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i kinda changed it all around. i was bored :) Alice is with Edward and Jasper is is with me! (i LOVE Jasper!) anyway, this is the story how i became a vampire, met the Cullens and fell in love with Jasper. by the way, my name is Alice too so i called myself Ali so you wouldnt get confused! enjoy!


2. Chapter 2 Blood Lust

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Alice (Ali)’s Point of View-

Jasper suddenly looked terrified.

“Shit,” He muttered.

What was he worried about? I thought we were supposed to be hunting.

My instincts over took me, and I ran after the sweet scent.

“Ali! No!” Jasper yelled as he ran after me.

Jasper’s POV-

She loved me. It was the most perfect moment of my life. Alice’s vision was coming true. I had finally found my soul mate.

That perfect moment was ruined when we both caught the scent of a human walking towards us. Of course, Ali didn’t know the difference, and took off after them.

I ran after her, but I couldn’t stop her in time. She didn’t hear the man calling her name, obviously looking for her- thinking she had been kidnapped. She didn’t see the smile that lit up his face when he saw her. She didn’t feel the love and terror that was in his emotions. She didn’t hear the painful cry that escaped his lips when she jumped on him, breaking his back. Or the louder scream when she dug her teeth into his neck.

But I heard and saw all of this. I didn’t stop her- there was no way I could. I stood by and waited for her to be done, to realized the terrible thing she had just done to this innocent man that was very close to her. I saw the connection between them.

It took every ounce of my control to not join her. I craved human blood more then anything else. Oh, how I wanted to taste his blood in my mouth, warm and thick, flowing down my throat.

My thoughts were interrupted when Ali suddenly screamed.

“My father! I’ve killed my father!”

Alice (Ali)’s POV-

I was so distracted by the sweet taste of the man’s blood, that I didn’t realize who he was. I ungratefully pulled my self away from his neck and looked down at him.

He was covered in his own blood. His eyes were wide in shock, but he was smiling. I knew that smile only too well.

Charles Edward Clair. My father.

My eyes grew wide in terror. I killed my own father. No, his heart was still beating. He was still Alive.

A blood curling scream escaped my lips.

Not my father! No!

Jasper grabbed my arm and pulled me up. The look on his face was as pained as mine- he was feeling every emotion I was and probably my father’s too.

“Jasper! He’s dying! Do something!” I said panicky.

He looked at me and sadly shook his head.

“What?! No! Please!” I cried, “Please!”

Where were the tears? Is this another stupid vampire thing? I can’t cry?!

I looked down at my father. He had stopped writhing in pain. He looked peaceful. The same silly smile was still pasted in his face. I heard his heart rate begin to slow. He would be gone in a few minutes. Thanks to me…

“Alice, come on,” Jasper said gently, pulling on my arm.

“No. I’m not leaving him.”

“There’s nothing we can do.”



He practically dragged me away.

Jasper’s POV-

The emotions coming from Alice were enough to break my heart. She was sad because she lost her father. She was shocked because she killed him, she was mad at herself because she wouldn’t stop herself, she was mad at me because I didn’t stop her. But she was mostly mad at the vampire that bit her- though I practically worshiped him for bringing this angel to me.

I pulled her farther into the trees, away from the scent of blood. By now, we were miles away from anywhere. I looked back at her. She had her eyes closed and she looked like she was in pain.

I stopped and turned around.

She opened her eyes and looked at me sadly.

“Alice,” I sighed, taking her hand again.

She stepped closer to me.

“I’m a monster,” She whispered.

“No your not,” I said, stroking her face.

She was so beautiful…

Without thinking, I pulled her closer and wrapped my arms around her. She put her arms around me and cried freely, tearlessly.

Alice (Ali’s) POV-

I had just killed someone I loved and was very close to. Yet, I felt happy. Even though that’s a terrible thing to say. Standing here in Jasper’s arms was the best feeling in the world. This new life might not be as bad as I thought it would be.

“We should go back home,” Jasper said, “They’re probably wondering where we are.”

“Will they be mad at me?” I asked.

“No,” he didn’t sound so sure, “Well, maybe a little. But not at you. It’s not your fault.”

“It isn’t your fault either.”

“I should have stopped you.”

“But you couldn’t .”

“I bet I could have.”

“You tried, though.”

“I failed.”

I laughed, “Okay. You’re right. It’s all your fault.”

He laughed with me.

“Come on. Lets go.” He finally said.

“Wait,” I breathed.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and stepped closer to him. I pulled his face close to mine.

“Jasper, I love you,” I said passionately.

I pressed my lips to his. He pulled me closer and kissed me back.

Now everything was perfect.

* * *

When we walked in the door, Edward was playing the piano and Alice was boredly watching him. Carlisle was reading a rather thick book.

They all stared at me.

I opened my mouth to saying something but I didn’t know what to say. Should I apologize?

I looked down at my clothes- my favorite black and red polka dot dress was covered in blood. Opps.


“Ali, it’s okay.” Carlisle assured me.

“But I just killed my father!”

“Yes. I’m very sorry about that.” he said sadly.

“But I’m a monster!”

They silently looked at me sympathetically.

“I want to find that stupid vampire that changed me and kill him! Then I want to kill myself! I can’t live like this!” I raged.

Edward laughed quietly at the visions going through my mind. Maybe you don’t use crosses and stakes to kill a vampire…

“Alice, I think I should explain everything to you.” Carlisle said.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

I sat down next to him on the couch and he told me everything.