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Twilight Assassins

A family, sort of set up like the Cullens, live undeteced from the tracings of the Goverment and under Employment of The Voltori. The main plot, the 'Not Suppose To Be' adored couple, Bella and Edward, are to be targeted by the Voltori's Top Assassins. At first, it seems just a normal mission. Get in, kill the targets, make a cover scene, leave...But when things are mishapped and the mission becomes complicated and more complicated by the Cullens fighting back, and the Twilight Assassins suddenly now being targeted by the second best squad of the Voltori with the only escape, KILL Isabella Swan...Will our beloved Bella make it? Or will this be her end? Read and find out...


2. Chapter 2

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Waking up the following morning was not in the least bit anything I planned on doing. Still exhausted, I rolled over to try smashing the button of the stupid alarm clock. Feeling the desk all around next to my smooshy bed until all I could find was the lamp and my files of last night's targets. The annoying ringing still echoing in the oversized hotel suite.

“Char-Ming!” I whined grumpily as I rolled over to the other side to try finding the clock with my fingers on the other desk. “Where’s the alarm clock?!” I found it, took a good grip, and through it across the room. Sitting up slowly as I rubbed my green grass eyes. Hearing no crash or bash, I looked up to see Keith replugging the clock.

“Gees, hit me in the head will yah?!” Charming cried as he through his pillow at me. I blocked it and let it tumble to the soft carpeted floor. Smiling brightly with half open eyes.

“Good morning, sunshine.” Keith added in a hearty voice. My smile turned to a cliff fall frown. “What?” His blonde, perfect brows burrowed as his golden eyes searched mine. “What’s wrong, sis?”

“Why did you catch the clock?” I monotoned in a hissy question.

“Ohm,” he answered in a tone that questioned my insanity. “Because your not suppose to throw clocks, especially after upsetting the poor Lobby Manager into therapy.”

“One,” I held up a finger. “He deserved it.” I added another finger to make two fingers. “Two, the clock’s annoying, it deserves to be thrown into walls.”

I shook his head as he scuffled my messy brown hair. “Your such a dork.”

I waved my arms frantically, “Neeeee!” I squealed also. Sticking my tongue at him as he chuckled his way to his laptop sitting on the round table.

“Come on, sleeping beauty,” Charming through my clothes at me. “Time to get ready for the ball.”

“What ball?” I question dully. I never really liked parties. “I thought we were going to Forks?”

“We are,” he smiled broadly in a cheesy grin. Golden eyes glinting brightly with fun on picking on me. “I just love to tussle you!”

Walking past him, I elbowed his gut with full knowing it wouldn’t bother him in the least as I entered the bathroom and locked the door.

Coming out a couple minutes later with brushed back, pony tailed hair and jeans and a white t-shirt that had a purple cupcake on the front, I stretched my arms up high. My belly showing from the movement. Charming came over and poked my tummy-tom.

“When did little Hails get abs?” he pouted, poking me again. I shoved his hand away.

“Stop that, you jerky strip head!” I bellowed, zipping up my suit case after shoving my pjs and hair brush in. “Now come on, when does our flight leave?”

“In forty minutes.” Keith replied, not looking up from his computer. “Just enough time for you to eat breakfast and shoes on without being late again.” Out of the corner of his eyes, he eyed me with sarcastic suspicion. I raised my hands up innocently.

“Hey! It takes me two minutes to get ready,” I thumbed-pointed at Charming behind me. “It’s your highness here that can’t decide his silly hair do every morning.”

He gaped in aghast. “No! I can decide very well, thank you!”

“Yah,” I giggled, taking a bite of a pear from the fruit basket next to Keith’s laptop. “After an hour of messing with it!” Charming pouted and stalked over to grab his suit case. I kicked my sandals on my feet. “Ready, Keith?” I asked through a mouthful of pear. Glancing over his shoulder to see what he was up to. Apparently, he was looking through IRS files to track down photos and addresses and other important information on our targets.

