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Stand in the Rain

After the deadly shooting at Tree Hill High, Brooke Davis flees her hometown for the rainy environment of Forks, Washington, hoping to banish her guilt and fear, and start over from scratch. What she didn't count on was the pull she felt toward fellow student Edward Cullen. And when she finds herself pulled into the secretive world of his family, will she finally get her wish? Or will her past come back to haunt her?

First off, just so everyone knows, I'm a huge Bella/Edward fan. They are the ultimate couple. But this idea has been gnawing at the back of my mind for months now, so I had to put it on paper. And while Kristen Stewart is Bella Swan, Sophia Bush was always who I pictured as I was reading the books.

1. Chapter 1

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Stand In The Rain

Chapter One


Brooke, it's me. Again. Look...I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said--I was just...I don't know. We're all worried about you, Pretty Girl. Wondering...when you're coming home. Please call me back, Brooke. We've got to talk.


"Message deleted."

Brooke Davis flipped her cell phone shut, her fingers tracing its blue cover before tossing it into her open suitcase. She sighed, running her hands over her jean-clad legs, and looked around her newly-rented apartment. The walls were painted a light blue, faded with wear and tear. A long mahogany bar separated the kitchen from the living room, and a short hallway led to the bathroom and bedroom. Her scarce furnishings--a couch and loveseat, two armchairs, a few end tables, her kitchen table and chairs--were arranged throughout the place. Her large, circular bed was against the wall in the bedroom, along with her dresser and vanity table.

Boxes of knickknacks, clothes, dishes and other such objects were piled all over the apartment, waiting to be unpacked.

It was funny how her whole life could be packed away in boxes and moved to a different time zone in just a short week.

She rose to her feet and crossed the small distance from the couch to the window. She hugged her arms to her chest as she leaned against the wall. "A new start," she whispered.

She pressed her forehead against the glass and let her eyes wonder across the rainy landscape of Forks, Washington.


Brooke slid her car into a spot in front of Forks High School. She put the car in park and looked through her swiping windshield wipers at the institution, inwardly cringing as she spotted all the multi-colored raincoats hurrying inside. "Does it ever stop raining?" she muttered, taking the key from the ignition and tossing them into her purse. Sighing, she threw the hood of her raincoat up and left the car, dashing towards the entrance.

She could feel the curious stares that followed her as she headed towards the main office, and knew that the news of a new student had already circulated through the school. She pushed open the double glass doors to the office and lowered her hood, shaking the rain from her hair. The receptionist looked up from her paperwork as Brooke approached the counter, a polite smile on her face. Her nameplate said Mrs. Cope.

"Hi," Brooke said, smiling. "I'm Brooke Davis."

The red-headed woman nodded, her polite smile quickly turning into one of welcome. "Of course, your father was here last week to enroll you," she said, sifting through the papers in front of her. " I have your school schedule here somewhere." She withdrew a neatly typed piece of paper and presented it to Brooke. A sad smile now graced her face as she patted Brooke's hand. "I heard about the...incident...at your last school, dear. What a tragedy."

Brooke felt her smile falter.

"Don't feel that you can't come to anyone here if you need to talk, Brooke. Whether it be me, the principal, or the guidance counselor--the door is always open."

Brooke took a deep breath and nodded, holding her smile firmly in place on her face. "Thanks, Mrs. Cope," she said, disentangling her hand and taking the schedule. "I'll remember that."

Mrs. Cope nodded and sat down. "Enjoy your first day, dear. And welcome to Forks."


This day is never going to end.

Brooke followed a group of students towards the cafeteria, wishing for just a hint of sunshine to peek through the gray clouds.

"Did it rain a lot in Tree Hill?"

She looked at the girl who had asked the question--Angela Webber. She had been in three of Brooke's classes so far and had kindly offered to be her guide on her first day. An attractive, mousey girl with dark hair and glasses, Angela reminded Brooke a great deal of Hayley--which led her to remember everyone else, like that stupid Six Degrees of Separation game--so she quickly blocked it out.

"Never like this," she answered, smiling.

Angela nodded, pulling down her hood as they entered the cafeteria, Brooke quickly following suit. "I guess you get used to it after awhile," she said, walking towards the lunch line and taking her spot. "You kind of have to. Not much choice in the matter."

They stood together in comfortable silence, which Brooke soaked up immediately. She'd never realized what it was like to be the new girl, especially in a town this small. She'd been answering questions all day--and praying that no one would dare ask the one she knew everyone was dying to. It didn't slip her attention that most--if not all--of Forks High School knew about the deadly shooting at Tree Hill High. She knew that it was what was whispered behind notebooks and cupped hands. Who wouldn't want to know?

An insider's perspective.

Brooke shook her head, clearing her mind of such thoughts and let her eyes wander across the cafeteria. Already she could make out the social cliques that populated every school system. The bookish students sat at a table near the window, textbooks and notes spread between themselves and their lunch trays. The jocks and cheerleaders-- the clique that Brooke herself had belonged to--sat in the center of the room, laughing and joking loudly. The "in-betweens"--the students that belonged to no certain clique but could easily fit in any of them--congregating around several tables, conversing and joking easily.

