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Foreshadowing of Her Future

Alice opens a psychiatry practice to prevent her past from repeating for another child. Little does she know that she will get a chance to fulfill this purpose sooner than she thinks.


3. The Accident

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If anything goes wrong, Alice, you can call me at work. Here’s my number.” Carlisle slipped a white slip of paper out of his pristine lab coat and into my hands.

“Thank you, Carlisle, but I doubt anything will go wrong.”

“You never know, Alice, you never know.”

“Could you wait a moment? I need to consult with a colleague about the best course to take.”

“Of course.” I ran into my inner office, bordering on inhuman speeds, and dialed the number Carlisle gave me two weeks ago.

“Carlisle, it’s Alice. I have a problem. One of my patients, actually my only patient, happens to be clairvoyant. Her mother feels that she is causing their family harm and wants to ship her off. I need your help.” My voice sounded high and reedy, even to my ears.

“I’ll be right there.” If anyone could help me, it was Carlisle. My first instinct was to take the kid and run. However, that wouldn’t be in either of our best interests.

I went back out to the area where I conversed with patients, only to see that the mother was gone. Thinking that she had gone back into lobby, I checked in there. Theodosia was gone as well.

“Theodosia, come back. Wait!” Ms. White was standing in the hall, yelling at her daughter’s retreating figure.

“No! I’m not going to let you just ship me off!” She turned the corner and I could no longer see her. Without thinking, I chased after the girl at vampire speeds. She darted down the hallway and into hospital’s main entrance.

“Theodosia, wait! It’s me, Alice.” I had to get her to stop. Though I could overtake her easily, she would be terrified if I did, and rightfully so.

“You were going to let her ship me off. You don’t believe me. You lied to me! You were probably calling Windlemier just a few seconds ago. Why in the world should I trust you?” Theodosia spun around to face me as she spoke. Her green eyes were filled with rage and her face was flushed.

“No. I was calling a friend to help me explain to your mother why your visions were harmless. He has been in the medical field much longer than I and can deal with patients, especially the parents of patients, much more aptly at times like these.” I prayed that she would believe me. I couldn’t lose her, not now.

“I don’t believe you.” Theodosia darted out into the parking lot. Suddenly, a black Mercedes pulled up. I raced at full speed to meet her, to warn her of the car, not caring who saw, when the sliding glass door shut in my face. I collided with it at full force.

The Mercedes hit Theodosia head on. I heard a sickening crack, which I assumed was her head hitting the asphalt. The glass door opened and I ran over to her. The smell of her blood, apple blossoms in May, was overpowering, but I no longer cared.

The door of the Mercedes opened and Carlisle stepped out. “Oh my God, what have I done?” The irony of it all was just too much. I heard Carlisle call the hospital to let them know that he was coming as I loaded her into his car.

“She’s still breathing. I think she might be conscious, but I can’t be sure. Carlisle, it wasn’t your fault. No matter how fast you put on the breaks, a Mercedes can’t just stop on a dime.”

“I know, but… Was this the young lady that you were telling me about?”

“Yes.” We reached the hospital in record time. Theodosia was rushed in. I waited out in the lobby, knowing that I would only be in the way. Those were the longest twenty minutes of my life, or death if you will.

“She’ll be fine. We had to stitch back a wound on her head, but that was it. She’s sleeping now, but you can see her when she wakes up.” Carlisle smiled as I pulled out my cell phone, anxious to call her mother.

“Great.” As I dialed the number Ms. White gave me on the forms she filled out little over an hour ago, I had an idea. Her mother didn’t know if she was alive or dead and I didn’t tell the hospital her name. She could have a new life; she could start over. She wouldn’t have to go to Windlemier. She wouldn’t even have to be turned.

It was a horrible idea. It was selfish and cruel. So why was Carlisle nodding as I said this? Was there really no other way? At any rate, I wasn’t going to do anything before Theo woke up.