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A Life Long Wait For a Hospital Stay

Set after Eclipse, with the only exception being Bella's vampire-ness. Stella Harrison is checking into the Forks Hospital with a deteriorating heart condition. Dr. Carlisle Cullen has been assigned to her case. As their friendship grows, and she dies a little more everyday, Carlisle must decide between changing her or leaving her. All pairings are the same, so no Stella-on-Carlisle action.


5. Chapter 5

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Alice skipped gleefully to her Porsche.

“Alice, where are you going?” Jasper asked as his wife hopped into her car.

“I’m going to go visit Carlisle at work!” she responded as the car sped down the Cullen driveway.

Nurse Tori sighed over her papers. Stella’s heart had improved, but not enough to erase the damage done to her lungs. She thought about putting Stella on the heart transplant list, maybe that’d help. There were new clinical trials for people with the same disease; and doctors were working on fake hearts. A doctor in New Jersey was injecting patients with cadaver heart cells and that had an effective rate of 76 percent. Nurse Tori clicked her pen shut. No, this wouldn’t work…the only way she’d live is if Carlisle made her immortal. Cadaver cells would work before she became immortal. She had to laugh quietly at her own stupidity.

“Hello, Tori!” a voice chimed.

“Hey, Alice!” Nurse Tori leaned over the counter to hug Dr. Cullen’s daughter. “Dr. Cullen’s in with a patient right now. He’ll be right out.”

“Oh, that’s okay!” Alice waved her hand as she set off down the hall. “I’ll just be a minute.”

“Wait!” Nurse Tori started, but Alice’s raven hair had disappeared around a corner. “I didn’t tell you what room he was in…”

“This looks good,” Carlisle noted as he moved the ultra-sound over Stella’s heart. “The medication is helping. Another few weeks, and you won’t need the heart monitor attached 24/7 anymore.”

“Great,” Stella smiled happily. She felt a little stab of joy.

“Come in,” Carlisle answered to a knock Stella didn’t hear.

“Hey, Carlisle!” a young woman glided in. Stella was in awe of her beauty. She looked like a pin-up girl from the ‘50s.

“Hey, Alice,” Carlisle replied. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?” she asked. “You must be Stella!”

Stella nodded, looking at Carlisle, then back to Alice.

“I’m Alice,” Alice stuck her hand out.

“Hey Alice,” Stella said warily, shaking her hand.

“Alice is my adopted daughter,” Carlisle explained.

“Oh!” Stella mused. “You’re very pretty, Alice.”

Alice flushed. “Thank you! You’re very pretty yourself.”

Now it was Stella’s turn to flush. “Thank you!”

“Stella, did you want to go to the record store with me? I was going to go buy the new MGMT CD, but I didn’t want to go alone,” Alice asked, pouting a little.

“Yeah, I’ll go!” Stella was happy to get out of the damn room.

“Alice…” Carlisle said warningly.

“Oh, she’ll be fine!” Alice assured as she helped Stella out of her bed. “We’ll be back later!”

Stella had never loved the bright sunshine hitting her eyes so much in her life. She looked at the never-ending row of bland four-door cars and asked, “Which one’s yours?”

“Oh, that one over there,” Alice pointed to a yellow Porsche.

“You drive a Porsche?!” Stella asked as Alice skipped to the car.


“Well,” Stella laughed as they crawled in the car, “doctors do make a lot of money.”