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Midnight Twilight: Edward's Story

I figure since no one knows when/if the amazing Mrs. Stephenie Meyer will finish and publish, Midnight Sun: Edward's Story, that it would be a good idea to write my own version of it. EPOV

I own none of the characters. Midnight Sun has not yet been finished or published so any similarities between this story and that one are merely coincadental. EPOV

1. First Sight (Through Edward's Eyes)

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As I sat in my desk bored by the teachers dreadful lecture about the Civil War, I begin to lose myself in my thoughts. This has to classify as some form of slow torture. I said to myself, God (Weather there really was one or not, I wasn’t sure.) must be punishing me for one of my several sins to put me through this. Although, I couldn’t be sure which one of my ever growing list of sins I was being punished for. In all honesty, it didn’t really matter, if there really was a heaven I was doomed to hell any way. Weather I missed something important in the lecture wasn’t an issue for me ether. I had been through this lesson so many times through out my existence, I could teach this class myself, blind folded at that.

Damn it, I thought, There‘s that name again. That has to be the 100th time (If not more) that I‘ve heard it today. For the past several weeks all anyone talked about was how exciting it was that Chief Swan’s long lost daughter, Isabella, was moving back to Forks and would be attending Forks High School. I knew she must have arrived today because it had been one of those days where I wished I could just turn my gift off. If I hear the name Bella Swan out of the thoughts of one more teenage boy being controlled by his raging hormones, I’m gone to lose it. I thought silently to myself. I guessed she preferred to be called Bella, rather than Isabella, since that’s what everyone seemed to be calling her, although I thought Isabella was nice name. I thanked god in heaven above (Just incase he was real and listening, I could use all the points I could get.) that I never had to go through that stage of my human life. The stage where every thought I would have had would have brought on by teenage hormones, who would want to go through that? I had been so wrapped up in my thoughts that the bell ringing for us to go to lunch actually startled me a little. I shoved my books into my back pack and made my way out the door to meet my family and head off to pretend to have lunch. Just another day in purgatory I thought.

As we sat silently at the table with our untouched food, it was there in that cafeteria that I saw the chiefs daughter for the first time. I knew it must be her because she was gawking at us, something the other students never did, out of fear because we were “different”. It never bothered me though, because sure we we’re different, that much is painfully obvious, but we we’re also dangerous. Chief Swan’s daughter was a little less than average height, slender and pale, almost as pale as myself, but not quite. She had long brunette colored hair that hung over her shoulders, and chocolate eyes with long lashes. She’s very pretty in a plain kind of way, I thought. She didn’t seem to be caught up in how she looked or dressed , unlike any of the girl I had known. Which were pretty much only Esme, Rosalie, and Alice, with the exception of the few women I met when we were in Alaska with the Delanie Coven. She sat at a table with Mike Newton , Jessica Stanly, and the rest of their friends. I got curious so I decided to try an hone in on her thoughts, to see if she was just as mindless as they were, but I heard nothing. What? I thought, as I tried even harder to hear her thoughts, still nothing. It seemed like the harder I was trying to hear her thoughts the less I was getting. Was I losing my gift? I begin to get very frustrated as I continued to try and hear her thoughts, but remained unsuccessful. I guess it was starting to show on my face because that’s when Alice broke my concentration.

“What’s with you, Edward?” she asked.

“Nothing, now quite.” I snapped at her, she gave me a sharp look, and I knew she’d get me back for snapping her at her later.

“I’m sorry,” I said to her, “I’m just thirsty is all.” Which wasn’t a lie, I hadn’t been hunting in a while.

“How about we go on a hunting trip for a few hours tonight?” Jasper asked.

“Yeah sure, whatever.” I said, obviously not paying any attention to him.

“What about you, are you in?” I heard Jasper ask Emmett before I turned my concentration back to the chiefs daughter and my unsuccessful attempts to hear her thoughts.

