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Recovery of the Volvo

This comes after my story "Accidental Mishap". You should probably read that but there is a summary in there, so its up to you. This is basically Edward's reaction to finding his volvo after Bella's accident. One-shot. But up for doing more if I get the reviews for it!

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1. Chapter 1

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Edward’s POV

Alice had been singing in her head all morning long. She had to be hiding something. That could be the only explanation for her sudden desire to remember Miley Cyrus songs. I literally shuddered just thinking about it; she had never been on my list of favorite artists. She didn’t even make it onto a list of bearable artists, but rather on a list that included artist that should never be able to befoul the minds of humans, thereby destroying any taste that they may have eventually had. Knowing this made it obvious that today was not going to go over too well.

Thankfully, Rosalie had decided to come with me for moral support. Even though her mind was vain and hateful at times, it was better than what I would have to endure if Alice had come along. Rosalie also had a slight glimmer of understanding of the situation I was in, which was more than I could have ever asked for from Alice. Unfortunately, Rose had insisted upon driving, so I had nothing to occupy my mind with. This was the one thing that I had been avoiding for the past week.

A week ago, I foolishly allowed Bella to go to Port Angeles for a day of shopping without Alice. Her invulnerable truck was having engine trouble, so I allowed her to borrow my Volvo so she could still be alone. I thought it would have been ok, Alice was looking in on her so I would see if she had any trouble while in the town. Little did I know, however, that it would be outside of town that she would encounter any emergency.

It seemed to be an every day occurrence that her luck endangered her health. But this was worse than her usual bad luck. When she had been driving home that afternoon, a drunk had gotten behind the wheel of his car. He had driven, potentially for miles, down the wrong side of the highway, when he slammed into Bella as she was driving home. She had been propelled towards the line of trees, and consequentially been grievously injured in the process. The drunk, however, was fine or all we knew. It wasn’t even known who the man was, or what had happened to him, and probably never would. We only knew it was a man from what Alice had seen. And thanks to Alice she had gotten to the hospital just in time.

But that was only the beginning of Bella’s fight for her life. After we thought she had gotten through surgery alright, the sutchers in her abdomen tore, leaving her in agony while she bled internally once again. Carlisle, thankfully, got to her room in time to save her. And while she had been in surgery, the war between the wolves and my family had almost erupted. Charlie had told Billy Black that Bella had been badly hurt, and the pact collectively decided that the reason behind her “near death experience” was that I had turned her. They were under the incorrect impression that we had simply brought her to the hospital in order to stage her death. The pact had been so moved to action that even Jacob had come back to Forks. Bella still didn’t know this of course, and we weren’t planning on telling her either. She was much better not knowing. But it had all worked out for the better once she woke up. Of course, she had gone straight to worrying, not about herself, but the wreck that my car supposedly was.

Which was how I found myself in the car with Rosalie, going to claim the remains of my Volvo. We would have gone sooner, but I wasn’t about to leave Bella in the hospital by herself. After getting into a small argument with Charlie, I was forced to bow out and allow Charlie some privacy with his daughter. So here I was, driving to a place outside of Port Angeles where my car was being held until it was claimed. Normally it would have taken someone an hour or so to get to Port Angles, but when any member of our family, let alone Rosalie, drove, we ended up places sooner than you would expect. It only took 20 minutes to get into the city, and about 5 more to get to the place with my car.

It had been a quiet drive, but Rose suddenly decided to break it mentally. Edward, I’m going to warn you. This might be worse than you’re thinking.

“Rose, I’ll be fine. How bad can it be? I lived through the worst thinking that Bella was dying. I’ll live through this. Don’t worry.” I hated hearing her mental curses of Bella when I brought her up, but I couldn’t let her bother me. I was more worried about seeing my car then I was letting on. I normally wouldn’t have been so apprehensive, but with Alice hiding her thoughts from me, I couldn’t help but worry.

We pulled up to the building outside of the-junkyard? I hadn’t been aware that that was where we were going. This didn’t bode well with me. We walked into the office and signed ourselves in to get the car back. The manager was supposedly talking to someone, so we had to sit in lobby. The wait wasn’t long but the thoughts of the businesses “receptionist” were extremely distracting. Every decade the thoughts of women became more and more risqué. I shudder to think of what the world will eventually come to…

The manager came out to greet us after about 25 minutes. After reading the request for our car, he gave us a withering look that plainly stated that he didn’t see why we bothered. He led us out the back door to his junkyard and pointed to a back corner of the yard. In this little corner was a twisted heap of metal. Actually, several heaps of metal. From the man’s thoughts, they needed to cut the car to get it from around the trees. Trees? Bella and Alice said it was a tree. I was rather annoyed with this fact for a few moments, before realizing the situation. Not only was the metal in several pieces, but the heaps themselves were twisted beyond recognition.

“What do you mean that those heaps of metal are my car?”