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Midnight Twilight: Edward's Story

I figure since no one knows when/if the amazing Mrs. Stephenie Meyer will finish and publish, Midnight Sun: Edward's Story, that it would be a good idea to write my own version of it. EPOV

I own none of the characters. Midnight Sun has not yet been finished or published so any similarities between this story and that one are merely coincadental. EPOV

4. Invitations (Through Edward's Eyes)

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I spent the whole night worried about her, there was no way I could relax. Weather she’d admit it or not she was in pain from the accident. I wasn’t making it up, she really did hit her head pretty hard. Also I felt a little guilty about the fight we had. Maybe I was in love with her? Maybe it could work out if I told her I was a vampire, she obviously had no fear of me, even though she should. Also she said she wouldn’t tell anybody if I told her the truth about what happen, and I believed her. I made up my mind to go by her house and sneak into her room from her window and tell her everything.

Once I arrived at her house, I was thankful she had her window open, that meant I didn’t have to knock on it and risk waking her dad. I’m sure the towns chief of police would have no problem shooting a punk teenage boy hanging out outside his only daughters bedroom window in the middle of the night. Once I climbed up the tree and entered her room through her window, I realized she was sleeping peacefully, and didn’t have the heart to wake her.

What the hell are you doing Edward? I asked myself. In that moment I realized something. This all sounded like a really good idea in my head, hell it even sounded romantic. Now that I had put the thought into action I realized it wasn’t romantic at all, not only would she think I was completely crazy if I told her I was a vampire, but I was now breaking and entering at the chief of police’s house. This is nuts I told myself This is more than nuts, your walking a fine line at stalking!Get the hell out of here, now before she wakes up and screams and her dad busts in here with his fully loaded standard issued police gun. Although I had never been shot, and was fairly certain that I was pretty much bullet proof, I still had no desire to be shot at. I decided it would be best if just left. I’d see her tomorrow at school and pull her aside and try to explain everything then.

As I went to make my quite exit I heard her mumble, Oh shit! Is she awake? I turned to see she was still sleeping, Is she talking in her sleep? She was no longer lying peacefully like an angel. Now she was tossing and turning about all over her bed, mumbling something about how much she missed her mom and that Forks was too green. I knew it, she was more unhappy than she was leading on! Just then I realized I should really go. Sure this was about as close to reading her thoughts as I was gone to get, but this was definitely and invasion of privacy.

I went to try an exit through the window again, but this time something stopped me dead in my tracks. I heard her mumble something else that sounded a lot like my name, but I wasn‘t sure. She called out again, but this time it was more clearly and she was definitely calling out my name. Why would she be calling out my name? After she called out for me a few more times, I saw her begin to open her eyes, she was definitely about to wake up. Good thing I was already near the window. I leaped out as quick as I could and ran home.

Once I made it into the comfort of my home, I went straight to find Alice. She was sitting at the computer in the study, shopping for clothes. As soon as my foot entered the room she greeted me, she must have seen me coming.

“Hey, Edward.” she said in her musical voice, never even turning her back from the computer screen to make sure it was actually me.

“Hey, Alice. What’s gone on?” I said as I took a seat on the top of the computer desk on opposite side of her.

“Nothing much, doing a little shopping.”

“Didn’t you just go shopping today?” I asked.

“Yeah so..”

Something else about women that I guess will always be a mystery to me, vampire and human. I started to wonder if maybe Alice was a shop-a-holic in her human life. We didn’t know much about Alice’s human life because she didn’t remember much about it herself. She wasn’t really a Cullen, figuratively speaking of course, because Carlisle did not create her. She, along with Jasper, joined our family several years after we were formed. She and Jasper were already married, so really she is a Hail. The story we told everyone in town was that Carlisle and Esme adopted us all because they couldn’t have children of their own. We told everyone that Rosalie’s last name was Hail because both she and Jasper had blonde hair, while the rest of us all had dark hair. It looked more believable that they could be related to each other.

“Do you have a minute to talk?” I asked her.

“Sure Edward, I already know what it’s about though.” she stated with a grin.

“Oh really,” I said with a smirk, “Well why don’t you tell me then.” I just felt like testing her skills, although I knew she was probably gone to be right.

“You snuck into Bella Swan’s room tonight to tell her the truth and how everything, but she was asleep. You decided to leave and she called out your name in her sleep. Now your thinking about changing your mind and just staying away from her, right?”

She sounded bored by the whole thing, she never even looked away from the shopping page she had pulled up on the screen in front of her.

“Ha!, shows how much you know.” I said mockingly, she finally took her head away from the computer screen and looked at me in shock that she could actually be wrong about one of her visions. “She actually called out my name several times in her sleep.” I added teasingly. She scoffed and pushed me playfully.

