s room when we arrived. Carlisle was writing down something on a chart, and looking at X-rays. Alice was sitting beside Charlie’s bed holding his hand, apparently he was sleeping.

“I…i…is he okay?” I muttered out and trying not to use up all of my oxygen I had stored. I rushed to Charlie’s side and looked down at him. He looked so broken. So many cuts and slashes on his face, and arms, the rest I couldn’t see because he was covered up. If I knew I could, I’d be bawling all over him right now.

“Well, he’s stable right now to say the least. I’m keeping a tight watch on him Bella. Trust me when I say he will be okay.”

I nodded at him, afraid to speak. I pushed my shield away and asked Edward to ask Carlisle what his injuries were in my thoughts. Edward got the message because I heard him do as I asked.

“Carlisle, Bella wants to know how badly he is hurt.”

“He got banged up pretty bad. A few broken ribs, one punctured his lung, his right wrist is fractured. His legs got a beating, the left one is broken. There’s bruises, swelling, and cuts all over him, but on the upside no eternal bleeding, at least none so far, all stuff that will take months healing. He won’t be able to return back to work for awhile. Sue Clearwater, Billy, Jacob and Renesme are here. Sue has already offered to tend to him at home. Really Bella, there’s no need to worry so much right now.” Carlisle said, as I felt him lay his thick hand on my shoulder trying to comfort me.

Alice spoke this time, “Bella sit. You look like hell. Literally.” She tried to lighten the atmosphere, probably wishing Jasper was here. I did as she said though, feeling like a zombie at the moment, I’d probably do anything anyone said. I couldn’t think for myself at the moment. Not thinking I exhaled and began to sob drly. I felt so drained, but as quickly as I did it I realized what I just did. At that time I inhaled and the blood filled my lungs, setting them on fire. My throat burned with the thirst. All I could think about was tasting the blood, how amazing it must taste. My head spun and a small snarl escaped my lips. All my thoughts were focused on attacking Charlie and draining every last ounce of blood from him, but my legs wouldn’t move, for a second I was paralyzed. Suddenly I was lifted up by someone and rushed out of the room. Someone was following at the same pace behind us and whoever had me, pinned me roughly down on a bench outside the hospital. I breathed and the scent of human blood rushed out of my lungs and I could suddenly think more clearly. I looked up and noticed that it was actually Alice who had whisked me out of the hospital room, apparently she must of seen what I was about to do. “Bella honey its okay. Nothing happened.” I heard Edward saying behind Alice. “Alice, let her go, she’s not going to do anything right now.”

Alice looked up for a second, as if she was reassuring herself by looking into my near future. “You’re right. Sorry Bella, I couldn’t risk it. You were going to attack Charlie.” Alice told me.

This had turned out to be a horrible night and I just wanted to go home. I let myself wallow in all the guilt I felt. I would’ve hurt my own father? I am a monster. I curled up into a ball and rested my head on my knees. I felt Edward wrap his arm around me.


“Not now Edward.” I snapped back, feeling guilty the second I did.

And we sat there in silence. I heard Alice’s light footsteps as she walked back into the hospital. After about ten minutes when I couldn’t stand the silence anymore between us I spoke.

“I really would have done it, Edward?”

“You know Alice’s visions are subjective Bella …” He said softly. It didn’t comfort me that much.

“What more could have changed, except for what did change? If you guys weren’t there, if it was just me and him….” I paused for a moment, and then softly spoke, “I would have done it.” I said, finally realizing the truth.

“If, if, if!” Edward yelled out. “Bella we never would of left you alone. There’s no reason to put yourself down like this. Bella if you only know how many times any one of us almost slipped up and the damage it caused, you’d feel like a real champ right now. You hesitated Bella… you have the greatest willpower of any new born vampire alive. You are just so … amazing, and it’s like you don’t even want to realize it.” He said almost kind of disappointedly.

I sighed. I knew he was right, but still. Charlie was my father, and it hurt thinking I would do such a thing. I sobbed drly. Edward seemed fed up and he grabbed my face with his hands and pressed his lips against mine with so much passion.

“Bella, you’re hurting me…” He said, with his lips still pressed against mine.

He loved me so much, and seeing me like this probably was hurting him. I took one deep breath and looked up at him.

“Can we go home?”

He nodded as if he was thinking the same exact thing. “Of course we can.”

