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A Life Long Wait For a Hospital Stay

Set after Eclipse, with the only exception being Bella's vampire-ness. Stella Harrison is checking into the Forks Hospital with a deteriorating heart condition. Dr. Carlisle Cullen has been assigned to her case. As their friendship grows, and she dies a little more everyday, Carlisle must decide between changing her or leaving her. All pairings are the same, so no Stella-on-Carlisle action.


4. Chapter 4

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Stella sighed contently as she settled into the hospital bed. Her blankets her warm and her pillows were soft. As her eyes began to flutter closed, the walls of the hospital vanished.

“I’m free!” She thought giddily. She simply walked out into the late night air. The grass was dewy and the air was chilly. She had an urge to run. The cold air ripped her lungs at the seams, but she kept running and running and running. After what could’ve been hours, she slipped and fell at the edge of an old, gnarled, tree. She looked up. He stood there in his crisp business suit and perfectly clipped gray hair.

“No…” Stella whispered.

“’No’ is not a word, Stella Marie.” He said sternly. “Remember that ‘no’ is not an acceptable answer in this house.”

“NO!” she shouted, beating the ground. “NO! NO! NO!”

He chuckled. “Fight all you want, darling. I will win.”

She covered her head in her arms. “NO!” she wailed. “NO! NO! NO!”

She felt her arms being bound to the ground, along with her ankles.


“Honey, hold still!”




Her cries became weak and feeble. Her eyes fell shut. “No…”


Stella’s eyes cracked open, previously sealed with crust.

“Stella, can you hear me?”

Stella groaned. She felt like jelly melting into a puddle of molasses.

“Honey?” A hand stroked her hair. Stella tried to swat it away, but found her arms were bound to the bed.

“Gah…”Stella moaned. She blinked and saw Nurse Tori’s face in front of her.

“Stella.” Nurse Tori sighed. “How do you feel?”

“Horrible.” Stella sighed. “What happened?”

“You hallucinated. Started screaming. Woke up half the ward.” Nurse Tori explained.

“Why can’t I move?” Stella asked.

“You were hurting yourself.”

Stella looked at her cut and bruised arms. It looked like she was an extra in [i]Fight Club[/i]. The restraints were making her wrists and ankles sweat.

“What happened?” Nurse Tori asked.

“I was running. It hurt.” Stella sighed. “My uncle…was there. He told me what he used to tell me all the time…’No ‘is not an acceptable answer in this house.”

“Why did he tell you that?” Nurse Tori asked helplessly.

“He used to beat me.” Stella sighed. “He was a drunkard. Got angry. His little niece was a fun little punching bag.”

The girls sat in silence for a while.

“Stella?” Dr. Cullen asked, peeking his head in. “Are you all right?”

“She will be.” Nurse Tori replied.

“Dammit.” Stella grumbled. “Can’t scratch my nose.”

Dr. Cullen chuckled and rubbed an icy cold fingertip on the bridge of her nose.

“Thank you, Doctor.” Stella giggled stupidly.

“Are my fingers cold?” he asked cautiously.

“No.” She shook her head.

He smiled and took her restrained hand reassuringly. It was as cold as his. The panic flooded.

“Carlisle?” Nurse Tori asked. “Are you alright? You look like you’re going to puke.”

“Yeah.” He answered too quickly. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You look like you’ve seen a vampire.” Stella said simply.