What the hell? Why can’t I hear her thoughts? It was driving me crazy, I decided maybe I could get an idea of what she was thinking if I listen to the thoughts of those around her. I first tuned into Mike Newton’s thoughts, which turned out to be very similar to every other guy in schools thoughts today,

“Wow, Chief Swan’s daughter is definitely cute, maybe she’ll go to prom with me.” he thought.

Christ almighty she hasn’t even been in town a day yet and guys were marking their territory. Maybe I could pick up on something in Jessica’s thoughts, which usually were all about herself.

“Whats the big deal, why is everyone so caught up in Bella being here, she‘s just the chiefs daughter.” she thought

Thank you Jessica, finally a human who was on the same page as me. Maybe Jessica wasn’t as bubble brained as I had thought she was.

“She’s not even that pretty”, Jessica thought. I’m gone to have to disagree with you on that one, I said silently to myself as I continued to listen to her thoughts.

“And why is Mike looking at her like that? If she steals him from me I’m gone to make sure that high school becomes a nightmare for her. She can have any guy in the school that wants her, but Mike Newton is mines. Oh, I just hope he says yes when I ask him to the girls choice dance. Bella had better just back off.”

Her thoughts than carried on into clothes and hair and other girl things that I didn’t and probably never will understand. I guess maybe she was just as bubble brained as I had originally thought, and apparently very possessive over Mike. What the hell is gone on, was the chiefs daughter maybe one of us too, was that maybe why I couldn’t hear her thoughts. No, that couldn’t be it, I could hear other vampires thoughts, and if she were one of us we would have known.

“Why is she asking questions about Edward Cullen. Isn’t enough she already seems to be trying to steal Mike, now she wants Edward Cullen too! Well good luck with that because he’s already turned me down before, so I‘m sure she wont get very far ether.” I heard Jessica thinking.

I had to smirk at that thought, I guess she was still bitter about me letting her down last year when she asked me to the girls choice dance. I don’t understand why though, I did it a very gentlemanly way. I guess I’ll never understand women, especially human women. Although she did have a point, why was the chief’s daughter asking questions about me? She was probably just curious about who the weird guy that was staring at her was. Not being able to see into her mind was really starting to piss me off.

The bell was getting ready to ring as myself and the rest of my family removed ourselves from the lunch room to prepare ourselves for the mindless babble we would be subjected to in our next classes. My next class was Biology II, the only class I didn’t mind sitting through. I was the only student in the class who wasn’t assigned a lab partner because there weren’t enough students in the class. That was the way I liked it because there was no temptation close enough to me for me to give into it. Also, I really liked the teacher , Mr. Banner. Sure he dorky, but he seemed to have a passion for Biology that showed in his unique approach to teaching. I begin to walk toward my class, still trying to figure out why I couldn’t hear the chiefs daughters thoughts. The bell begin to ring as I walked into class, I was so early the only people in the room were myself and Mr. Banner.

“Good afternoon Edward.” Mr. Banner said to me, as I walked into class consumed by my thoughts. I was Mr. Banner’s favorite student. If he knew the reason I did so well in his class was not because of his teaching skills, although he was a great teacher, but because I’ve been through this course over 90 times, if not more, it would crush him. The fact that I did so well in his class made him feel like he was doing his job right, which he was.

“Hello, Mr. Banner.” I said as I walked over to my lab table, and other kids started to fill the room.

“I have some good news, you’ll finally be getting a lab partner today.” he said.

What!!! I screamed in my head.

“Chief Swan’s daughter is joining the class today so, make her feel welcomed.” he added

“Mr. Banner.” I said, “I kind of prefer to work alone. Can you assign her with someone else?”

Please be able to assign her with someone else, anyone else I pleaded in my thoughts. Chief Swan and Carlisle were pretty good friends, and from what I knew about Chief Swan, he was a good man. I didn’t want to lose my cool and hurt anyone, especially not the towns chief of police’s only daughter.

“I’m sorry Edward, everyone else has a partner, that only leaves you.” he said, “Besides look at the bright side, now you’ll have someone to help you. You wont have to do all the class work yourself.”

I let a sigh out as I took my seat. Ok you can do this I said to myself You’ve been around humans with out giving in for decades, why should she be any different?Besides maybe if you get to know her a little, you might be able to figure out why you cant read her thoughts.