Nodding with bouncy blonde hair, he closed the laptop and twisted up to take mine and his suit case before I could argue my argument on how I can take my stuff on my own. His laptop underarm.

“Onward kind gent and fairest Lady of the Land!” Charming battle called. Charging towards the door and almost ramming through it before I thrusted it open. Instead, he ran into the wall...

Me and Keith rolled our eyes at him as we followed him out to the elevators.

In the Lobby after checking out, I curled my fingers in a sweet wave at the Lobby Manager that plastered himself against the wall with a face as pale as Keith and Charming’s.

At the airport, after a thirty minute drive, I bordly climbed aboard the plane with my brother’s to first class. Yawning over exaggeratedly with outstretched arms that ‘accidentally’ knocked a tray of food out of an attendants hand. Tossing the pudding all over the ugly flight attendant’s uniform. I tapped my bottom lip with a slender index finger. Big, puppy dog eyes up as I mumbled. “Oops.” The poor guy bit his lip in frustration as he forced a smile and cleaned up the mess. Stumbling over saying, “My fault entirely.” Even though I totally could tell he was furious and screaming in his mind: “Your such an annoying little brat!”

“Your cruel, you know that right?” Keith sighed. He propped open the newspaper and looked over the article of the ‘ Suicidal Business Men! Found dead last night at the Valentine’s Ball!’ I scotched over the arm of my chair to look at the article. Reading over it with choked back giggles.

‘Harley Tivoli and Augusta’s Yahlon both decided it was time to let things go in an over dose of Oral Tobacco.......... Many reported that a young couple had been seen with the two, leaving to a separate room to witness the scene of the suicide without any knowing of what was to come. Many say that the young wife came screaming out with rushing tears and a horrified husband on her trail before she fainted into his arms and an ambulance was called. Many of the guests left in shock with quite a commotion on the take. Now, this leaves the successor of both companies to lead the new company, Academies Cross Nations. What he says about the issue at hand....’

I quit reading and shook my head with a curled, sly smile as the airplane finally took off into the sunny sky...

After a twelve hour flight, three hour drive, and a two minute walk to stretch out, we finally arrived in Forks, Washington at a small inn. I took a shower quickly and redressed into more casual, comfortable clothes as me and my brothers went for an ‘outing’. Really leaving to go check out visual landscaping and see if we can find anything about our targets without verbal contact.

Surprisingly, this small town wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be. There were many people walking about, working or walking pets or driving to places. Many were quite kind and peaceful and happy even with the skies always clouded and the ground so darn muddy. You’d think that such a precipitant area would be miserable, on the contrary, I thought this would be a neat little place to live. Everything wasn’t so fast action and things didn’t happen very often. Plus, my brothers could be outside more. They’d love the animals that just so randomly were walking casually through town. Free hunt.

We walked down main street, turning right to the road that lead to the hospital and further down to the high school. Getting awed looks from passer Byers as we saw the sites by foot. I even caught murmurs being gossiped about us. “Are those people related to the Cullen’s or something?” mostly was said.

Cullen’s? For a second of daydreaming of living in this area, I almost forgot that one of our targets was a ‘Cullen’. Confused of the questions until I recalled.

Coming across the high school, Charming nudged me and pointed just two degrees away from our targets. Amongst the crowds, because of the lunches I safely assumed it was Lunch Time, they were sitting at a table together under the gray skies I spotted. I nodded and smiled in a sly curly, perk. Folding my arms in a spunky fashion while leaning back against my right leg. Looking over the grounds in memorization. You could call me a computer the way I remembered and 'scanned' the grounds. It was the way I laid out my targets' environment. Tracking down exits, getaways, who to look out for, who to avoid, normal mercenary junk like that is all compiled in this visual/ mental layout.

Something around me changed, I twisted around quickly as if I was under attack. Seeing that my brothers had disappeared. Strange. They usually don't just take off without reason...

"Hello!" greeted a joyful boy. Student of the school I guessed. "Are you new?" For a moment, I looked him up and down. Tall, blonde, and cheesy. Definite student of the small, gray skied town.

