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Twilight Assassins

A family, sort of set up like the Cullens, live undeteced from the tracings of the Goverment and under Employment of The Voltori. The main plot, the 'Not Suppose To Be' adored couple, Bella and Edward, are to be targeted by the Voltori's Top Assassins. At first, it seems just a normal mission. Get in, kill the targets, make a cover scene, leave...But when things are mishapped and the mission becomes complicated and more complicated by the Cullens fighting back, and the Twilight Assassins suddenly now being targeted by the second best squad of the Voltori with the only escape, KILL Isabella Swan...Will our beloved Bella make it? Or will this be her end? Read and find out...


1. Chapter 1

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"You ready, Hails?" asked the eldest of my adoptive siblings, his combed back blonde hair annoying me as I rolled my eyes and poked his forehead. He caught my hand and looped it in his arm elegantly. That annoying smirk forming as he kicked open the door with a sturdy heel strike. "Don't worry," he patted my red silk gloved arm with his white gloved, icy hand. "We'll be over this and back home in no time."

I shook my head and clung my other arm to him, my frilly black dress rustling as we crossed the Ball Room floor in a few seconds. Passing by staring adults of the highest riches. All probably jealous of my beloved brother's perfect looks. He was a vampire, unacknowledged from the prissy mortals, so him being the hottest there wasn't a surprise to me.

I sighed and decided to look up from my soar, heeled feet to the group we were striding towards. Two, good looking and best dressed thirty year olds with a girl in each arms were politely discussing who, in the celebrities world, was the most mature. I didn't catch whom exactly they were speaking of, I couldn't care less at the moment.

They looked up as I pulled on my best respectable face, my daring, painted eyes smothering up the annoyance of the purvey looks I was receiving from the men as the girls silently hissed at me.

"Good evening, Miser Tivoli, Miser Yahlon, and young ladies." frenchly my brother greeted as we halted smoothly a safe two feet away from the group. Close enough for attention, but far enough that they couldn't 'accidentally' bump somewhere they shouldn't and get their necks snapped.

“Good evening, Mister...Frais?” greeted the balding man as he winked at me and I didn’t hold back a gag. I presumed he was my target, Mister Yahlon. Headmaster of a high respectable academy of England, as well as the number one suspect of being contacted by Lord Collins. Lord Collins I’ll tell you about more later. For now, let’s just say he’s a leader of a group trying to expose the World of the Mortals to the World of the Mythical. Two separate worlds that are not meant to clash, and as long as I’m breathing, they won’t. Even when I break my own rule of that. Being still mortal and knowing of vampires since I was born.

“Wee,” goosed my brother with an agreeing smile that almost caused a heart attack on the sluts in short pink dresses in the arms of the soon to be...err.....how can I put this lightly?...ohm, meeting their last nights of this dimension. “ Do you two gentlemen have a moment? We need to discuss our companies combining contract. It seems me and my beautiful wife here have a few issues concerning vital information going to be forward in underscoring.”

Mister Tivoli nodded in unison with Mister Yahlon. Guiding their girls our way to follow our direction to a separate room. ‘Mister Frais’, aka my brother, held up a hand to the ladies. “We need to speak privately. I wish not our matters be passed along.” What he’s really saying: “ I don’t want to kill more mortals than I already have to...” Always the soft hearted type, he was. Where as me, I couldn’t care less if they came or not. Kind of ironic too. I was the mortal and he was the dark vampire, feared by the suppose to be caring mortals.

The men tapped their arms and they let go kind of whiningly. Stalking off with annoyed looks, those prissy blonde headed....I won’t go on.

We led them off into a separate room as planned. Letting myself and the men in , my brother following last and locking the door, the targets began questioning about what parts of the ‘contract’ we had issues on. Poor guys, they should have seen pictures of the people they were dealing with before just meeting them at a party where a fright mingles at fates fingers.

