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Swapping Sides

Sorry!!! I was half asleep and posted 'Charlies first look' my other story, as the first chapter for swapping sides! i have fixed it now so it should work... my apologies Alice_is-my_idol

again sorry!!!

1. Edward and Jacob

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As we pulled into the driveway of Charlie's house he stopped and looked at me.

"Bella, I know you wanted me to give you the chance to get your own car but a friend was selling his and I couldn't resist it."

I stopped dead. Charlie, had bought me a car.

"It's from my old friend Carlisle, do you remember him? Well anyway, I hope you like it. Edward, his son, is going to drop it off later today."

Charlie climbed out of the Cruiser and went to get my bag. I got out and went to examine the house.

My bedroom was the same as it used to be, except a bed had replaced the crib and a desk stood with an ancient looking computer on top.

I looked down and saw a cord leading out of my bedroom and down the stairs. No wireless, great.

I sat down on my bed and reminisced. Remembering when I was carted around, from Phoenix to Forks and back again every summer. this time though, since my mother was touring with Phil, I decided to stay and live with my father.

But it seems that this might be worse then the blistering hot days in Phoenix. It was already raining and I took that as a good omen as I knew that Forks was most likely to be this way all the time I was here.

I hadn't wasted time on packing summer clothes so I knew if there was a sunny day that I would have to wear jeans and a short sleeved shirt.

I climbed off my bed and went to write and email to Renee. Half and hour later I had written my first line and was waiting for the computer to process it.

When I had finished I went to find Charlie. Instead I found a note explaining that he had gone to the station and would be back for dinner.

I had started to make the first layer of Lasagna when I heard a car pull up and a slamming of a door. There was a knock and when I opened it I realized that this must have been Edward, the boy who was dropping off the truck.

"Hiya, I'm Edward" he said cheerfully.

"Hi, I'm Bella. He asked to come in and when I agreed, he wondered in, and I didn't realize how tall he was until he ducked his head from hitting the ceiling in the lounge.

"Well Bella, I hope you like your truck." he said as he sank into Charlie's ancient couch.

"I do, and I was wondering if you wanted to ride to school together?" I said tentatively.

"Actually I go to the quileute school so..." I felt my face fall a little as I said, "Oh , well it would have been nice to know someone at school."


As I pulled into the car park at school, I noticed that most of the cars were old like my truck.

The one exception was a small Volvo hatchback that sat right at the front of the car park. I waited out side the office as people handed in late slips.

finally I walked up to the receptionist and she gave a form I had to get all my teachers to sign.

I was ten minutes late to science but was let off when I said I was new and that I had to get my stuff from the office.

The teacher directed me to the last open seat and as I sat down, the boy next to me stiffened and moved his chair as far as possible away from me and covered his nose with his hand. I leaned down and sniffed my hair.

Strawberry shampoo, my favorite flavor.

Class passed by sluggishly and as the bell rang, He was out of his seat and at the door, gliding towards the cafeteria.

I got up slowly and followed a baby faced boy in the same direction. As he heard me approaching, he turned around and smiled at me. "Hi, Im Mike, Mike Newton, you're Isabella Swan right?"

he held out his hand and I shook it tentatively.

"Just Bella actually," I corrected him.

"Ok well do you want to sit with us today?" he seemed nice enough, so I accepted and followed him to a crowded table of juniors from my other classes.

As I sat down everyone looked over at me and started introducing themselves one by one. "Hi, Im Jessica, and this is Angela and Eric."

she pointed to a girl with glasses and to an asian boy with black chin length hair.

he smiled and waved. Angela smiled and turned back to her book. I knew we going to be friends. I turned around and noticed the boy who sat next to me in science sitting with four other people who all looked related.

They all had the same white skin, and gold eyes. I turned back to Jessica and she saw me swiftly glance back at the strange family.

"who are they?" I asked.

"Oh thats the blacks, the one with the long brown hair, thats jacob, and the blonde girl, thats Rosalie.

The big one with the really short hair, thats Emmett, and the girl sitting next him is Alice, She's like with the blonde guy Jasper, they're like a thing, and Emmett and Rosalie are too."

I looked back and noticed Jacob staring at me, with a frustrated look on his face. I turned away and blushed. Didn't he know it was rude to stare?

I peeked through my hair at him and saw he was still looking. I turned back to my lunch and threw myself into the conversation with more interest then before.

I gathered that everyone was planning to go to the beach in La Push and as I was invited, I had to agree on seating plans in Mike's suburban.

Unfortunately, I was given shotgun, next to Mike. It was bad enough that I had half the boys in the school asking me to the spring dance, and here I was, encouraging Mike to think that I liked him.

I shuddered at the thought and threw a glance at the blacks again. Jacob still hadn't turned away, and his expression was still the same, frustrated, as if I was doing something wrong.

As the bell rang I stumbled between the crowds of people to get to biology on time. I walked into the classroom and gave my slip to the teacher.

He pointed me in the direction of the only open seat. Next to Jacob Black. I almost fainted when I looked into his gorgeous golden eyes and saw hate overflow and brim into his pupils. I shied away from his gaze and looked down at the work in front of me. I'd already done what we were studying, so I sat through the class, gathering my thoughts.

I felt the tension between me and Jacob break suddenly when he was out of his seat and out of the classroom before anyone else had registered the sound of the bell.

I stared after him, confusion washing over me. what had I done wrong? I slowly picked up my books and ambled out of the classroom.

As I reached my truck I pulled my home work out and flitted through it. We had a light load, just calculus and english. I started on Calculus, knowing that it would take me the longest.

I couldn't concentrate though, my mind was focused on the way that Jacob's snow white skin looked like something you would find on a corpse, I shuddered at the thought, but I wasn't scared, I was morbidly intrigued, and I was scared at the thought of being morbidly intrigued.

I drove home and started really getting into my homework. That night was the first night I dreamed of Jacob black.