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Forever and For Always

This is a sequel to Everlasting Love. It is about Ava and Bella's transformation. CHAPTER 5 IS UP!!!!!!


2. New Vision

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My eyelids slowly opened as I carefully lifted myself up from the bed, not quite trusting the horrible pain to be over. The vibrant color and texture of the room was like nothing I had ever seen with my human eyes before.

It sent me flying back into the bed, in surprise. I was looking up in astonishment when I heard Edward’s perfect voice. But it wasn’t how I had remembered it.

I could hear every emotion mangled in his voice with my perfect ears. His worry and cautiousness rang out more clearly than I ever thought possible and echoed in my perfect ears.

“Bella?” He asked. And I could tell by his voice that he too was still not trusting that the pain would all be gone. “Is it over?” I asked.

That’s when my mouth dropped open and I gasped. My voice was perfect, not in the least bit crackly or hoarse. It could even be called as much as beautiful.

It was like wonderful bells chiming, like I was singing, like Edward’s.

He stared, mostly at my face, looking scared and shocked for a reason I didn’t know, then he quickly composed his surprise, and took my face in his hands. But his hands weren’t cold anymore, or even hard, they just felt…right. Because we were both the same species now, we had the same coldness and granite skin.

He looked into my eyes, still seeming a little frustrated, and he kissed me. This kiss was NOTHING like the others before it. My lips were not the first to part, Edward’s were.

I could feel the passion radiating into me like never before. The intensity stopped my breathing and my fingers gripped his bronze hair greedily, pulling him even closer to my body. And then I kissed him.

This was something that he never would have let me do when my scent made him want to suck all the blood from my body. I never wanted this to end, I would have sat there forever exchanging kisses with my angel, but too soon I heard footsteps coming toward the door.

We separated reluctantly, with Edward still keeping his hand on my face and tracing it gently. I just sat there smiling at him and trying to catch my breath, when Carlisle walked in. He walked over to the bed, smiling.

“Oh, Bella, you are so beautiful.” He cried. Edward removed his hand with a tiny sigh and looked at me longingly. I smiled back at him finally catching up to my breath.

In a few seconds I could hear more footsteps and I could see (what used to be a blur of hair and white skin) the rest of the Cullen’s family speeding toward me. Alice was the first to bombard me. She squealed with delight as she looked me up and down, but there was a little fear in her eyes that she hid.

“Have you seen yourself?” She exclaimed her eyes wide with excitement. I shook my head smiling at her reaction as she flew out of the room. Again, I was amazed that I could see every detail of her with my newly enhanced eyes.

When before her incredible speed would have made her impossible for me to see. She was back in no time at all with an elegant white hand mirror that she handed to me. I could feel the excitement in the air as the whole family awaited my reaction.

Who I saw in the mirror was a complete stranger to me. Her skin was too pale to be mine. And her features were flawless. This wasn’t me…except now it was. This was the new Bella.

Of course all that was startling, but it wasn’t what made me gasp in surprise. And now I knew why everyone had acted so strange when I saw my eyes. They were a violent shade of ruby red, like Victoria’s.

This realization made me drop the mirror to the floor in surprise and my perfect ears heard every one of the pieces break apart against the wood floor.