"Ohm, sort of." I replied. He looked like a nerd to me and under the attire I was wearing, highly expensive, I didn't want to be caught dead with this kid any more. "Just checking the place out." I turned right and headed back to the route I was taking.

"I'm Mike," he held out a hand as he briskly caught up to me. I looked at it and rolled my eyes as I shook his chapped skin with my smooth, moisturized hand.

"Err, Carol." I replied avertedly. Taking a step faster casually in my strut to get away from him. That cheesy grin was starting to get on my nerves. And his nice attitude...can you say: Shoot me! I'm innocent and naive of the real world! Ugh...

"That's a pretty name. Carol..." he hummed. Apparently trying hard to start conversation that I was attempting to run from. "So, checking this place out, huh? Well, so, your thinking of living here or something?"

I shook my head. "No." I lied completely. Just a minute ago, I think you readers remember, I was daydreaming of living here.

"Then what did you mean?"

"Nothing." I mumbled.

"What?" Mike asked politely, apparently I spoke to low for him to hear me.

"Nothing." I stated more clearer. Stepping up my steps to a quicker beat. We were almost to the far edge of the schools parking lot.

"So, how old are you?" He asked in wonder. "You look Fifteen or Sixteen." This stopped me. I twisted and icily narrowed my eyes. Twisting my hands behind my back so I didn't get too angry to hurt him in public. He was really ticking me off. Was he really so naive he didn't catch the 'leave me alone or die' tone I was using in warning?

"Look," I started out. "I'm very busy and my business is my business. Alright? Why don't you head back," I pointed to the school behind us. "Finish lunch, talk to your friends, do homework or something. And start thinking about NOT talking to strangers. Because, if you want to know something about me, I'm not a good girl, alright? I'm very, very, very, VERY short on temper fuse and I DO NOT like people talking to me other than my brothers and father. Okay? And the world is full of strangers much, much more dangerous than I am. So keep your words to yourself and people you actually know. Copeish?" He looked kind of shocked and confused and scared as my tone got hissier and hissier. Just standing there as if he couldn’t figure out what he should do after getting yelled at by a girl four or three years younger than himself. So, I shooed him. Giving him something to do. “Get going.” And with that, I turned and stomped off. Practically, you could see the steam rising from my ears with my hot face.

A block later, I finally found my brothers. They were talking about the mission in 'Restaurant' discussion. Oh, and when I say Discussion, it simply means the cover up story so people nearby wouldn’t have a clue on what we were saying. Kind of nifty if you ask me. Especially since I made it up! Go me!

“I saw a neat little Diner near the Inn.” Charming stated with a hungry look on his face. “Tons of great smelling fries. And you know how I like de fries!” His golden eyes crossed over to me as I pucker my lips and scowled. Stomping to his placement.

What he was really saying: “I saw that there are more vampires here than expected. And by the looks of it, they were intertwined.”

Keith nodded and warmly greeted me with a smile. “Yes, I know how you like ‘de’ fries, ‘Kevin‘.” he rolled his eyes. “But, what about steaks? Any steaks served?”

What Keith had said: “I noticed them. But what about weaknesses?” Weaknesses, ‘steaks‘. Get it? Just think old vampire movies with steaks.

Charming nodded. “Yah, but, by the looks for today at least, they weren’t serving very much. And I over heard a waitress saying they were almost out.”

Really saying: “Yes, but today they’re aren’t any. They spotted us and by the looks we got, they are uneasy under the fact that we’re here.”

Keith nodded. Their conversation was over. And it was my time to shine...

“Why did you two leave me down there?!” I shrieked in fury. Striking my hands to my hips with my deadliest scowl. If only looks could kill...

Charming rolled his shoulders smoothly in a shrug. “It was getting edgy.”

“Yah,” Keith replied. “It seems you’ll begetting a steak easily. You are the lady.”

Keith really said. “Yah. But their fine with you for some reason. You are mortal.”