“You think your so smart don’t you?”

“Being around for over 100 years tends to do that to you.” We both laughed. “So why was she calling my name in her sleep?” I asked finally.

“Well, I couldn’t actually see what she was dreaming, but I could tell that it was definitely about you. Don’t you see Edward, she feels the same way about you.”

“Alice, that’s crazy. She’s only spoken to me a handful of times. Besides, I’m not a masochist, and I think she likes torturing me, she’s even more annoying then you.” I smirked.

“Edward, just trust me on this one.” She said.

“I’m sorry Alice I can’t. I mean, yes I like her a lot. You saw what I risked to save her today. But I can’t just tell her how I feel. One, her blood still drives me crazy, even though its manageable now, I still wouldn’t trust myself to be alone with her. Two, I don’t think two people who are in love should have any secrets, and you and I both know I could never tell her ours. Even if I did tell her I the truth, that were all vampires, she’d ether run away screaming or call the little men in their white coats to come and lock me in my padded cell.”

She got up out of the chair from behind the desk and walked around to place her arm around me.

“Edward,” she said, “This is something I really think you need to figure out on your own.”

Just then I realized she was probably right, I couldn’t rely on my gift because Bella was some how immune to it. And using Alice’s gift to help me figure it out kind of seemed like a copout. This was the first time I had ever felt I real human emotion in over a hundred years. It was only right to deal with it like a human, and not being able to read Bella’s mind added to the situation of feeling more human. Besides I could tell even if I dropped to my knees and begged, Alice meant what she said, she wasn’t gone to help me with this one, and I respected her for it.

“Your not gone to help me with this one are you?” I asked.

“No, not a chance.” she said smiling.

“That’s what I thought.” I made my way out the door, “Hey Alice.” I said as I reached the door, turning to look back at her. She was now seated at the desk where she was when I originally disturbed her. “Thanks.” I added smiling at her. She just smiled back and I left her in peace. I went up to my room to think about what I was gone to do, feeling human definitely sucked.

By the time the sun came up, I had made my decision. I was gone to completely leave Bella Swan alone. Avoid her at all cost, except for the one class I was forced to deal with her. It was just too dangerous, sure I was more in control of my thirst around her, but still there was that yearning deep inside that wanted her. I could lose control at any moment. It just would never work, and if I ignored her she’d think I was a jerk and maybe find someone else to love. Someone who could take her on a trip to a beach and not have to worry about the sun. Someone who was soft and warm to the touch, not cold and hard as a corpse, like myself. All I would bring her would be hurt and pain, she was better than that, and deserved more. It was what was best, even if it crushed me to leave her alone, I had to. Needless to say Alice thought I was stupid, but respected my decision and didn’t argue with me about it. Which quite frankly frightened me because Alice could never turn down a good verbal disagreement.

The next month went by with me just pretending to be completely oblivious to Bella Swan. I use the word pretending because it was just that. Although she didn’t know it I watched her from a far, besides she was clumsy and an accident just waiting to happen. Although I wanted her to believe I was ignoring her, I didn’t want anything to happen to her, I still felt the need to keep her as safe as I could. I had even snuck in to her room a few times to listen to her talk in her sleep. On more than one occasion she called out my name as she did the first time I watched her sleep. I just wish I knew what she was dreaming about. Maybe she knows another Edward back in Phoenix. I thought, I’ve been a total douche bag to her the past month there is no way she could still like me enough or be dreaming about me. Unless maybe she’s dreaming about kicking the crap out of me, which I really deserve right now.

I even listened into her friends thoughts to make sure everything was ok with her. I picked up that she though the reason I was acting like such a loser was because she thought I was still mad about the fight we had at the hospital. That was fine by me, as long as she was safe and unharmed. I had also picked up on the fact that pretty much every guy in school was hoping and praying she’d ask him to the girls choice spring dance. Just then one boy had very impure, ungentlemanly thought involving Bella, and what he had hoped would happen after the dance if she was to ask him. It took everything in me not to beat the guy with in an inching of his life. I hoped she had more sense then to fall for this guys act, she deserved better and was worth so much more.

I sat in Biology class putting on my usual ignore Bella act when I heard Mike Newton thinking, Man, why did Jessica have to ask me to the dance. And why hasn’t Bella asked me? I don’t want to say yes to Jessica if I’ve got a chance with Bella. I had hope she wouldn’t ask him. Although Mike’s thoughts about Bella were more innocent than a few of the other guys at school, he still wasn’t good enough for her in my book.

Just then he and Bella walked into class together. Bella took her seat next to me and Mike perched himself on her side of the lab table. Come on you can do this, just tell her how you feel, he thought as he prepared himself.

“So,” He said as looked down, “Jessica just asked me to the spring dance.”