Brooke recognized all of them, and for the first time in her life, wondered where exactly she would fit in.

Her gaze continued to travel the length of the cafeteria until finally settling on two lone figures sitting in the back of the room. Brooke's breath caught in her throat.

She'd never seen anyone quite like this pair. They were stunning--and not just a wow-look-at-them way, but a drop-everything-and-openly-stare thing.

Every feature was perfect--perfectly arched cheekbones, flawless skin--through frighteningly pale. The girl was built like a ballerina, with a figure so slender Brooke felt she could lose a pound or two. Her black hair was cut short, pointing in every direction, and it seemed a sharp contrast to her pale complexion.

The boy next to her was also slender, but his muscles could easily be seen beneath the gray sweater he wore. His hair--an odd shade of bronze--was tousled as if he'd run his fingers through it all morning.

Both of them had deep circles under their eyes as if sleep had alluded them for days.

Brooke arched her eyebrow as she watched them quietly converse with each other, and finally turned to her companion. "Hey, Angela. Who are those two?"

Angela turned to look just as the bronze haired boy turned his head in their direction. His eyes locked with Brooke's and she felt a surge of electricity course through her body. She averted her eyes quickly, ruffled, and craned her neck towards Angela.

"That's Edward and Alice Cullen," she said quietly, also avoiding looking directly at the people in question. "They're brother and sister, and they're seniors, like us."

"Why are they sitting by themselves? Are they waiting for someone?"

Angela shook her head as she picked up a tray and began to peruse the line up of food. "No, they've just always been kind of by themselves. Not mean or anything like that, just...distant. Kind of like they don't really feel like they fit in anywhere. Their older siblings were like that too. They graduated last year. They were all adopted by Dr. Cullen and his wife. She couldn't have kids or something like that, so she took in her niece and nephew and then they adopted the other three. They all moved here from Alaska a few years ago."

Brooke nodded, listening, as she peeked at the two of them from the corner of her eye. Their heads were bent close together as they talked intently, their lips moving at an almost rapid speed. Edward Cullen. Brooke recognized the feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Old Brooke"--since she was starting over, she'd begun to refer to her in-Tree Hill self this way--was rearing her head at the attractive boy. But something was different. She couldn't quite place it, but it was almost a magnetic pull she was feeling.

She shook her head, chuckling inwardly. A magnetic pull. She'd obviously been watching too much Sci-Fi.

She grabbed her food and followed Angela to a table in the center of the cafeteria--the "in-between" table--and smiled as introductions were made. She settled herself into a seat and answered the questions that were asked. How she liking Forks? Was it terribly different from Tree Hill?

She pretended not to notice when several of the boys at the table scooted their chairs closer to hers, or how the girls angled themselves towards her in order to include themselves in the conversation. She was quickly invited to a get together at the beach in La Push that would take place in a few weeks, and Brooke silently wondered how it would work when it always rained. Jessica Stanley--a girl with curly hair and an artificial smile Brooke was all too familiar with--spoke to Angela about a shopping trip to Port Angeles, and quickly extended the offer to Brooke.

"It's not a huge town or anything but it a WAY better place to shop then here," she said.

Brooke smiled and nodded. "Sure. I never pass up an opportunity to shop."

Jessica quickly launched into shopping plans, detailing stores and distances in between, ensuring enough time to visit them all.

All the while Brooke was listening, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. Someone's gaze was burning a hole in her back. She glanced over her shoulder, and was shocked when the topaz eyes of Edward Cullen met her own. Once again, that jolt of electricity hit her like a freight train. Her heart leapt into her throat and she quickly turned away, feeling the blush that now covered her face. What the hell WAS that?

It was almost like it hurt to look at him. Her heart sped up to the point of anxiety, making it hard to breathe. She'd never had a guy create this kind of response in her. Not even Lucas--there it was again, that pang in her heart--could make her feel this way. And she hadn't even TALKED to him yet.

She heard her name being called, and raised her eyes to Jessica's anxious face. "I asked if 4'o clock Saturday would work for you."

Brooke smiled and nodded. "Sure. That'd be great."

The conversations continued to go on around her and she tried her best to pay attention. But that burning gaze on her back continued to capture her attention, and she glanced at her watch, counting down the minutes until lunch was over.


Last class of the day.

Brooke nearly rejoiced loudly right there outside of the classroom as she said goodbye to Angela. One more 45 minute class and her first day as the new girl would officially be over.

She made her way to the teacher's desk--Mrs. Valler--and introduced herself.

"Of course, Miss Davis," the bushy-haired, bi-spectacled woman said, smiling. "You've been the talk of the town for the last week. Welcome to English Literature. I trust your first day hasn't been too horrible?"

Brooke smiled and shook her head. "No, it's been great."

Mrs. Valler nodded. "Good. Uh, there's an empty seat in the second row, dear."

Brooke thanked her and turned to find her seat--

Only to be met with a pair of familiar topaz eyes. Edward Cullen sat to the right of her empty desk and his gaze bore into her own.

Her heart leapt into her throat.

This was going to be a long 45 minutes.