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A Life Long Wait For a Hospital Stay

Set after Eclipse, with the only exception being Bella's vampire-ness. Stella Harrison is checking into the Forks Hospital with a deteriorating heart condition. Dr. Carlisle Cullen has been assigned to her case. As their friendship grows, and she dies a little more everyday, Carlisle must decide between changing her or leaving her. All pairings are the same, so no Stella-on-Carlisle action.


2. Chapter 2

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The truth silently hung in the air until the sound of the door being opened broke through it.

"Stella-fucking-ella!" a female voice called loudly.

Stella and Dr. Cullen looked to the door where a plump young woman stood. She was probably only five-foot with olive skin, white asymmetrical hair, thick black glasses, and a pierced lip. She wore pink skinny jeans and a black Invader Zim shirt.

"Amy!" Stella said happily.

Amy giggled and clapped as she sat in the visitor chair next to Stella's bed. The two girls chatted happily as Dr. Cullen took Stella's blood and hooked her up to the heart monitoring machine.

"Dr. Cullen," Amy said in voice that sounded like forced calm, "That heart monitor really goes well with the decorations." She gestured to the cheap flowery wallpaper.

He chucked at Amy's comment and both girls shifted in their seats.

"How will I shower with this?" Stella asked as the heart monitor basically was soldered to her arm.

"The bathroom is designed so that you can shower with this standing out of the bathtub." Dr. Cullen explained.

"But," Stella began.

Dr. Cullen looked at her. She was too dazzled to remember what she was going to say.


"Tori will be back in a few hours." he said, patting Stella's arm. "A pleasure to meet you, Amy." and he was gone.

"Whew!" Amy comically sighed. "Does he do gyno work, too?"

"Amy!" Stella was able to gasp out through laughter that physically hurt her. "That is my doctor!"

"Yes." Amy said seriously. "And while he's working up here-" she waved her hand over Stella's chest. "-maybe he can work down here." she waved her hand over the crotch of Stella's jeans.

Both girls fell into hysterics.

"Oh," Amy sighed, wiping a tear, "this is just like high school again."

Stella sighed with a giggle.

"Speaking of which," Amy started, "we were supposed to be like my grannie's friends, besties for 60 years, then you had to go get calcifying heart syndrome on me. Bitch."

"Hey!" Stella countered. "I've still got another year!"

Amy sighed with a smile. "If you weren't so fragile, I'd punch you."

That was Stella's tick. People saying how she wasn't as strong as she could be, how she was so fragile now, so delicate. She didn't take Amy's jab seriously, she knew she was joking. So, she grabbed one of her fluffy hospital pillows and threw it at Amy, who clumsily caught it.

"Ha!" Amy cried. "Victory!"

The girls began smashing each other with cheap hospital pillows, laughing loudly and red-faced.

Then, the beeping began. Slow at first, and quiet so the girls couldn't hear it over their glee. Then faster. And faster.

The girls stopped mid-throw, mid-laugh. Stella's heart monitor was on the fritz.

"I think the pillow fight's over." Stella whispered as the monitor showed her heart rate was over 200 beats per minute.

"Yeah." Amy agreed as she slowly sank back into the chair.

"This sucks." Stella giggled as the monitor went back to whatever normal was. "I can't have fun anymore!"