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Love in the Restaurant

Bella Swan has just opened a new restaurant. Across the street Edward Cullen owns a music store. He decides the check out this new restaurant and chemistry is immediate between the two. How do they attract the other one? ALL HUMAN Rated T for now


1. First Open Day

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The day has finally come. After three years of careful planning with my best friends, Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale who are my designers, my restaurant is going to open in twenty minutes.

CRAP... twenty minutes? Oh god. Inhale.... exhale... inhale... exhale.

“Bella calm down. You certainly cannot become flushed now. Your make up will stuff up. I know I shouldn't have put blush on but I couldn't help myself. It was just sitting there on the bathroom counter,” Alice trailed off into her own thoughts about her cosmetics.

“I can't help it. Twenty minutes Alice. My dream boils down to waiting for twenty minutes!” I cried.

“Come and sit down. I have chocolate.” Alice held up a bar of milk chocolate and I caved.

My restaurant; my dream; my goal. I was so proud of everyone and the support I've gotten.

'Smeraldo' which is Italian for 'Emerald' was the name and it was located in a fairly busy street in Chicago.

“Bella snap out of it. Come see if everything is to your standards,” Rose snapped her fingers VERY close to my face.

“Alright. Don't put your fingers in my face.”

We walked into the dining area and my breath quickened. My restaurant was...


Three of the four walls were a pale green with a feature wall being a sparkling green in an emerald colour. (To match the name of course.)

The tableclothes were silver and everything was in it's place.

“Bella no! Stop right now!” Alice yelled at me.


“You're crying! Stop or the mascara will run and theres only three minutes until opening.”

That snapped me right back into reality. Hyperventilation is starting to kick in.

“Hey you three. We're here and ready for the big show. I'll just sharpen my knife!”

That would be my head chef Emmett. How I hired him is beyond me. Maybe it was because he is dating Rose?

“Sharpen your knife? Is that meant to sound intimidating? Do not scare my customers Emmett McCarty!” I said.

“Or what Bella?” he replied smugly.

“I'll eat you!”

“I could go for some chocolate,” said another familiar voice who just indeed stole the block of chocolate I was letting my emotions out with.

“JASPER! GIVE ME THE CHOCOLATE NOW!” Alice yelled. Another couple to surround me.

Let me give you the lowdown on my friends. Alice, Rose and I have been best friends since I moved to Chicago in my junior years at high school. They have followed and helped me achieve my dream despite Alice owning a fashion shop and Rose owning a car shop.

Alice was the shorter of the two. Often described as a pixie because of her spikey black hair and height. But man she was one vicious pixie. Never ever steal HER skittles. Rosalie was more the model of us three. Long blonde hair cascading down her model figure. You will never see Rose without wearing something red.

Jasper Whitlock was more the quiet one of the group but he can have his random outbursts. He makes up for Alice's height disadvantage (which she calls being 'fun size') as he is over six feet tall with dirt blonde hair with great fashion sense. I guess that's what you get being the boyfriend of Alice Brandon.

Emmett McCarty was different. He was the 'Muscle Man' as he refers himself to quite often. He looks like he could squish you in a heartbeat but he can be a real teddy bear. But he CAN squish you. Especially when guys hit on Rose.

Then theres me. Bella Swan. I'm not a plain jane but no where near as gorgeous as Alice or Rose despite them saying otherwise. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I love reading and now about to own my restaurant.... in.... OH GOD!

“Bella unlock the door! Unlock the door!” Alice said excitedly jumping up and down.

“Jasper control your girlfriend,” Emmett laughed earning a hit from Rose. She was just as excited.

I turned the lock and changed the sign to 'OPEN'.

I almost died and went to heaven when I caught sight of my first customer.