I turned swiftly around, spinning professionally on my heel and slipping out a syringe and needle filled with, some long name so I’ll sum it up, Death Potion. The hazy purple liquid sloshed as it was suddenly jerked into the heart of Mister Yahlon in surprise. The man’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates as he backed up and tried tugging my arm and the needle out before the slow moving liquid was sunk in. His clogging throat gasping out whimpers as the Death Potion fastly drizzled his life down Fate’s Toilet.

Just at the moment I spun, my brother’s hand slapped across Mister Tivoli’s mouth with a good grip over his quivering body.

As Mister Yahlon slid against the wall to the floor in the dark wall, his eyes wide and bloody, I pulled out the needle and slipped the bottle of Death Potion out. Refilling the syringe casually. Strutting almost bordly over to the next man who was as pale as his holder.

“Now, just relax, Mister Tivoli.” I giggled like a doctor would to a patient. “It’s not as painful as it looks.” The poor man made vainly jerks as he tried getting away. Unfortunately, as tonight I was the bad girl, I stabbed him in the heart and injected the hazy purple liquid as I did to Mister Yahlon.

My brother’s hand slipped off the guys mouth as he limply fell to the floor. Bloody tears falling out of his eyes and streaking his face. “You won’t get away with this...”he muttered as last words.

I slyly smiled. Pocketing the syringe and needle after capping the needle. Clinking the bottle of Death Potion with my middle finger extravagantly painted nail. “Don’t worry, you’ll just look like you and Mister Yahlon committed suicide from too much stress from work. This stuff dissolves after twenty five seconds in the blood stream. It kills then disappears.” I tipped my hair, long blonde hair of my wig fell over my shoulders. “Lovely, isn’t it?” I kissed the tips of my fingers and patted his head with the kissed tips once. Watching him slip from this world, into the next.

Standing up smoothly, almost as graciously as a vampire, I looked at my watch. Fingering: Three....Two....One...

Running to the door as my brother tipped martinis next to each victims hand on the ground, looking exactly like they fell out of hand. A scream escaped my lips high pitched and bloody murder aching in the octaves. Roughly, I tussled the lock until I flicked it open. Crashing the door open and running across the floor with my brother falling after. Horrifying looks on both of our faces.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” I screamed. Pointing with a shaking finger as tears smudged my make up and slipped down my face. We stopped in the middle of the ball room with everyone staring in confusion. “Dead! Dead! They killed themselves!” I let myself fall into my brother’s arms in a fake faint.

“Some one call a medic! Those men just committed suicide! In that room!” Hollered my brother as he lowered me to the floor and start fanning me with the glove he slipped off his hand. “And my darling wife! She’s fainted! Horrified! Hurry! Medic! Medic!”

Everyone’s faces fell horrified and disapproved as the looked from me and my brother to the slammed open door. Butlers ran in the room in a scurry and came out in horror.

“Call an ambulance!” yelled one with waving arms as they rushed for the phones.

That’s when a flurry rushed.

People ran around and around. Rushing out of the room as fast as they could with worries of being accused. Even the sluts of the men were running for their lives.

Shoving and scurries and pushing happened at the double French doors as windows broke with people rushing. It was quite the scene. Quite the hilarious scene.

My brother yanked me to my feet by my arm. I snapped my eyes open and we disappeared through the crowed easily on our hands and knees through legs. Rushing to the silver Volvo racing to the front.

My brother held the door open for me as I scurried like a chipmunk into the back seat. Laughing my head off.

“Oh man!” I cried tears of joy. “That was the funniest yet! Am I right, Keith?” I asked my brother.

He nodded with a joking smile as he pretended that old trick of ‘got your nose’. I shoved him off and fingered the bridge of my nose. “Your such a child, Keith.” the driver, another adoptive brother of mine just with the reddest natural hair you’d ever seen, joked in his fake Irish voice. It was high pitched and leprechaun, you’d laugh as hard as my uproar too if you heard.