I shook my head. “But you left me with a NERD!”

“Nerd?” Charming burrowed his red eye brows. “What nerd?”

Keith nudged him with his elbow. “She means that ‘Mike’ kid that wouldn’t leave her alone.” Slyly, his golden eyes casually drifted to me. Looking me up and down almost exactly like purvey Mister Yahlon had done at the ball. I bit my lips and balled my fists to keep from doing anything drastic in front of open public. Knowing just what he was about to say. “Guess it couldn’t be helped with him coming over any ways.”

Charming agreed and carried it along. “Yep, especially with those spicy momma curves!”

I stomped my path in between them. Shoving them both out my way with my shoulders as I sighed angrily, “You two are so immature!” An uproar sounded as they slapped their knees and hugged their ribs with cocked back heads.

Instantly, Charming was by my side. “Ah, don’t be mad, ‘Carol’.” he cooed in my ear. He strung his icy arm around my shoulders. I braced a shiver. “We’re only messing around, sissy.”

“Yah,” I rolled my grassy green eyes. “Whatev’.” Shrugging him off. I looked to my right to find Keith with us also. “So, what’s the plan, Arthur?”

‘Arthur’ tapped his bottom lip in a mimic of me for when I think of something. I ignored it and watched where I was stepping.

“Tonight, we’ll pig out,” he hummed thoughtfully with the totally American tone. “And for the rest of the day, walk around and go souvenir shopping.”

Me and Charming nodded in agreement. Charming thrusted a fist in the air with an ‘alright!’.

What Keith really said: “Tonight, we’ll track down the main environment of our targets, and for the rest of the day, watch out for interactions and any signs of hang outs or downers”

Let me let you in on some keywords that are probably going to be used a lot in our dialogues:

-Interactions = people they talk to or live with or mainly are friends with.

-downers = people they drink from

-main environment = where they live or places they visit often

-steaks = weaknesses

-pig = track down

Now, I’ll speed things up so I don’t bore anyone on our boring day. Simply, I’ll sum it all up till tonight.

We walked around town, actually gathering a lot of information on our targets and the intertwined vampires. Or, rather, the family of our vampire target and that the girl only has her father here with a small group of friends. Also finding out that the Cullen’s don’t live in town. They live around out in the forest, but the girl lives only a couple blocks from the High School. Two vehicles were spotted to be owned by the targets: A silver Volvo and a broken down, rusty, red truck. You can just guess who owned what.

By the time tonight rolled along with its slow, doling minutes, I was bored out of my mind and completely fizzled out on socializing tactics. My brain hurt on trying to figure out that the people around here talk a lot. Talk TOO MUCH if you ask me. Quiet are small towns, pshhhhh!

In the dark with my faithful shake n’ power flashlight, I walked alone through the quiet green and moisturous , forest. It was quite peaceful and calmed me of my frustration of today’s odd events. There weren’t many paths and when the one I walked ended, I simply decided to keep hiking. It was probably going to be a while till Keith and Charming got back from ‘hunting’ anyways. Plus, they’d find me where ever I ended up. That was what I liked about vampires. No need to feel lost and no screaming. Even though I do the second one a LOT.

The shadows of the forest from the enormous Full Moon danced before me. Teasing the light of my flashlight with flickers across its path. The manor oxygen going on in this place was barely hitting me hard in the head. I was actually used to closed in areas with pollution clogging the sun’s light. The stars shown brightly, and I wondered why I was using my flash light at all. Coming under a darker cover of branches, I remembered why.

Somewhere, far off my last path, that strange sense of being followed began trickling against me. Forcing me to spin around into my fighter’s stance. Ready for a kill with a blade lingering not to far and ready in my pocket. It was a measly pocket knife, but I’ve taken out my kills with pencils when I had to. Just think of what a measly pocket knife could do in my hands!

The silhouette of a tall, thick man was coming closer gradually. He was wavering slightly and I noticed a beer bottle in his hand. A drunk alcoholic. Great, just what I needed.