It was getting dark anyway. I asked Edward if he could go and get Renesme while I sat and waited in the Vanquish. I looked at the clock on the radio. It was nearly 7 p.m. This day seemed like such a blur to me. It only took Edward a few minutes before he was back with Renesme. She was asleep in his arms, and I was sort of relieved. I didn’t want her to see me like this at all. Edward fastened Nessie in the booster seat quickly and then got into the driver’s seat, pulled out of the parking lot, and headed back to the house. The drive was silent, and I didn’t protest. I needed this time to clear my thoughts. I made a list of pros and cons in my head. So far in the pros was that Charlie was okay, and he was going to be okay. Sue was sweet enough to even aide in helping Charlie heal at home. Also, another pro was that I didn’t attack Charlie, and Edward was right, I did hesitate. So, on the cons side was just that, I wanted to attack Charlie. That just seemed to out weight everything on the pros list. I gave up and sighed. I felt Edward’s hand slide gently against my leg.

“I Love you.” I said.

“That’s why were here, isn’t it?” He said, flashing my favorite crooked smile at me.

His grin suddenly made me feel better. I really didn’t know how he did it, but I loved him for it.

“Yes.” I said, giving him a soft smile back. His warm amber eyes stared at me for the longest time. Before I knew it we were back at the Cullen’s house.

“Can we stay here tonight?” I asked.

This seemed to surprise Edward but he nodded.

I got Renesme out of the Vanquish as Edward pulled it into the garage. I walked into the house and gently laid Renesme on the couch. She moved a little but seemed to settle back down into a peaceful sleep. I sat down beside her watching her eye’s flutter. Right now I wish I could sleep, but that would probably result in the worst nightmares yet. So I just laid my head back and closed my eyes. I tried to focus on pleasant thoughts of me and Edward, particularly lingering on thoughts of our alone time. It had been a good ten minutes since we arrived home when I started hearing the soft sounds of music. A piano, then I realized the tune. It was my lullaby. If I was still human I was sure my heart would’ve skipped a beat.

“Oh… Edward.” I said softly. I stood up and went to sit beside him on the piano bench. I listened intently as he played the rest of my lullaby and as soon as he finished it, my lips were pressed against him, and he wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer. He broke the kiss, much against my will and spoke softly in my ear,

“One bad day shouldn’t spoil your whole life Bella. We all have them, but we’d all be mental now if we dwelled on them so much as you tend to do.” Then a quick grin spread across his face, “I’m really worried about your sanity.”

I laughed. It felt good to laugh. But then I really couldn’t stop laughing. After a minute of it I just kind of stopped and hugged Edward.

“You have no idea how necessary you are for my sanity.”

He flashed me one of his crooked smiles and then I realized we weren’t alone. I must of woken up Renesme because she was on the floor beside me, motioning me with her small hands to pick her up. She placed her hand on my cheek and showed me the images of Jacob getting a call from Billy when he was at Sue Clearwater’s. Then she showed me images of how she saw Charlie in the hospital. I hugged her tightly and she asked me, “Is grandpa okay, momma?”

I kissed her several times on the forehead, “Yes, grandpa is very, very okay. He is just going to have to heal for a few months. Sue will be taking care of him and we will visit him as much as possible.”

She smiled and pressed her hand against my cheek again, showing me images in which I interpreted as a “thank you”.

She yawned a big yawn her curls falling loosely around her round face and at that moment Edward stood up, “Let’s find you a bed, kiddo.”

“Okay daddy.” She said as I handed her to Edward. They disappeared upstairs and from the footsteps and Nessie’s fluttering heart beat it sounded like Edward put her in Rosalie’s bed. “Nice idea,” I thought. Rosalie would love that.

Edward was by my side in that second.

“Your turn now, Bella.” He whispered in my ear, his cool sweet breath sending chills down my spine.

“For what?” I said; kind of confused.

“To find us a bed.” He answered, with a sly grin on his face. He pulled me upstairs into his room. The white bed that he had bought while I was still human sat just as awkwardly in his room as it did the first night I saw it.

“How unnecessary.” I teased, recalling faintly my first reaction to this bed.

Playing along, Edward replied, “You’re right, we don’t usually make it to the bed anyway.”

He began running his lips down my neck, planting tiny soft kisses against my collar bone. Instantly, any guilt or hate I had for myself had washed away, and I was just totally immersed in the feeling of love that I had for Edward. He picked me up, carried me to the white bed and laid me down gently. Edward didn’t go very far, he seemed more occupied with just holding me against his body like he was afraid of letting me go. I didn’t protest, I couldn’t think of any other place I’d want to be at that moment.