“Whatever, Charmander.” Stubbornly, Keith folded his arms and pouted at his window.

“Poky ball! Go!” squealed ‘Charmander’.

Charmander’s name wasn’t actually Charmander, if you hadn’t caught on. It was Charming, just like Princess Cinderella’s prince. We just liked messing around with him.

I leaned up against his seat and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders. “Oh, Prince Charming!” I cooed in a romantic lovely dove voice. “I love you so, will you deck my foot with a glass shoe and marry me?!”

Keith, I couldn’t see as my eyes were at the back of the head of Charming, rolled his eyes. I could just feel it.

Playing along as usual as he drove us to our hotel, “Of course!” he frowned at me in the rear view mirror. “Just not now, I’m kind of busy not trying to crash. Later, I’ll take you to my ‘castle’.”

Keith reached up and smacked him, dragging me back and buckling me up as he hissed, “Stop provoking her into bad thoughts, Charmless!” I rolled my eyes and pouted like he did with crossed arms.

Pulling into our hotel, we parked Valet and headed to the elevators. Ignoring the pestering, nervous Lobby Manager. Apparently after my rant about there being dirty towels left in our suite, he was scared stiff when we came in. Or at least when I did. My brothers treated him with respect at least. I was always just too...myself when it came with socializing.

In our room, I crashed on the smooshy bed with a sigh as I exhaustedly attempted kicking my ankle locked tight heels with my feet and my feet only. Unsuccessful, I gave up and just laid there. About passing out from exhaustion.

Hearing a sigh, “Thank Chuu, Kiethy!” I cooed in a childish voice as he through my heels into my open suit case next to the bathroom archway. “Night, night!” I called, closing my eyes and preparing for my, finally, long, lazy sleep.

Someone’s cold hands shoved me onto my back. I groaned, “I was comfortable, thank you very much!”

“Yah, well,” Charming smiled. “You have a choice.”

“What choice for what?” suspiciously I cracked an eye open and eyed him.

“Either you dress yourself for bed, or I dress you.” that cheesy smile told me which one he preferred and I jumped with an outburst of energy. Grabbing my pj’s out of his outstretched hand and rushing to the bathroom.

Coming out with my stupid, scratchy blonde wig off, my natural creamy brown hair flowing over my back with soft, satin pajamas on and greasy make up off, I collapsed on the bed sleepily.

For a second, I didn’t notice it, but when I did realize, I reached over, took the remote, and turned the television off. I was not listening to the television tonight. Even with the sound turned down to the point average mortal ears couldn’t’ hear naked.

“Hey!” Whined Charming and Keith as they glared at me from Keith’s and my bed.

“Hey!” I replied as if they were simply saying hello-hey. Shoving the remote under my pillow and tucking myself in the warm blankets snuggly. Reaching my foot over to kick Charming out of my bed. He toppled over, I smiled triumphantly. Falling asleep easily...

Sometime in my beauty sleep, a phone went off. I groaned annoyed and punched my feather pillow frustratedly. "I'm trying to sleep, gosh darn it!"

"Haily, hush." Keith cooed as he answered. "Yes?" after a second, "Mhm." another few seconds, " Okay." another few seconds. "Of course. See it completed in the near future. Our youngest needs rest at the moment, but it will be completed a week after tomorrow." The phone was hung up, someone softly shook me. I moaned in response instead of looking up at them with my face still in the pillow. "Hails, Hails." Keith whispered softly in my ear. His cold breath tickling my bare neck. "Tomorrow, we leave to Forks, Whashington to take out a mortal, Isabella Marie Swan, and some vampire, Edward Cullen. Okay, sis?"

"Yah..." I mumbled. Annoyed that its been six months since I've had a break and yet another mission's come rolling up my alley to bug me. "Whatever...Sleepy..."

He chuckled softly and I fell back asleep wishing tomorrow would take forever in coming...