“That’s great.” Bella replied with obvious false enthusiasm. There’s no way she could like this guy, why wasn’t she thrilled someone else asked him.

“Well…” he was obviously not happy with her response. “I told her I had to think about it.”

“Why would you do that?” she asked with disapproval in her tone, What the hell is she hiding? I thought to myself, Does she want to go to the stupid dance with Mike Newton or not?

“I was wondering if…well, if you might be planning to ask me.”

“Mike, I think you should tell her yes.” she said. Good, she didn’t like that chump, she could do so much better.

“Did you already ask someone?’ Mike asked as his eyes flicker towards me. Hey don’t look at me buddy, I thought, All I’ve done for the past month was try and convince her that I’m ignoring her. Although I was amused to be able to get under his skin so easily.

“No,” she assured him, “I’m not gone to the dance at all.”

“Why not?” he demanded. He had better watch his tone with her, I thought.

“I’m gone to Seattle that Saturday .” she explained.

“Can’t you go some other weekend?” he asked, She said no now buzz off! I said to myself.

“Sorry, no” she said, “You shouldn’t make Jessica wait any longer- it’s rude.” she added.

He finally seemed to get the picture and took his seat on the other side of the room. God damn it! I screamed in my head, Does she really have to go to Seattle, or was she trying to let him down gently. Or did she only tell him no for Jessica’s sake. What the hell is gone on in her head! Not being able to read her thoughts was becoming more and more stressful for me to handle. I didn’t realize it but I was staring at her, actually we were staring at each other. Just then Mr. Banner called my name.

“Mr. Cullen?” he called.

“The Krebs Cycle.” I answered reluctantly turning my head away from her.

She quickly looked down at her book and shifted her hair over her shoulder to hide her face from me. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to stop pretending to ignoring her, it was killing me not to be able to speak to her and hear her voice. Alice said she saw Bella and I together and I that I wouldn’t hurt her. Maybe it was safe after all. I could just take it slow and see where it leads me. In that moment I decided to stop the act and just let the pieces fall into place. I would give her a mild explanation and see where that took us. I could only hope she’d forgive me for my behavior over the past several weeks.

“Bella, I called as the bell rang.

She slowly, reluctantly, turned towards me.

“What? Are you speaking to me again?” she asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“No, not really.” I said fighting a smile.

“Then what do you want, Edward?”

“I’m sorry. I’m being very rude, I know. But it’s better this way, really.”

“I don’t know what you mean?”

“It’s better if were not friends, trust me.” What the hell Edward, no! What are you doing, why am I saying this? I thought. Just then I could tell she grew very angry with me. Nice going Edward, you pissed her off. Oh well at lease she’s cute when she’s angry, really what I said was just the wrong choice of words to use. It wasn’t that big of a deal, if she gives me the chance, I’ll just rephrase to mean what I meant, and everything should be ok.

“It’s too bad you didn’t figure that out earlier,” she hissed through gritted teeth, “You could have saved yourself all this regret.”

“Regret,” I asked, What the hell is she talking about?, “Regret for what?” I asked.

“For not letting that stupid van squish me.” she stated.

She can’t be serious, she can’t really think I regret saving her. If she only knew what I had risked to do it. I grew angry thinking about it and because sidetracked. How could she think I wanted anything horrible to happen to her?

“You think I regret saving your life?” I asked

“I know you do.” she said.

“You don’t know anything.” I said with intense anger.

She tried to storm off, but in true Bella fashion, her clumsiness got the best of her. She caught her boot on the doorjamb and dropped her books. Before she could bend down to pick them up, I had already had them in a pile and handed them to her.

“Thank you.” she said, anger behind it.

“Your welcome.” I shot back with the same angry tone as she stormed off to her next class. That so wasn’t the way I had wanted that to go.

The last class of the day went by slowly. Man I need to figure out a way to catch Bella Swan alone and see if she wants to go to the dance with me, I heard come from the thoughts of Tyler Crowley. The same kid that nearly killed her with his van. Are you kidding me, you nearly crushed her to death, now you want a date with her? I still wasn’t sure if she was letting Mike down easy or if she was saying no for Jessica, who really, didn’t deserve any kindness from Bella. The bell finally rang and as I stood by my car waiting for Alice, I saw Bella get into her truck and a few spaces down, Tyler was doing the same thing with his newly purchased Sentra. Then a plan hit me, I had to know if she really liked Mike or not.

I hurried up and hoped in to the drivers seat of my car and quickly cut Bella off. I decided to wait right there for Alice and the others instead of in the parking space I was in. It caused a mild traffic hold up in the school parking lot. I watched in my mirror as Tyler got out of his car and approached Bella’s window. I kept my ears pierced, but couldn’t really make out everything. I did catch Tyler’s thoughts and she let him down with the same excuse as she had given Mike. She noticed I was watching her in my mirror. I was also laughing uncontrollably, and I think she noticed that too, because she revved the engine on her truck. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear she was thinking about ramming my car as family climbed in and I sped away.