I let my stance fall as I shook my head, my pulled down creamy brown hair wisping around my shoulders in the action, and decided not even a breath of contact to this scum of the World of Mortals. Making my way back to the unmarked path I was creating. Ducking under a moss covered branch.

“Hey baby!” The guy slurred as he stalked me in a curvy path. “Where yah-” he hiccupped. “goin’?!”

I ignored him as I walked on.

“Come bah-” Another hiccup. “Ck!”

This was funny as he trailed me for a couple minutes. Calling out odd pick up lines. So annoying, but if I was watching on the outside, so hilarious.

I came to a clearing. Dear were crossing in a run for life. Two figures in shadow were chasing faster than the poor animals hearts were beating. I stood there for a second, watching them attack their feed in a clean break neck action. It was so fast, I could barely keep my eyes on what was happening, but my mind generally got the idea so generated an imagination replay of the scene. The scene fascinated me so much into thinking of how much the Mortals World is so into Vampire Romance. Of thinking of how fan girls are always fanaticizing about if there were to be some vampire wanting to come into their passerby life, that they would have some troubles in getting along, then suddenly falling completely in love and everything would be hunky dory forever and ever and ever. A happily ever after.... That's why I enjoy the tormented fan fic stories. You know, the ones where the poor little character doesn't get his or her true love vampire and ends up dieing, killed, or freed with nothing leading off onto how they get along on their own after all that suffering and torment. Oh, and did I mention the parts where they fall in love with the vampire and it turns out that his or her dream will never come true? That they were nothing but a pawn when they entered the World of the Mythical Chessboard. Yep, most don’t know, but that’s really how it is. Well, sort of. I’m kindly just leaving out the parts off guts being torn out and Yah Dee Dee Dah Doe.

Finishing their meal of fresh deer blood, they looked up with blood dripped mouths to my direction. Golden eyes glowed bright in the night so ominous for a long moment as they looked at me. That half-hungry look in their glowing eyes. I meekly waved and smiled impishly.

Across the field they came in a brisk blur that could send any faint of heart into a terror freeze. Heading straight towards me, and still I just stood there. They wouldn’t hurt me. Even in the faze of hunt. I would be on my guard to say the two little words that had always brought my dear brothers to reality, but nothing more than breath in my lungs and ready lips as a cold wind swept across the field not of their swiftness, nevertheless, of the natural Earth’s tipsy turvesy air pressure. Chilling me as they came to my side and didn’t help the Goosebumps running up and down my arms and legs.

I looked at each warily with my grassy green eyes. I noticed they seemed to be looking not at me, but with protective looks at tonight’s little stalker in the drunk accord. I trailed my eyes back with a laughing glint in them as they were suddenly surrounding the poor guy. I backed up and leaned against an oddly shaped tree. Stepping against the rough old bark to sit down on a sturdy, low branch. Watching the scene of Charming ‘choking’ the drunk man with a hard, cold hand. His now deadly eyes hazy as he searched the mind of the thick man now falling limb from exhaustion of his mind being prodded apart and erased like a simple computer’s memory. Keith hovered until the job was done. Knocking the back of his head to completely knock the drunk out.

Now, most of you are thinking back to when Keith and I mur-well, took out ((Put in lighter terms)) Mister Tivoli and Mister Yahlon. There’s a simple answer to that...

The Voltori wanted them dead, and we’re just the Messengers of Death. Under high pay of course. We don’t do our jobs for the fun of it....Well, my two brothers and Father do not. I do not have much to say on my part.

Keith nudged the unconscious drunk with his foot, smooth, pale hands in his back pockets of his black silk pants. "Hailey, why are you allowing drunks to stalk you, sis?" he dully wondered. His sleeve was scuffled across his mouth to swipe the crimson droplets off. Charming flung his tongue around his mouth to lick up the mess.