Just then I saw Bella Swan walk into the room, with another girl named Angela from the class. I sometimes like to listen to Angela’s thoughts because she was selfless. Most of her thoughts were about others and not herself, she was also a little on the shy side. I always thought if I could be friends with a human, I’d probably be good friends with her. As Angela walked pass me I gave her a friendly smile that she returned as she walked to her seat. I turned my attention towards Bella as Mr. Banner was signing her slip and telling her to take a seat next to me. Just then it hit me. There was a sever burning in my throat and I could taste the venom from my teeth on my tongue. Her smell was unlike any other human I had ever smelled, I had to have her. No, I thought. You can’t, think of the others, Carlisle and Esme would be heart broken and disappointed if you broke your diet, and think of the effects if you expose the secret. I didn’t realize it, but I was staring at her antagonistically as she walked over, placed her book on top of the desk and took her seat. I begin to lean away from her as much as I could, who does she think she is to tempt me this way, I said in my head I should talk to her, get her to meet me after school or something and then just take her. Why the hell am I fighting it so hard? I asked myself This is what I am, I’m a killer, a monster. No you can’t I yelled at myself, you’ve worked too hard your not like other vampires, I told myself, don’t screw up now. I then noticed I was sitting on the very edge of my chair, averting my face from her.

I must have looked like I smelled something bad, because out of the corner of my eye I saw her inconspicuously take a sniff her hair to make sure it wasn’t her I was smelling. I laughed to myself at the irony of it because it was in fact the way she smelled that was the cause for my action, but she was dead wrong about thinking she smelled bad. She smelled incredible, unlike any human I’d ever smelled before. She then let the strand of hair she had sniffed fall over shoulder to make a curtain between us. It only made her smell more intense and at the point I decided it was best to just hold my breath so I wouldn‘t smell her at all. I was now sitting in a very stiff, uncomfortable position. My left hand balled into a fist on my left leg, tendons standing out under my pale skin. I staid that way the remainder of the class. Although this was my favorite class of the day, and usually went by the fastest for me, it seemed to drag on until eternity today. The bell finally rang and although my lab table was set to the middle of the room, I was out of my seat ,out of the door, and off to my next class, before anyone else was. God she smelt so good, how I was ever able to resist her, I’ll never know.

As soon as the final bell rang for the day I went straight to the office. I had to get that class changed, before I ended up doing something really stupid. There was no way I would be able bare sitting next to her like that again. I had to do something. I walked into the office and saw elderly lady behind the desk.

“Hello, what can I do for you?” she said in a frail voice.

“Hi, I’m Edward Cullen I need to see if I can get a class changed on my schedule.” I said

“So late in the year?” She asked as she typed my name into the computer.

“Yeah, it’s just not enough of a challenge for me. Is there any way I can be placed in advance placement Biology II?”

“I’m sorry dear, but that class is full.”

“Uh.. Is there any other way we can maybe switch a few of my other classes around?”

“I’m sorry there doesn’t seem to be anything opened.”

Are you freaking kidding me lady!! This schools not that big, there has to be something. I need to get out of that class before I ended up causing a massacre worst than any horror film imaginable!! I scream in my head. Just then the door opened behind me and the wind blew making her smell swirl around the room. I knew it was her with out looking, how could anyone resist that smell? She stepped to the desk and placed a note in the wire basket. She must have had to bring her slip back at the end of the day. My back stiffened and thoughts of ways I could lure her to follow me to a secluded area danced in my head, but I resisted them. Instead I turned slowly glaring at her for a second. In that moment I hated her. I didn’t know her, but I truly hated her. I hated her making me want her so badly, for making want to throw everything I’ve worked for away. I turned back to the elderly lady and said,

“Never mind, then. I can see it‘s impossible” And when I turn this school into something that makes the movie Carrie look like something out of a Walt Disney film it will be all your fault, you blue haired old hag, I thought to myself as I turned with out looking at Bella again, and headed for the door.