Now there was an even bigger problem. If she was able to find so much trouble in Forks, I shuddered to think at the trouble she could get into in Seattle, especially if she would be on her own. I had to find out. That night I decided to watch her sleep again, after I went on a hunting trip. I went through her window again, and watched her peacefully sleep. How lucky was I, that she apparently had a habit of sleeping with the window opened? She said my name a few times, as she often did. I really loved the way my name sounded coming from her voice, it was so pleasant. I decided I would try to make things right again tomorrow, hopefully she would forgive me, once again. As I was sneaking out her window I thought I heard her mumble something about a stupid shiny Volvo owner.

The next day I beat her to school, and I noticed she had parked as far away from me as she could. Probably trying to avoid any temptation to take out the rear end of my car after my little stunt yesterday. I walked over to her and watched her fumbling with her keys as they fell to the ground. I picked them up before she had time to notice and held out my hand with the fallen keys in my palm. She jumped, I had obviously startled her.

“How do you do that?” she asked sounding irritated.

“Do what?” I asked as I dropped the key into her palm.

“Appear out of thin air.”

“Bella, it’s not my fault if you are exceptionally unobservant.” I stated

She looked up at me.

“Why the traffic jam last night?” she asked, “I thought you were supposed to be pretending I don’t exist, not irritating me to death.”

“That was for Tyler’s sake, not mine. I had to give him his chance.” I snickered.

“You…” she gasped seeming as she couldn’t think of a bad enough word to call me, it wouldn’t have matter if she would have been able to, it’s not like I hadn’t been called every name in the book before. I was still amused.

“And I’m not pretending you don’t exist.” I added.

“So you are trying to irritate me to death? Since Tyler’s van didn’t do the job?”

Anger ran through me when she said that.

“Bella, you are utterly absurd,” I said all signs of humor were now gone.

She turned her back to walk away from me. Damn it Edward, stop her!

“Wait,” I called to her not wanting a repeat of yesterday, but she kept walking. I hurried to catch up to her. “I’m sorry, that was rude,” I said as we walked, but she seemed to be ignoring me. “I’m not saying it isn’t true,” I continued. “but it was still rude to say it, anyway.”

“Why won’t you leave me alone?” she grumbled.

“I wanted to ask you something, but you sidetracked me.” I said with a chuckle.

“Do you have a multiple personality disorder?” she asked annoyed.

“You’re doing it again.”

“Fine then, What do you want to ask?”

“I was wondering if, a week from Saturday- you know, the day of the spring dance-”

She cut me off right then and there.

“Are you trying to be funny?” she asked, she saw the amusement in my eyes as she looked up at me.

“Will you please allow me to finish?” I asked. “ I heard you say you were gone to Seattle that day, and I was wondering if you wanted a ride?”

“What?” she asked, I had obviously caught her off guard.

“Do you want a ride to Seattle?”

“With who?” she asked

“Myself, obviously.” I said smugly with a smile.

She still seemed stunned.

“Why” she asked.

“Well, I was planning to go to Seattle in the next few weeks, and to be honest, I’m not sure if your truck can make it.”

“My truck works just fine, thank you very much for you concern.”

“But can your truck make it there on a tank of gas?” I asked. Come on Bella, work with me here, I said in my head.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business.” she said.

“The wasting of finite resources is everyone’s business.” I said trying to be a smart ass, hoping she’d laugh, and see I was trying to make things right.

“Honestly Edward, I can’t keep up with you. I thought you said you didn’t want to be my friend.” she reminded me.

“I said that it would be better if we weren’t friends, not that I didn’t want to be.”

“Oh, thanks now that’s all cleared up.” she stated heavy on the sarcasm, but I could tell she was about to cave.

“It would be more…prudent for you not to be my friend,” I explained, Ok, I thought, time to start laying some real truth on her. “But I’m tired of trying to stay away from you, Bella.” I added. “Will you go with me to Seattle?”

I realized we were no longer walking. We were now standing under the shelter of the cafeteria roof. I could see her face better now, and it was more exquisite than I had ever seen it. She can’t be realI thought, but here she was right in front of me. Looking up at me with those deep chocolate brown eyes. All she seemed to be able to do was nod a yes at me. I guess she was still stunned. I smiled briefly and then looked at her with intense seriousness.

“You really should stay away from me, “ I warned her, “I’ll see you in class.” I called out to her as I headed back the way we had came. At lease now she wouldn’t be In Seattle alone, I’d be able to keep her safe.