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Forever and For Always

This is a sequel to Everlasting Love. It is about Ava and Bella's transformation. CHAPTER 5 IS UP!!!!!!


4. Power

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Edward held my arms down to my sides and stared intently into my eyes. “Bella, please understand the caution you must use to be even 30 feet from Ava. I just don’t want her to get hurt.” I rolled my eyes at this, and then heard Edward’s jaw clench.

He glared at me from under his dark lashes. “I think I can handle this,” I said. “She is my daughter after all.” Edward sighed angrily. “When you see her you’re going to be fighting against your entire body. The venom will be filling your mouth and your senses will try to overpower you.” I bit my stone hard lip, that didn’t sound too good.

“Well do you think it’s safe for me to see her?” I asked, for the first time unsure of myself. Edward smiled triumphantly, he was finally getting somewhere. “I think it will be hard, but since she’s only half human that should make it easier for you.” I gulped, than took a deep breath.

“I’m ready.” I told him. “Okay,” He said releasing me and grabbing my hand. “Let’s go.” He led me into the house and I could suddenly smell something. It smelled unbelievably delicious, but for some reason I didn’t exactly want it.

Edward’s eyes were curious when he looked into mine. “What is it?” I wondered. He just shook his head. “Nothing, we probably just aren’t close enough.” We started up the winding staircase and the smell became more pronounced, but again there was no unstoppable blood lust threatening to overpower me.

“Can’t you smell it?” He asked, his perfect features turned up in disbelief. I shrugged. “Yeah I smell it, but that doesn’t mean I want it.” He stared incredulously at me. “What do you mean by you don’t ‘want it’?” He demanded. “Isn’t there venom filling your mouth?” I shook my head, laughing. “That’s…strange.” He murmured.

Then he led me up to Esme and Carlisle’s room, pausing at the door his face still in shock. When we entered I could tell that Ava was the deliciousness I had smelled. But, with Edward’s arms locked around me in an unbreakable embrace, I made no move towards Ava. No venom poured into my mouth.

I didn’t want to bite Ava at all. I just wanted to hold her. Esme sat on a couch holding Ava watching me carefully. The rest of the family sat around her. When they saw my apparent lack of appetite they stared open mouthed at me. Carlisle stepped forward to interrogate me.

“Can’t you smell her?” He asked, and then proceeded into a whole load of questions. With each of my answers he grew more and more astounded as did the rest of the Cullen’s. Soon Edward loosened his grip from around me, seeing that there would be no way I would hurt Ava, and turned his head form me for awhile to look at Carlisle.

“So, what do you think is going on here?” He asked. Carlisle smiled. “Well, Bella. I think we’ve found your power.” My mouth dropped open in shock.