Rolling my shoulders in a spunky shrug, my sleeves scuffed, "Dun no." simply was my reply as I leaned against the tree trunk. A wolf spider came scurrying in fright down on my arm as I laid against the nest apparently. Lifting my arm causally, I twisted my forearm around to watch it swivel and crawl all around. It attempted to find an escape in paranoia. “It was kind of fun to have a drunk stalker though.” The spider soon gave up and attempted biting the bare underneath of my wrist. Easily, I flicked it off. Instantly, it died when it was rocketed into a branch. I watched the limp body tumble to the dirt and do dropped grass.

Abruptly, things became tense. New presences were behind our position. I clenched my teeth. My grassy green eyes sketchy as I hopped to my feet and twisted around. I found myself facing a thin vampire, with a pained expression. He seemed to be some sort of new born. I edged backwards just a little. Again, I was mortal. A new born and a mortal, not ever a good mix...

“Charming. Kei-” I mumbled as I backed up. Watching the newcomer closely.

“We know.” Keith interrupted in a growling tone. Both of my brothers were crouched in a defense stance. Swiftly, I took a similar stance. Eyeing our surrenders.

There were six in all, all vampires too, versus my two vampire brothers and my mortal self. I couldn’t defend myself other than mental attacks, being a half-shield, level three. Nevertheless, my brothers on the other hand, professional mythical mercenaries with the gifts of mind wipe and mental paralyses, along with the Immortal strengths and speeds. Adding all that up, I could hardly come up with any thing to fear. Well, other than the fact that we had no clue, yet, of any gifts within our sudden foes. I would learn soon if I could have a look at each face in natural state, however, seeing as they seemed to see us a threat, it wasn’t likely I would find out anytime soon.

For a long moment, everyone was edgy and silent. I was becoming so nervous on any abrupt attack at any moment, I was about to take the first strike. Reckless and stupid. That’s what happens when I get anxious. I was thankful, though secretly, when the unfamiliar blond spoke up, “Obviously,” he started our. His tone convincing me he was the leader. “You had not known this is Cullen territory.”

“Oh, is it?” Keith eased through gritted teeth. I could actually hear his molars grinding. Defensive anxiety was running though everyone at a dangerous rate.

Slightly, the tiniest girl moved. My grassy eyes caught her, hers caught mine. In unison, we focused cautiously on each other. She hadn’t any attack motive in that slip up, nevertheless, I protectively eyed her for the longest moment.

“We apologize for trespassing. We had not known.” Keith continued. “We were simply looking for a new home. We’ll be leaving real soon.”

I spoke up and forced myself to look sudden worried against my defensive, protective pout. “But I thought you sa-”

“Not now, Clara-dear,” Charming shushed me. He reached back and comfortingly patted my shoulder. Gripping me lightly to be ready to take off with me when we took our leave. I stepped my left foot back as I closed my mouth and looked back to the group around us.

“Well, we do have a rule we would like you to abide with,” the blonde leader announced. His golden eyes searching each of ours. “We like to keep the population here untouched, so-”

“Don’t worry,” Charming Assured. “We don’t drink from mortals. Clara here is living proof.” He dragged, by a sturdy, cold arm around my waist, me against him. For a millisecond, I was surprised in unexpection. Briskly, though, I regained my composure. I hated looking like a damsel in distress. Especially when I was hardly in distress.

The purposive leader nodded, looking at me for a second as some thought seemed to cross his mind from the flicker of his gaze. He must be some sort of doctor, that look spoke examination full front.

“Well,” Keith excused us. “We’ll be heading back to our hotel room. We won’t be leaving till Tuesday, our flight and all. However, we won’t be any trouble.”

Charming saluted like a scout, “Greenway promise.” he confirmed with our fake last name. He drug me backwards over his shoulder. Briskly, I clung my arms around his neck. They began to freeze with goose bumps running up and down my bare arms, nevertheless, it was better than falling off.

Keith followed behind to defend us if they tried a back stab attack, Charming taking off with me back through the moonlit meadow eastward to our hotel. Tonight and Tuesday we’d keep our word, however, that last line about us not being any trouble, if their close to our targets when we strike, we will be. You can be sure of that...................