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A Life Long Wait For a Hospital Stay

Set after Eclipse, with the only exception being Bella's vampire-ness. Stella Harrison is checking into the Forks Hospital with a deteriorating heart condition. Dr. Carlisle Cullen has been assigned to her case. As their friendship grows, and she dies a little more everyday, Carlisle must decide between changing her or leaving her. All pairings are the same, so no Stella-on-Carlisle action.


1. Chapter 1

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Stella sighed as the elevator doors opened with a ding. She walked awkwardly up to the front desk, weighed down by her bags.

"I'm here to check in." she said to the nurse. "I dropped my things off yesterday."

"Stella Harrison?" the nurse asked.

Stella nodded.

"Come with me, dear."

The two women headed down a white, sterile hallway that made Stella want to vomit.

"Room two-seventeen." The nurse pointed to a door. "Nurse Tori will be in soon."

Stella set her new bags down next to her other items. A laptop, books, DVDs, and CD collection took up the back corner of the room. She sat on her bed and looked at the drab TV that hung above her.

"Stella?" a female voice asked politely.

Stella nodded.

"I'm Nurse Tori." Tori held out her hand. Stella shook it. Tori was probably no older than Stella's twenty-one years. She had dark red hair with blonde re-growth peeking out and bright blue eyes. She wore jeans and a black My Chemical Romance tee shirt. Stella decided she liked her.

"Hi Nurse Tori." Stella said mockingly polite.

"Yeah," Tori made a mark on the chart she held. "The formalities get annoying after a while."

Stella was positive she liked Tori.

"Dr. Cullen will be in shortly." Tori said as she turned to leave.

"Wait." Stella started.

Tori turned to face her.

"I thought I'd be seeing Dr. Holloway."

"Dr. Cullen got this case." Tori sighed. "I'm not sure how it happened, but he'll be your new doctor. He'll be in shortly."

"Shortly" meant that this "Dr. Cullen" didn't come in for another 45 minutes.

"Sorry about that." he said as he shut the door.

"It's okay." Stella giggled stupidly. She was a bit too distracted by the highly attractive young man in front of her. He had blonde hair and this pale skin, you know, the kind that just begged for a hickey? He was tall, too, and just, oh, Stella couldn't even begin to describe him.

Dr. Cullen chuckled as he sat in the rolling doctor's chair that Stella used to play with as a little girl. The young woman in front of him didn't look as weak as she probably was. Her skin was pale and papery on her lank frame and her green eyes were starting to hollow out, but her brown hair shone and her cheeks were a flushed pink. She was tall, probably as tall as him, with long, skinny legs. She wore blue jeans and a white blouse. "So, what do you know about your disease?"

Stella sighed. "My heart and lungs are slowly calcifying. I have one working lung and, like, three-fourths of a heart."

"When did you first notice that your heart and lungs were slowing down?" Another mark on the chart.

"A little in elementary school." She explained. "But in was really beginning to go downhill about ten years ago, on my first day of middle school P.E. I couldn't catch my breath at all. So, my mom took me to an allergist and he said I was allergic to dust and gave me some pills that helped for a while."

"Yes, Lexatol can help for a while." Dr. Cullen noted absentmindedly.

"Then in my junior year of high school, I almost had a heart attack in weights. An ultra-sound on my heart showed that my heart was hardening and that my left lung was barely working." she finished with a shrug of her shoulders.

Dr. Cullen looked up. Her green eyes pleaded for a sign of hope.

"How long do I have?" she whispered, suddenly serious.

"Ten months. A year if luck will have it."